Posted by: beckery | November 19, 2008

Preorder Suju’s ~ Boys in City Season 2-Tokyo Set

The set includes the following:

Photo Book + 1 DVD
Size : 22.4 x 30.8cm/ 134 P

2009 Desk Calendar
Size : 21.0 x 25.0 cm/ 14 P


Preorder it at Yesasia Release date is 12th December.

OMG HAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO…I was awwwwing at that calendar picture, cuz all thirteen boys with a merry-go-round in the background is just too adorable. But then I read the title and I burst out laughing, “CaRendar”?!?! LOL XDDD I’m speechless. I hope some dear soul picks up on this mistake before they do a mass production, how embarrassing!!!!

However, I’m looking forward to the photos. I havent seen enough of all 13 boys together this year, so this should be a good treat. However, with the economy and AUS dollar atm, I dont think I’ll be buying anything overseas anytime soon :(


  1. I was going to post tihs :) But painting nails atm

    and LMAO @ Carendar omg XDDD


  2. Hahaha~~ Hilarious. XD
    I’m just happy the boys are back together in this pic. ^^ I miss SJ13… But I love SJM and SJH + KiBum as well. :))
    They made a movie? other than AOTPUB?

  3. Lol, carender. I miss all th 13boys being together (:

  4. Dammit. Just when I don’t have the money. T^T

  5. I want this! I miss all 13 of them. I haven’t seen Kibum in foreverr.

  6. Candies
    Lol yea XD

    I agree. Its good to see all 13 together again. Kibummie is there wooo..hmm movie?

    So do I honey, so do I.

    LOL “paperteuk”? Does that have anything to do with him eating paper rofl? XD

    I miss Kibummie. Gosh that guy is so hard to see these days <3

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