Posted by: lovediaries | November 19, 2008

081110 Yunho @ YSMM Cuts

Subbed by jaynerox91 :)

How I miss this show *______*

Part 1 – Kang Hodong starts off by saying that the release of “Mirotic” clashed with Shin Seunghun’s album; his attempt at them trying to start a fight? XD. Then Seunghun says he doesn’t aim for Number 1 because he’s already gotten a lot of 1’s ^^. Yunho says he’s closer to Seunghun than Rain atm and I think he starts singing one of his songs … but then forgets the lyrics and says “the next bit will be shown next week” XDD.

Then KHD asks Yunho to share a love story he hasn’t yet told. Then KHD starts pretending to be Yunho (omg he’s so hilarious) and Yunho imitates what KHD does every time he sees Yunho XDD. Then Yunho performs a bit of “Mirotic”. He shares a story about how the sparks at the end of a particular performance burnt his head LMAO. Loved the special effects XD. So then Junjin talks about how Shinhwa experience something similar but they learn to dodge the sparks XD. I love after Inyoung’s story, Junjin does something really weird with his fingers XDDD. And Yunho steals Jae’s story about how chaotic it is just before they rise up onto the stage ^^. I didn’t really get Junjin’s story about Minwoo, which is a pity because it seemed really funny :/

Part 2 – They continue to talk about cameras. I love when Yunho spins his head like crazy, describing what it’s like to follow the cameras XD. Then Yunho talks about what happens when there’s a technical problem with exiting the stage, so funny.

Jaedong asks MC Mong why he’s not being nice to Yunho and he replies that he’s closer with Yoochun. OUCH! So Junjin quickly pulled Yunho into a hug, SO CUTE ♥.

Yunho shows off his coin collection and he uses a water tank as a piggy bank XDDD. On it says, “This is Yunho’s Those who take from it will pay!” LOLLL. Yunho’s “secret” is that he’ll massage people then charge them, or pick up coins from the floor that he’s found XD. He then says the reason he collects coins is because of his hardships during the training days and so every time he places a coin inside, he remembers what it was like back in the days. Awww :(

Yunho also shares that Junjin was the first person to give him words of encouragement. When he was a rapper for Dana, Junjin had told him to keep striving. So sweet ^___^.

Part 3 – Inyoung prompts Yunho to talk about noonas which have liked him. All who contacted Yunho were within the Entertainment Industry. Oooh~ One even said she’d only go to their concert if he went out with her O.o. And it turns out that Yunho’s first gf gave up being a celebrity because he became one D:. She gave up her dream for him .. but then they broke up anyway :((( Kang Ho Dong asks Junjin & Yunho to leave a message for the person waiting. AWW, I want to marry that boy *______*

Then Yunho says that he’s actually survived near death accidents over 100 times. The first story he tells is how he got the scars on his face. And woah O____O That was a really dangerous thing, what his mum did. But omg, Yunho fell so much as a kis and his body really is full of scars O.o Poor Yunho, listening to his stories makes me really squirmy and sad for him.

Um…it seemed incomplete but that’s all the parts I could find :/


  1. This is sooo cute/funny…
    I have to agree about the last part… Listening to yunho describe the thing growing in his neck made me cringe in pain =(
    Sometimes you look at people and you say omg they have everything aren’t they luck… but his story makes me think twice before saying something like that.

    Especially when he said “Why me?”.


    ^ She is subbing the whole episode and only up to part 4 is upload currently..(There are 7 parts)

    Its really fun to watch!
    Esp. Junjin..They seem really close!
    Yunho, talks a lot, and it seems him and JJ are competing for who can talk the most. XD

    The thing with InYoung..i still don’t get..
    >.> JJ is so weird..

    I hope more go on YSMM.

  3. hi!! i’m a long-time reader, but this is potentially my first time commenting because i just *had* to explain the minwoo story that junjin told because it was totally LOLtastic to me!

    jj was talking about a certain filming they had done and how minwoo was supposed to point at a camera as it passed by him/focused in on him. unfortunately, another camera got in the way, and was much closer, so the orginal shot, which was meant to look like minwoo pointing off at the camera became SUPER up close and personal, so he had to improvise. the result? minwoo pointing at the camera that was literally thisclose to him trying not to touch it, and therefore looked entirely too rediculous. the caption reads something like “minwoo, when faced with such an expensive camera, can’t hurt it” or something like that. and now that i read all this over, it doesn’t sound all that funny lol *fails*

    jj’s weirdness is epic, but it’s totally hilarious in this. i don’t believe there’s much to understand in his weirdness after inyoung’s wardrobe malfunction story, he’s just a little off-kilter from the rest of the world lol unless i missed something, which is entirely possible lol all i got was inyoung saying “… and then i’d turn around and cover myself up” as she crosses her arms across her chest. then jj sying “ohhh, so there are people in the world then who would just let it all hang out?” with hands definitely not covering his chest, and then the weird hand gestures that to me just meant him trying to emphasize his… er, “joke”. lol

    eh,l sorry. i’m pretty epic myself lol


  4. LOL Basically JunJin said something awkward in response to InYoung’s story and the weird hand gesture was him asking for it to be cut (which honestly, if you ask something to be cut that’s practically a guarantee that the PDs will leave it in for the lulz. XD)

  5. Abby
    *shudders again*. Yeah, Yunho has been through so much. Cause I also read that it’s really painful to get veneers too :/ And yeah, it does get you thinking twice about these things, eh?

    Ah, thanks for letting me know! <3 And yeah, Junjin and Yunho do seem close ^___^

    Hiiiiii! Well, aren’t I glad I asked that question! Thanks for explaining it to me! <3 I get it now ! :DDD Hope to see you comment around more~

    Loll right XD Cause I didn’t know if his pointing fingers was meaning something else XD. Haha, maybe Changmin should do that to guarantee his parts never getting cut out :P

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