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SHINee Mag & CLR!DE.n Photoshoot


{credit: as tagged, bestiz, capslock_shinee – which are why the file names are rather … interesting XD}

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Embedded the above pic because Key is looking sexy as. This shoot reminds me of DBSK’s one for the issue of S Mag (btw, how come they stopped publishing that without saying anything ???) where the theme was like “Magic” and they had balls and canes (LOLLLLLLL); except I like this one better ^^.

The pink frames are full of ghei, that deer (is it even real?) is totally random and I’m actually confused with whether this is a “Magic” theme too or a “Circus” theme – especially with Taemin getting his ears pulled while riding a unicycle and with Minho wearing that bear hood thingy XD.

But seriously, what is it with them and always trying to be Harry Potter !?!?!?!?!!?!? XDDD.

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Lol, k no idea what the theme is anymore but Taemin on the piano laksflksdjflasdfjksadf ♥♥

Added pictures from their latest CLR!de shoot too :) Don’t they look gorgeous? I really love the OnTae pic but I also love Key’s solo pics. AHH So many good pics to choose from XDD.

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I think this shoot is my favourite CLR!DE one so far haha. I have a feeling I’m going to be saying this every time new pics are released lol.


  1. O, it’s a good thing I checked this post! I just realized I left out two pictures, thanks for that!

    By the by, I hear the magazine they did the shoot for is Vogue. That could be about right considering how Vogue’s all high fashion and stuff.

  2. Must look only at JongHyun who is of age >.<
    I like the theme… I think it’s playing cards? magic tricks? o.O

  3. yumimaki
    Lol lucky then! And no problem :) Ooh is it Vogue? I remember their shoot for Vogue Girl was really nice (in the suits *mmmm*) so I wouldn’t be surprised. Thanks for letting me know!

    LOL I totally ignore that now and drool over Key as much as I want to XDD.
    I love that pic with the model and MinHyun (JongHo?) lying on the floor with the cards ^^

  4. @candychu
    YES and the girl in the middle is actually a guy who is me… (yes I am a guy =_=/ fanboys exist!)

  5. ^REALLY? We had a fanboy once but I think I scared him away cause we haven’t heard from him since. Fanboys are awesome !!!!! <333

  6. Ahahahaha… I wonder why he ran away…
    haha <3333
    Why do SHINee tease me so?
    What’s up with the balls btw?

  7. Idk, maybe I was too friendly?
    Don’t SHINee tease everyone? I find that jailbait are the worse when it comes to teases LOLL.

    Balls? You mean the ones in Onew’s hand? Lol, see it’s like a Circus XD

  8. Oh yes the one ine Onew’s hand lol.
    I like the CLR!DE pics too… if I had more money I would wear clothes that look like that =P and ungodly thin legs o.O
    I bought a SHINee jacket just for them…

  9. Really? Like a jacket from CLR!DE or like a shiny jacket? XDD. If I had legs like them I’d wear their clothes too ;____;

  10. No as in a shiny jacket =P

  11. LOL OK XD

  12. OMF LMAO I thought you made the filenames at first and I was so ready to make fun of you! <3

    Ya they have alot of those Harry Potter shoots. I think Taemin looked awesome. I couldn’t even see who the person was from the preview but I kept clicked on his! Then I felt like a pedo and stopped… =( THEN I saw the last one on CLR!de!!! PURE LOVE! I wish guys that regularly stand like that = HOT.

    This one is for sure better than DBSK’s, I don’t think they have a whole lot of excellent photo shoots. Shinee is definitely getting the better end of the deal for debuting later! LOL Can you imagine them doing this photoshoot with Rising Sun hair! LMAOOO

  13. Hi~

    Ooh! New photos! They looked really neat in those photos. The Potter specs.. LOL. The theme for this photoshoot is really something, magicians? My favourite pic has to be Ontae’s from CLR!de! Matching colour and the pose! <3

    Btw, correct me if i’m wrong, in the third from last pic, is Key holding/using Onew’s laptop? The laptop made an appearance in Yunhanam – Jisun noona ep. Indirect Onkey. <3

  14. *gasps*
    TAEMIN!!!!how could 15 year-old boy became like this!!!
    KEY!!!on glassess!!!!

    peacock+feathers+bambi= ^^”

    *stay away from computer to prevent from drooling*

  15. Ringy
    Lol I would’ve renamed them but I didnt notice the names until I’d already uploaded them and saw them in the link ^^”

    Hmm I liked DBSK’s equestrian shoot … and I think that’s about it XDDD. Aw well I loved Changmin’s Rising Sun hair. Still my favourite to date :))

    Lol hello~~

    Ah yeah I remember during filming while OnTae were doing the shoot, the other 3 were just watching ^^ So cute~

    Hmm, I’m not sure if it’s Onew’s or not but I remember Onew had his name on his :PP Haha Onkey shipper!

    LOL I love Jonghyun’s pics with the headphones *_____* My favourite out of that lot~

  16. oh there’s that one photo with only key, where he really looks like lee junki..

    this one –>
    the top right one… ^^

    key….. my favorite!!! <3 looves him~!~~!!!

    ahh but minho is something to look at isn’t he ^^

    actually… all of them are… :D:D:D:D:D

  17. seriously these boys can’t be the age their company says … especially Taemin looking like that ^_~ I like the CLR!DE shoot the best :) actually this one’s probably one of the best one’s I’ve seen done by a celebrity haha

    OnTae’s gonna send a Noona out there to the hospital due to a heart attack

    p.s really off topic since I don’t know where to put it … SS501 related

    Triple S preview of I’m Your Man … boys are dancing in suits too


    Thanks for sharing, you gave me my daily fangirl spazz. ^^

  19. plz disable the pop ups, it is mad annoying

  20. YaHa:
    I think it’s a problem with your internet browser…cos I’ve just tried our site on my family computers and didn’t get any pop ups.

    And I don’t think WordPress has pop ups…

  21. ^ I think she meant the “picture snap viewer” one? Cause it makes pop-ups frm all the pics..

  22. Ahhh, I see…..sorry, but we can’t do anything about it. Thumbnails on this site all open in a separate window because we upload all our own pictures using imageshack. You could try right clicking and then click “view image” to avoid getting the picture in a new window, but then you’d just get the size of the thumbnail.

  23. yonheet55
    Minho is a really good model. It’s the height and just his facial features. So nice to look at hehe ^^

    Ah thanks for that! I was listening to their mini album yesterday. Shall check out the teaser!

    Alex Ryom
    No problem!! <33

    Are you talking about the snapshot viewer things? K, we’ll try get that fixed!

    You’ll have to go to Design then Extras and there should be a box you can untick :/ I can’t do it because that tab doesn’t show up for me :S

    Yeah, I think that’s it!

  24. thank you so muuuch for scans!! Especially when they are high-res since you don’t really get a lot of high res k-mag scans <3

  25. ^No problem ^^ Sharing is caring :)

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