Posted by: beckery | November 21, 2008

DBSK at 29th Blue Dragon Film Award

*HoSu and actress Kim Soo Mi ~ red carpet* Both are looking very, very spiffy in their suits and bow ties.

*Mirotic Remix Performance* They look SO FLIPPIN’ HOT in white *_* Love the vocals, love the clothes, love the boys, but dont really like the remix haha. I dont know, its just a bit slooooowww which makes the choreo really….awkward and weird. Its just not as exciting as the normal version. Apparently its a “rock” remix? Hahahah I actually thought it was a jazz remix ROFL…The audience were quite dead aswell :S But weee I spot Lee Byung Hun XD

At 2.27ish you can see a bit of HoSu slipping on the stupid carpet they put on the stage. This Fancam shows a frontal view of the performance and you can see both Yunho and Junsu slipping on the carpet. They both subtlely look back to see what they slipped on lol. But wow, Changmin has amazing reflexes and avoided the whole thing O_O

Credits as tagged; soompi; DNBN


  1. LOL NOOOO. K, deleting my post.

  2. ROFL Omg not again. Stop doing it when I am =P Add your comments to the post. PS Im doing a suju one so u better not be! haha

  3. Aish…the stage crew didn’t do too good of a job. That sign should have been placed firmly there. If Junsu really fell forwards, there’d be a chance that he’d fall off stage considering how close they got to the stage sometimes. -.-

    But damn, Changmin’s reaction time is crazy. And the fact that the guys KEPT GOING despite there being a dangerous stage made me both worried and proud. Professional, but stupid. Gah, DBSK. Always for the fans.

  4. uh..i think i’m going to sound terribly mean….but that was wicked funny…i mean to me at least the way they slipped i mean… (cough) but junsu slipped twice right?? in the beginning…but that wouldn’t be considered as a slip…lol changmin jumped lmao i’m so sorry my stomach really hurts now. i’m so mean. i played it repeatedly!! i had to replay it over and over again, that golden moment. i’m sorry dbsk!! i still love you and after seeing that fancam, i love you more because you made me laugh :D. bad stage prompters for not securing that mat thingy mah jingy that almost took lives of hosu lol :O. okay i will end the comment there. so sorry for laughing (cough). but on a serious note, it really isn’t funny, now that i think of the worst case scenario.. omg i need to stop thinking. they could’ve gotten hurt..ugh now i feel more bad for laughing. (gulp) the fact that they kept going was very impressive, but isn’t that expected?? i don’t think they would pause in the middle of the song to try and fix the mat..(chuckle) oh gosh what if they did that?? lmao it just shows how professional they are :D if that’s the right word to use.. haha the song;performance had to go on despite the faulty mat problem.. darn stage prompters…

  5. Ayu
    Yea, I think the stage was done for appearance purposes and they didnt take into consideration that there would be dance performances =_= But its alright, the boys are still safe and sound. And we can see that they’re really admirable performers. They kept going like nothing happened haha. Kudos to them!

    Long comment FTW <3 LOL,..Well my initial reaction was :O but then after watching it a few dozen times, I found it a tad funny too. Not hilariously funny (like you did =P but thats cuz u get amused by lil things hahaha <3), but it was funny to see Junsu kinda trip forward and Yunho’s reaction when he tripped too. Then of course how Changmin does his lil awesome hop..hahaha. Priceless. But, I’m glad no one got hurt. And yes they were very very professional. Gosh, they’re awesome <3

  6. THE AUDIENECE WAS SOOO DEAD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    sorry about that XD
    Lol at Yunho looking at the carpet..
    They did go on as if nothing happened which is good…
    changmin has amazing reflexes!

  7. I AGREE!!! LOL
    They did an amazing job with such a dead audience. Not the usual fangirls right? Lol. Changmin’s reflexes are again proven to be superman stuff XDDD

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