Posted by: lovediaries | November 18, 2008

Preorder SHINee Vol. 1 – Amigo (Asian Special Edition)

*CRIES TEARS OF JOY* … *pats those who already ordered “Amigo”* because now there’s a CD+DVD VERSION *HAPPY DANCES* ~!!!!!!!

Preorder HERE. This Asia Special Edition of course includes all the tracks from “Amigo” PLUS the MV’s for “Replay”, “Love like Oxygen” and “Amigo”. And being the “Asia” edition, it’ll definitely be sold in HK !!!!!!!!

I’m so happy/excited for this, I wanted to type this post in caps lock. But then I figured some readers are probably annoyed to find yet another version released. EXCEPT IT SHOULD BE OF NO SURPRISE >:DDDD.

My patience has been rewarded LOLOL /lame.

p.s it says the MVs have Chinese subs ^^


  1. Lol how many versions are SM putting out? I’d like to know so I can finally decide which one’s worth my hard earned money … Lol good thing I haven’t ordered anything lately .. hopefully by Dec they’ll stop repacking or no one’s getting a xmas present from me lol

  2. ^I sure hope this is the last one cause I want this one!! I mean all the songs are here and all the MVs are included :))

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