Posted by: lovediaries | November 19, 2008

DBSK Lovin’ You – Love Situation

{credit: jaynerox91 @ youtube}

First of all, I LOVE the picture in the video XDD. Secondly, THESE WERE REAL STORIES???? WOAH LOL! I always thought they were fake cause they’re so corny and cliche XD. But Yunho mentions that they act out stories sent in to them by listeners. Well okay they don’t have to have actually happened, but still!

…And that’s about all I got up to because it’s thundering like crazy atm so I think I’d best turn my laptop off ^^”. It should be interesting though because Yunho is the girl in this and Junsu the boy :).


  1. it. was HILARIOUS.

    yunho makes a decent crying girl, surprisingly. and junsu’s “manly voice” is…really manly. ahahaha oh yunoko…is okay…chamiko is still available! everyone is after junko LOL. if we piece together all the stories..its like a tv drama XD

    junko married young to jaejoong, leaving yoochun, her childhood friend who secretly loves her. jaejoong is a player and has been going out with yunoko all this while. he eventually breaks up with yunoko. junsu, yunoko’s co-worker, comforts her and attempts to weasel his way into her heart. BUT! a local college student, miki, likes junsu. miki is also classmates/college mates with junko, jejuko and chamiko. chamiko confesses to liking junko to jejuko (who seems to be in a stable relationship with yunho) and miki.

    will junko and jaejoong’s marriage survive? will chamiko confess to junko (i love this otp like WHOA. XD) after yoochun accepts his heartbreak and moves on, will he meet someone new? will that someone be changmin? (which would make changmin completely gay/lesbian lol) who will junsu end up with, miki or yunoko?

    find out in the next installment of Love Situation: Lovin’ You!

  2. wow lol the girl must be real tall…lmao since yunho is the girl…lmao sorry that might not make sense…so random…lmao i was staring at the picture lmao which i love and the last line just kills!! “it can’t be me?” whoa. and it ends there lol. it so does sound like such a drama. wicked cool >..< i’m slow like that lol but i’ll catch up…eventually…

  3. …it happened again….ugh…lol i’ll learn. i’m still getting used to this wordpress thing….lmao so sorry (again>.<)

  4. avieyal
    ROFL I rewatched it and AHAHAHA @ Yunho being the girl. But wow, teh story is getting pretty intense, eh? Can’t wait for the next installment!!

    LMAO yeah the last line and then *fast forward* “If it’s you, then no” LOL @ Jae
    Ah, it must be that you’re using that bracket. Try not to use the brackets on the comma and full stop key!

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