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2008 Mnet KM Music Festival Part 2

::EDIT:: I’ve just put in subbed videos for SHINee on the Red Carpet & receiving their award. Thanks to shineesubs of course <3.

I gave up on trying to fix the other post so I’ll start a new one for pictures & videos. You can always go back to read Part 1 and be sure to check the comments too just so you know exactly how intense last night (or early in the morning) it was for some of us ;). Organised in alphabetical order.

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Originally, I was going to embed a picture of Changmin crying (because how beautiful did he look?) but then every time I looked at it, it broke my heart; so I decided to go for a happier picture. And what’s happier than SHINee in shiny clothes? XDDD.

NB:DBSKxSHINee pics are linked with “Group” and are under both artists depending on which thread I found them from.

Big Bang

Pictures: Red Carpet, Performing with Hyori, Receiving Awards
Awards: Artist of the Year (Haru Haru), Best Male Group (Haru Haru), Digital Music (Most Downloaded)


Pictures: Red Carpet, Changmin {1, 2} Jaejoong {1, 2}, Junsu, Group {1, 2, 3}
Awards: Album of the Year (Mirotic), Overseas Viewers Award, Auction Fashion, Auction Netizen Popularity, Mobile Popularity


Pictures: Red Carpet & Receiving Award {1, 2, 3},  On Stage, Group {1, 2}
Awards: Best Newcomer Male


Pictures: Red Carpet, Receiving Awards
Awards: Song of the Year (Nobody), Best Female Group (Nobody), Best MV (Nobody)

Special Stages & Performances (I’ve only commented on the videos that I didn’t get to see last night ^^).

2am, 2pm, SHINee & U-Kiss: Something Hot – Part 1; Part 2

Big Bang Taeyang, GD, TOP & Hyori Lee – Scandalous – This special stage was pretty much the highlight of the night XDD. Taeyang and Hyori perform “Look Only At Me” and she looks so gorgeous with her hair blowing behind her *_____*. Then GD performs his “Look Only At Me Pt2”. I thought the treadmill thing was really cool but last night I actually thought the ground was slippery LMAO. TOP enters, rapping “Lies”. A whole lot of dramatics AND THEN *SMOOCH*. This would’ve been a lot more exciting if my player hadn’t lagged last night XD. Taeyang and GD come back on stage and they perform “Haru Haru”.

Big Bang Seungri & Hyori: U Go Girl

Big Bang Daesung & Hyori: Look at me, Hyori

Big Bang & Hyori: 10 Minutes

DBSK: My Addiction

DBSK: Mirotic Remix

DBSK: Wrong Number

Epik High feat. Kim Chang Hwan

Wonder Girls feat 2PM – Secret Party – Starts off with the Tango version of “Nobody” which I really really love. I did ballroom dancing for a while before and the Tango is SO fun. Trickiest out of all ballroom dances (imo) cause of the beats but I think WG and 2pm did a great job! Then all of 2pm take the center stage – RLY AWESOME STUFF!!! Then it’s the Disco version of “Nobody”. I think this performance pwns all the others ;). (I think I might even like this special stage more than Big Bang & Hyori’s ^^”.)

I know this isn’t a complete post (nor a very good one) but I think Changmin’s crying has affected me. I don’t want to sound like some crazy, obsessive, psychotic fan (and don’t say ‘but you sound like that all the time’ – even if you are thinking that XDDD) but idk, seeing him cry the way he did last night really caught me by surprise (and also because I love him and it was something really heart-breaking to watch). I mean, this is the guy that rolled his eyes when Yoochun couldn’t sing his lines during their FITB “Proud” performance !!! D: It’s just weird; and especially after reading that he cried because he felt relieved there were still fans supporting DBSK just upsetted me more.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m extremely happy for Big Bang for winning the two “most important” awards of the night because they have worked hard, releasing (mini) album after album, and always giving their best during performances. But I guess there was just so much hype with DBSK’s comeback and everyone expected them to get the “big ones” (because they are “Gods of the East”) that when, in the end, they didn’t, it became sort of an anti-climax? I’m not sure if that’s the right term to use but I do kinda feel that way.

I also read on Baidu that Yunho had cried backstage because they didn’t get “Best Male Group” which meant a lot to him as it represented their hard work and efforts. I’m not sure how true that is but I just hope DBSK aren’t disappointed in themselves or worried about letting their fans down because we’re all so proud of them anyway, yes?!!!!!

Overall, MKMF was enjoyable to watch! Much better than I expected, actually ;)


  1. Thanks for the updated post! <3

    I was really effected by Changmin crying to. I wish I could just copy and post my whole soompi post here, but I am too lazy to get it, because it was basically the same as you were saying. It was just such high expectations that they were going to win. And as much as I wish it were not true, I think there was more to Changmin’s crying then happiness or relief to see fans supporting them. I heard Cass was yelling “We are sorry” after. I just wish they could feel pure happiness and not pressure about getting the award or disappointment about not getting other ones. Urgh I could write a 10 page essay on this so I’ll cut it short. :S

    Rewatching the clips was so fun. I think Hyori & Big Bang together was even more awesome than I did last night! I don’t even remember how so much time passed watching it though because broken up it seems short!! :P

  2. And this is my present to you (I hope you have not seen it yet!)…

  3. ^Lol yes I actually had more to write but I didn’t want to make it seem like a rant or that I wasn’t happy with the results so I stopped myself before I said anything more. But yeah, what I didn’t get round to saying, you’ve just summarised. Awards are there as a form of encouragement and isn’t the only thing to mark your success; which is why I don’t want them to see them as big a deal as they seem to be. And you’re right – they shouldn’t be feeling pressured to get the award because they’re just an added bonus, on top of everything else. I don’t want them to be too hard on themselves because this is something they should be enjoying!

    And lol it really didn’t seem like 6 hours, eh? (Even though I wasn’t there for the whole 6 hrs xD).

    THANK YOU FOR THE CLIP! I searched for “batman parody” and “batman mkmf” and couldn’t find anything XDDD. I hope it gets subbed soon ^^

  4. Hiiiiiiiiiii

    so i’m guessing seeing Changmin and his waterworks really is a hot issue huh? BUT I admit I can’t stop thinking about him getting teary eyed because like what you said “this is the guy that rolled his eyes when Yoochun couldn’t sing his lines during their FITB “Proud” performance !!!”

    the first thing i said when i saw him crying was “OH! that guy is finally showing his emotions!” LOL. i don’t know. like you said, it’s weird seeing him that way…but at the same time, i’m sort of glad he did that. it’s quite RARE to see him…cry.. (i can’t think properly right now XD)

    but but but…the night was fun. i like WG’s performance. their tango number was impressive. the performance was sharp and perfect!! lee hyori was AH-MAY-ZING!!! me like her hair and whatever she was wearing. very diva-ish!

  5. Wahhhh!

    Big Bang:
    Seungri/G-Dragon(I believe) had such a wierd hairstyle and sooo much make up =_=
    Why did Top make out with Lee Hyori?
    Taeyang is soo hot in fur XD

    Their clothes are a bit funny but still kinda hot..
    I read somewhere someone commented that YunHo looks like a wolf and I am starting to see the connectiong =P
    Yunho hugging the crying changmin is sooo cute =]

    Haven’t watched all the performances yet BUT I watched the WonderPM one and it was pretty nice =P

  6. About the Changmin thing, I dunno. I also thought I was overreacting, but I just got so heartbroken seeing him cry like that. It was bothering me all day yesterday until I read that he was mostly relieved that the fans still supported them. He looked so vulnerable up there, and it’s rare to see him like that. Like you mentioned, in that Proud performance where Micky cried, Junsu also couldn’t hold it back and Yunho and Jae looked like they were tearing up too. But Changmin looked totally unaffected. And when I saw the clip of him crying, it looked like he really couldn’t control it, and I suddenly felt so protective of him. When they were on stage to accept that award, they didn’t look too excited about it imo, but I am a bit biased when it comes to them, so I thought it might have been exhaustion or something. I just really hope that they don’t feel like they’ve let the fans down. I know it’s inevitable for them to feel that way with the expectations so high, but they’ve worked so hard. I honestly appreciate it a lot, which was why I wanted them to win the best male group award. Hehe, sorry about my mini essay. But for Changmin…*giant hug*

  7. Yesterday I wanted to cry when I heard they didn’t win best artist and group, and when I saw Changmin, Changmin of all people, bawling. But now, a part of me is actually glad they didn’t win. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a die-hard DBSK fan and I’m really sad they didn’t win despite their hard work. But think of it as a learning process. What is life without disappointments? If they are on top all the time, it would all become meaningless. I hope they are not too disappointed, and that they would take this as an inspiration for the future.
    They haven’t failed anyone. In fact, they won five awards! That’s more than enough for me!
    Cassiopeia is so sweet. I admire the bond between them and DBSK.

  8. Oh man, seriously? (about Yunho crying because they didn’t get Best Male Artist) That’s so sad. Still I thought they did so well! I mean, they did! But I suppose that if you have your heart set on something and you don’t receive it, it’ll hurt no matter how well you did otherwise. I really hope this doesn’t get them down permanently – all they have to do is look around and they’ll see how much support they still have. It’s probably more than before! Cassiepoeia is like the reigning K-pop fanclub. But I guess that in itself is hard – having to please 800,000+ people is a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders…oh, DBSK hwaiting!

    Like I said, I’m kind of new to K-pop so while I was surprised by Changmin’s tears, it didn’t really affect me – I didn’t expect it but I didn’t realize how odd it is for him to become so emotional.

    Anyway, thank you for posting the Epik High video – I was supposed to look around for it and now I don’t have to and I agree with you that MKMF was more enjoyable than I thought it would be. It was the best award show I’ve seen in months, to be honest (maybe even years?). I loved the BB/Hyori stage, was shocked by the TOP/Hyori kiss and enjoyed the Wonder Girls/2PM special stage as well as the newcomer nominees/Moon Hee Jun joint stage (although Jonghyun really made that performance for me). And of course, I don’t have to say how happy I was that SHINee won. ^^

    Feel better, okay? Don’t worry – you don’t sound crazy or obsessed. I’m often shocked at how deeply these types of things affect me as well.

  9. Am I the only DBSK fan who didn’t really care that they didn’t win Best Male Group/AOTY?

    I kinda wanted Epik High to win Album OTY too. Maybe I’m just a bad fan? I like them I swear~ xP

    I’m sorry but I did feel really happy that Big Bang won both of those awards. They worked just as hard as DBSK this year. :/

    Now that being said it irks me to no end to see some irrational DBSK fans stating that Big Bang didn’t deserve to win for whatever reason. And then they go on to claim that MKMF is rigged (which is a hilarious thing in itself considering how fair this mkmf seemed to be) and that DBSK should have won because they were topping the polls. If the award ceremony had been based only on the polls wtf is the point? DBSK would have won almost every award.

    I find it incredibly rude how some fans undermine another artists hard work (not shooting this at you btw. just in general).


    Sorry haha needed to get this out.

  10. You guys want them to win best male artist after 2 months…really its not rational thinking..It’s because of things like this the korean music industry is going bad.

  11. i agree with the person above…. yes it is probably the MOST FAIR mkmf awards really… I really cant stand it when i heard the rumor that yunho cried not getting best male award… then what about BIG BANG…. they didnt even expect to get an AWARD.. and some of us Big bang fans didnt even bash DBSK … expecting them to get the awards… you could clearly see how suprised BIG BANG was..when they got on stage and they obviously also felt so nervous and awarkard… man I really think some cassies need to change and stop being so childish

  12. one more thing… this cassie’s thinking its unfair is really disgusting me out..what about the other nominated artists?? when big bang was asked last year in 2007 when they were growing in popularity even so…they said that they think epik high should win…. is dbsk so self centered…

  13. wow. uh…..changmin crying had me like this —–> O_o

    i don’t know what to say on that….wow…i felt bad but then idky but i found it amusing…so sorry…but i did…*cough*changmin is my fav (along wiht jae…) but wow….uh…wow. >..< haha lol

  14. >.< so sorry for posting again…the rest of my comment got cut off so now the above comment looks so wrong. ugh why me???? so sorry again . :/

  15. ^Although some FANS have their opinions, i don’t think questioning whether or not DBSK is self centered even needs to be asked.
    I don’t see anything that would make someone think that..

    Heh. This was my first Korean award first Asian award show..XD
    It was the best. I was up that whole day..and then after i got off, i slept about 30 min..(AND then my parents woke me up and i had to go out and not sleep until around 6 pm when i got home T_T) Aish..the things i do.

    At first when the results were was just shock..and me
    but i am happy with the results. I really like BB..except kill me man..T_T

    IT was really fun to watch.
    & The whole time it didn’t lag for me!
    (Except when DBSK came on..ARGH)

    I really liked how everyone dress..except the fur.

    Everyone looked so good, the all the gags and the dorkyness from the artists. I had the greatest time!

    It was the best!
    I mean when i see people cry..i cry. I’m a big baby..but it made me smile and giggle..because..well i’m just a bad person!
    I’m happy that they are happy, and this feels like its just a start, because they are going to just keep getting better and better and i can’t wait for it!

    I♥THEM. I don’t know, they performed really well, and i can’t stop listening to Nobody. ^^ Their special stage was amazing, there were so many..i’m still not sure which was my favorite.
    I mean..i really loved the OLD GUY.


    I have nothing else to comment on..because my brain is still half dead.

  16. congrats BB ~ i think they deserved it ^^~ they worked really hard this year ~

    DB ~ after so long and now back to Kor with the new album, they defi deserved the AOTY ~ dont get me wrong but DB has been on the top for almost 6 years now… gives s/o else a chance ^^~

    as an E.L.F im just really really sad b/c SJ didnt recieve anything T_T but i think that’s totally fair ^^~ wait until next year ^^~ SJ hwaiting ~

    guess it’s not a SM year ^^~ [exp SHINee ~ aahh :”x ]

  17. Nurulnunu
    YES it was a hot issue! It still upsets me when I see articles dissing him crying XD

    LOL to create headlines? Yah the WonderPM performance was hot ;) Loved all the back flipping too :)

    Yeah, I think it’s the vulnerability and just the rarity of seeing him cry. Kinda made me realise that a 20 yo is still very young (just because Koreans like to start working their artists at a tender age). And yes, that’s what I felt – protective! And no problem about the long comment <33

    You’re absolutely right! I thought that way too, just couldn’t express it properly XD Which is why I hope that though they didn’t win an award, they understand that it doesn’t mean they’ve failed. And they can’t always expect to be on top! Competition will just encourage them to work harder :)

    Lol yeah you must’ve thought I (and other die hard Changmin fans) were making a big deal out of him crying XD.

    And no problem! That’s what we’re here for hehe ^^. Also thank you <333 I felt a lot better after reading everyone’s comments <333

    It’s not that I minded DBSK not winning those awards; rather, I wish they didn’t take the awards so seriously. The fact that not winning one to Changmin would mean they no longer have supportive fans is ridiculous! That’s all I meant ^^

    I’m absolutely happy Big Bang won too because they totally deserve it!

    Actually, none of us said DBSK had to win best male group/artist of the year. I was just expressing my concerns over Changmin’s reason for crying. And from what I read, Yunho cried because of the meaning behind the award so that when DBSK didn’t receive it, he felt like they had done something wrong. Also, I wouldn’t go as far to saying DBSK is self centered. I’m sure they anticipated getting the award but not necessarily expected it. But I don’t know what they’re thinking, so who am I to say ^^.

    Lol I was pretty happy to see Changmin cry (cause I didn’t think he was capable of publicly showing his emotions lol) but finding out the reason tore me apart XD. Ah and your comment might’ve gotten cut because you used those brackets. They’re the same ones as the html codes which might cut out comments :/

    Ooh, really? It was exciting huh? Lol. Haha yeah a bit surprising but I’m happy with the results too ^___^ ROFL At least you watched majority of the show! And yeah the fur was gross XD And yeah you really do love the “old guy” XDD

    Aw don’t be too sad SJ didn’t attend. They actually won some other special award at some other special event ! XD

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