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081117 Dongwan’s Enlistment + “Cant Forget” MV


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Can you guys hear that? Its the sound of my heart breaking </3 Haha, Im so dramatic..Ok, its really not that bad but I AM DEPRESSED! Strangely, I’m not crying (right now anyways, it will come, I’m sure…). I thought I’d be drowning in tears when the day comes. I mean, this is Dongwan we’re talking about. He’s practically my air!! I’ll miss his dorkiness, his wittiness, his laugh (I adore his laugh, its so contagious), his lovely voice, his beautiful face, the way his eyes crinkle on the side when he’s smiling. I’ll miss him and every darn single thing about him!!!♥

But I think I can let go without the tears accompanying it, because he looks so relaxed and happy. Seeing him so happy, makes it somewhat easier for me to let go. He keeps emphasising the fact that he will return and that this is what he wants. To go and live a normal life for the next 2years. I’ll respect his wishes and let him go. But no matter what, Dongwan will be my favourite Kpop artist, Shinhwa will be top Kpop group and 2 years wont change that fact. 3 years, 4 years, nothing will change it. <3

Wannie, I promise to wait for you. My only wish is that you please, please, please come back safe and sound. Come back to us, come back to Shinhwa Changjo, come back to Shinhwa. ILU and always will ♥

WATCH HIS “CANT FORGET” MV. Its his last gift for fans. I dont know what to say anymore. Its just a mini MV showing him shaving his head. So simple, yet the meaning behind it tells a million words. He looked so happy, so relaxed, so light hearted. I just watched it again and couldnt help but tear up during the last part. The way he walks on the lonely street and how he turns around and smiles and keeps walking…My bb…

A/N: I know, I said I would do a countdown but as you can see, I havent. Its been a batshit insane week with exams, post exam activities (eg. catching up on very much needed sleep), my computer catching a virus and I had to reformat the whole stupid thing etc. So I didnt get around to doing anything, but I’ll do a HUGE pimp post on him for his birthday in another 4 days XD


  1. Waaaaah!! How can I let MKMF sidetrack me from this?!?!?!

    Dongwan~ Eric~ Huhuhuhuhu T_____T. Beeeeecccc, I shall join you in mourning.

  2. Even with the shaved head..hes still so adorable!
    You know..i kept hoping not to see this post.. T_T

    All i can say, is i hope he stays safe!!
    & When he gets out, i’ll be in Korea, and when he gets out he’ll be on the top of my list of people to stalk..that day. ^^ I
    (Stupid enlistment thingy) I♥U DN.

    (on a vain aspect, i was so worried he would look silly without his hair cuz i really love his hair :| but damn, he looks good as usual, haha.)

  4. The last part where he waved goodbye to the camera almost made me burst into tears T__T.

    He looks good as usual :). I think he knows that all of us will be waiting for him. ♥

  5. ahhh… I’m gonna miss him now… *sobs*

    his witty personality,
    his soothing vocal,
    and his oh-so-gorgeous smile,

    huhu.. he’s my fav in shinhwa too, it’s because he looked like Yunho at first (the handsome-ness, yes.)
    but now I like him because of… him! yea him!

  6. T_T why must he leave? I’m soo sad :(
    I have his song on repeat now … I already miss seeing the guy
    he looks good though in a buzz cut .. time to go dig up his album & cry in the corner

  7. moonynim
    Nothing could sidetrack me from it. It was on my mind the whole week, even whilst I was studying for my exams..I kept thinking “omg he’s nearly going going…” And now he’s gone. My bb ♥ Yes join me in mourning. Be army widows gahhhh

    I think he’s one of the rare artists who looks good with a buzz cut. But I’m so biased, I wouldnt care anyways hahaha. Im gonna go to Shinhwa’s reunion concert no matter what. I HAVE TOOOOOO!!!

    I WILL JOIN YOU!! I was listening to his songs all day too. My bb, my hubby, my adorable DW *tear* Lol. I agree with you. DW always looks so handsome, no matter what!!!

    The MV was so simple, but so touching. I couldnt help but tear up. We’ll be waiting, dont worry DW!

    I’ll miss him with you *tear* Lol I try not to play favourites, but its quite obvious that Wannie is my number 1. Always will be. Not only from Shinhwa, but from the whole Kpop industry in general <3

    Ask the Korean government lol. I wish he didnt have to go. But then, he’s forever saying, that he wants to live a normal life, so I guess this is part of the normal Korean life. Its ok, Wannie will come back a better, more handsome, more healthy man. Dont cry in a corner, come cry with me. I’ll even lend you my tissue =P

  8. Hey hey did you hear? Minwoo is dating Amy xD.

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