Posted by: lovediaries | November 18, 2008

HoMin Preview on The Show Must Go On

Watch HERE.

*CRIES HAPPY TEARS*. I’m gonna run out of happy tears soon lol. But this is so worth being happy about because Changmin being on a variety show with just Yunho means that the chances of his part getting cut out is at its most minimal. Most minimalist? Most minimum? OH WHO CARES LOL.

The show looks hilarious and I’ll have multiple heart attacks, I’m sure. I mean, I already did from the preview (especially when Changmin marched up to that woman but I couldn’t see her face since he practically consumes her XDDD).

*is extremely excited*.

I’m so behind on like every single variety show there is out there and I actually have Yunho’s cuts on YSMM all opened up and ready to watch & post but I keep getting distracted by this burn on my leg lmao and I’m just wasting my time staring at it XDDD. Oh and I also finally finished all 15 levels of Tetris lol. /random


    I saw the pictures..and i was so excited.
    I can’t wait, because..they really put a lot into that fake kiss.

    My favorite part about the promotion of the album, is the variety shows..
    (I just wish XMan was still on..T_T)

    Ahh..i just want him to appear by himself sometime too..because..then, they can’t cut him out.

    When is it going to air? ^^

  2. *excited*
    I actually like the actress that gets “kissed” I remember her from Goong and I think she is really cute =P I want to see her in more shows…
    ON TOPIC: I am actually becoming more of a changmin fan (I love all 5 equally but I usually ‘cycle’ through them) and would love to see his personality on a variety show. Last time I saw him was YSMM with the “videos” and “forest” but mickey was doing most of the talking lol~

  3. Changmin’s parts always get cut. Every time I watch a show and they reveal something interesting or do something funny, I wait patiently for Changmin’s turn. Then when everyone else has gone, it suddenly skips to something else -.-” I am so glad he practically has this whole show to himself. I love the whole group, but we need to see more or Changmin :). Wouldn’t it be awesome if he had his own talk show. An hour of him every week. Goodness, I sound crazy….sorry about that. I’m super tired right now hehe.

  4. ImJustKeeding
    Yeah lol I wonder if they’re that dramatic in real life XDD.
    And, um, I’m not sure when it will air ^^ But I’d have to wait for subs anyway :P

    Lol yeah she’s an awesome actress; I just didn’t know she could be funny (in rl) too. She was also the mother in “Autumn in my Heart” wasn’t she? And I’m glad you’re becoming more of a Changmin fan. He’s witty and sarcastic and hilarious and GAH I can go on and on. You really should watch all his other appearances on variety shows … but wait, they’ve all been cut out T______T

    I know! I’ve boycotted so many shows because of that already XDDD. It’s not fair that it’s always Changmin because his parts aren’t even ever boring !!! Ah well, let’s hope everything he films this time is broadcasted, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of him coming on this show with just Yunho.

    Haha isn’t that what every Changmin fan wants ;)

  5. i will watch this. i must watch this. *keeps eyes open* *is excited* now how long till it airs?? lol my eyes won’t be able to stay like this—–> O_O forever lol i’m just anticipating more changmin time. he deserves it. and he better get it. i’m sure he will. ^_^ lol oh gosh what am i saying…..*waits for the show* lmao

  6. yay the couple who I least see often .. dad & son’s together on a show :) lol
    I can’t wait for this to come out .. hopefully since there’s only them 2 Changmin’s part won’t get as cut as often .. Changmin’s so under rated sometimes cause he’s over shadowed by the other 4

  7. I just wanna say that aside from KBS World and Arirang, we also now have MBC here and I saw this preview last Sunday while waiting for We Got Married.

    Anyway, what I’m tryingto say is… I CAN NOW WATCH THIS ON MAH TV!! w00t!

    *end of shameless bragging*


  8. shycapri8
    Hmm, I’m pretty sure there would be no reason for Changmin to not get his fair share of this show. At least I hope so .. *fingers crossed*

    That’s cause Changmin is always put in the group of 3 whenever they split up ^^”. And he is often overshadowed due to PDs cutting him out 7.7

    OH NO FAIR. Why don’t I just move to where you live lol? Better yet, I’ll fly to Korea, meet one of the SM boys, marry them and I will no longer need to see them on TV ;))

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