Posted by: lovediaries | November 18, 2008

Mega TV Super Concert

Quite a few artists performed at this concert but there aren’t very many HQ videos out yet. Except, I needed to watch/do something to take my mind off “The Four”. One episode a night isn’t enough for me and it’s killing me slowly DDDD:

DBSK: Mirotic – (some window keeps popping up in this video…you’ll understand when you watch it but the other video got removed so this will have to do for now ^^”). Changmin’s plaid pants .. *shudder*. But he’s still handsome as always ;). Is it just me, or does Yoochun seem kinda different with his new haircut? Maybe because it’s so “normal” and young (cause it’s so flat hehe), I’m not quite used to it XD. Anyway, as usual, I pretty much died from Changmin’s high note.

SNSD: Kissing You & Girls Generation – I’m glad there’s no more white and pink lol. Except dancing in such dull colours doesn’t really match their songs XD. They all have like the same bangs and their hair is very lustrous *is jealous*. And Jessica looks really old with her hair like that O.o.

You know, sometimes I think maybe if Hyoyeon had been a backup dancer, she might’ve gotten more screen time than she does now as a member of SNSD. Lol I only say that cause I think it’s such a waste of her talent to be dancing to these bubblegum pop songs :(

Wondergirls: Nobody & Tell Me – I think this was the best “Nobody” performance I’ve seen. Yoobin is so cute, she mouths the words during Sohee’s part ^___^.

Then “Tell Me”, the song which started this all XD. This is the second or third performance I’ve watched of this song lol cause the song kinda drives me insane. And I can’t ever listen to this song without picturing Junho dancing to it *______*


  1. Wondergirl’s hair reminds me of mickey’s old hair… not sure what to say about that… I loved their nobody performance but their tell me performance… ugh not too strong.. this song still makes me HAPPY =)

  2. ^HAHAH LOL. Yeah I didn’t think Yeeun sounded that great in Tell Me :/

  3. which one is Yeeun? I only know sohee and yoobin <= off topic my korean friend met her and said she was really cool/nice so kudos to her…

    Watched DBSK: Junsu didn’t do his I’m breaking my RULES again thing which has been doing constantly know with a scream right after!
    LAWL and now I noticed the window popping up CONSTANTLY~
    From 2:00-2:50 is my favourite part especially Changmin’s YEAH~

  4. Yeeun is the other one in the orange since you know who Yoobin is lol. And oooh wow how’d they meet???

    Hahah yeah the window popping up had that DING noise as well XDD. I love Changmin’s YEAH~ (and everything following)

  5. How he met her:
    he went to korea on vacation and went to a free show (apperantly they just let people into variety shows/etc.) and after he met her around the place… I think…

    Found which one yeeun is and yeah about what you said~

    Especially the part where they are yelling ‘come on come on’ and each of them does a little thing before they go back to positions…

  6. Aw your friend is so lucky! I really want to go to some TV station to watch them recording for music shows but since I’m going with a Tour when I do go to Korea, I don’t think that will happen :((

    Yah~ I love when they stomp to one side and back to the other *____*

  7. You should ditch the tour for a while and stand in front of SM building apperantly that’s a good way to meet stars… They might not be the ones you want…
    Oh… hi BoA… I would rather Yunho signs this but… you’ll do =P
    I want ta go to korea!! if you meet DBSK can you tell them I love them?

    Spam is ok?

  8. Id like to do that .. I hope it’s a flexible tour lol. But I don’t rly want to be a stalker or make them annoyed :( We’ll see :DDD

    LOL I encourage the spam, don’t I? XDDD.

  9. Stalker would be taking pics of them while they are in their apartment at like 1am… which I have seen… (it’s just a big dark thing with a bit of light XD)
    Just don’t grab Junsus butt… apperantly he doesn’t like it XD

  10. ^WOAH Okay, I don’t feel bad then. I wasn’t even thinking of grabbing his butt … but now that you mention it, ITS SO TEMPTING *O*

  11. My friend once showed me a picture of three of them turned around…
    And you can tell which one is Xiah… and there is a CLEAR difference =P

  12. Them three? … Which three? :S And what do you mean by clear difference lol? XD

  13. them 3 => 3 DBSK members turned around….
    clear difference in the bum area XD one is like bigger than the other two combined~

  14. oh nice performance from DBSK .. lol no surprise there though!
    Ugh why the hair WG! I hated it on Micky now they have to wear it T_T whoa Ye Eun doesn’t sound the same, and she looks like she’s having a hard time .. can she be sick? I like her vocals out of everyone :)

  15. Abby
    LOLL nice ;)

    Oh I…actually didnt mind it that much on WG xDD
    Idk, she sounded fine in “Nobody”…just a bit flat in “Tell Me”

  16. ehh, while watching these two girlbands, I started making comparison..

    Both groups looked like they wore some kind of wig, the bob one and the silky one XP
    SNSD had natural make-up and their expressions are lively, while WG seemed to having too much make-up and their expressions err.. too stiff? idk :/

    I love Hyeoyeon’s “kiss” part where she actually being kissed by the otheq members :D

  17. ^Hmm yeah I think SNSD were wearing a sort of Autumn theme so their make up were browns and beiges. They tend to not wear that much make up anyway :/

    And since WG have to suit their theme, they wear brighter costumes & heavier make up and bigger jewellery. It all makes sense :)

    Yeah that part was cute ^^

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