Posted by: beckery | November 21, 2008

Happy Bday Wit Guy!


Wow, I totally suck! Lol. I thought Dongwan was turning 30 this year but he’s turning 29 =_= So much for always declaring my undying love for him haha. But woot that means our age difference is smaller ROFL XDD.

Its kinda sad that he doesnt get to celebrate his bday with fans or family or friends or the Shinhwa members. But, I still hope he has an absolutely wonderful day!!

Its funny, Dongwan wasn’t my favourite Shinhwa member from the start. Actually, tbh, I hardly even noticed him. I was too googly eyed for Minwoo and Eric. Then somewhere, somehow (I dont even remember how) I started falling for him, HARD. Seriously, I can name about a million things that I love about him ♥ Its probably that smile with crinkly eyes of his that got me. Or it could be his dorkiness. His wittiness. Everything, and anything about him is so much love. Hahahahaha I sound like I’m about to propose to him, which of course, I would if I could XDD

Anyways, Happy Bday Wannie!!! Please take care of yourself. Stay safe, healthy and never stop smiling that gorgeous smile of yours and laughing your contagious laugh. We’ll be waiting to see a better, more handsome and healthy Wannie in 2 years. ILU! ♥♥♥

Just some of my favourite songs from him. Which really would be everything on his 2 albums hahaha, but I’ll try to just choose my top top top ones. I love his voice! Its so unique. I seriously cant find anyone with the same lovely voice as his.♥_♥

1st Album: Ok, this is seriously really hard. I absolutely love his 1st album. Go listen to the whole album!!!

  • But if I really had to choose, I think My Love ft Eric would be my absolutely favourite. I had it on repeat for agessss. It sucks that I’ve never seen a live performance of this. :((
  • Scream – Feat. D.Bace, DJ Tukutz Of Epik High This song is so addictive and catchy. My feet always unconciously tap along with the beat when the song comes up haha XD
  • Handkerchief. The title track. Absolutely beautiful song. But then again, Dongwan never disappoints me when it comes to his ballads. He sounds so emotional *tear*
  • Loving Summer ft Andy. Love Andy’s rap in here. The song is really good for the summer. Its happy and sweet and can I just say again, I LOVE DONGWAN’S VOICE <3333
  • Listen….For Shinhwa Changjo. Isnt he so sweet? He made a song especially for Shinhwa Changjo. Its really nice too <3

2nd Album: This is such a hard task haha. I can never make up my mind =_=

  • Secrets (Bimil). Definitely my favourite track. I’ve listened to it so many times, I can actually sing along and I dont even know Korean haha. Plus his live performances of this is always awesome, which makes me like the song so much more!
  • Good Person. My favourite ballad from the whole album. He sounds absolutley amazing here *_* Perfect control of his vocals. Enough emotions added. The chorus gets me everytime. <3333
  • Hueh. Another favourite. Hahaha XD. I love how he sings “hueh”. The beat is really nice. Gah I love this song!
  • Psy Kiss. Another catchy song. I love how he builds it up and at the chorus its like BAM BAM WHAM. Hahaha.

Youtube links


  • Handkerchief This one has a storyline to it. And its really sad too *wipes tear*. Dongwan is so hot acting as a bad ass cop haha. The other guy is really cute *_* 
  • Person You Should Not Love ft He Jie (Chinese) This is the Chinese version of “Can not love you” ft Byul in his 1st album. Its another great ballad. I like the korean version a bit more, but thats cuz I’m biased towards Byul lol. She’s an amazing ballad singer and sounds great with Dongwan. Plus, he sounds somewhat awkward singing in Chinese haha. But since I dont know Chinese, I dont know if he has an accent or not lol. I remember watching the MV making and he had those cheat boards with the chinese lyrics in the background hahaha. He looks really good in this MV aswell. I’m sooo jealous. They have heaps of lovey dovey couple scenes GAHH. I want to go on a picnic with him *tear*
  • Secret (Bimil) Hey there sexy <3! XDD He looks flippin’ gorgeous here.. The whole clubbing scene was hot. I still dont really get why theres those girl back up dances around haha, but whatever, Wannie is smokin’.
  • A Man’s Love Its like a slideshow of pictures of him looking all sexy and hot and gorgeous. And omg eww is that drool I see on my desk =P Hahahahah Jokes XDDd
  • Promise Ft Younha It shows them in the studio etc. A great goodbye song. Emotional, heartbreaking, tear drenching…. :(
  • Can’t Forget His last MV before the army. Probably my favourite. Simply because of the meaning behind it all. It shows him shaving his head (I think he’s one of the few celebrities who can pull off a buzz cut so well <3) and walking away. So simple, so touching. Such a sentimental present for his fans. It breaks my heart everytime I see him walk down the lonely street by himself. </3 You’re not alone Wannie. Never alone.


  • Special Stages: WanSung ~ Handkerchief and First Person BREATHTAKING! Dongwan and Hyesung were great. My two Shinhwa vocalists singing eachother’s solo song. What more can I say? They sounded absolutely amazing. I loved how they co-ordinated their clothes. Its so cute haha. WanDy ~ Propose and Secrets I was really surprised at how much Andy has improved. I actually thought he would have trouble pulling off Secrets, but he did an amazing job. The Propose performance was SOOOO CUTE!!! D’awwww…And how Andy gave DW the rose hahaha. WanDy is so underrated sometimes, those two are such big dorks <3
  • Speaking of WanDy, must show these clips of DW practically raping Andy hahahahaha. *Here* and *Here* Its of the same events but at two different angles. Andy was so cute kicking his legs, whilst Wannie is force kissing him hahaha.
  • Sang Sang Plus Season 2 Ep5. Part 1 He was a guest with JunJin. It was really interesting. Hyori was also there, so they talked about Hyori and DW’s blind date when they were still in high school. HAHA I’ve heard that story on a few shows already and it never fails to crack me up. Its so funny when they describe their first impression of eachother XDD Hyori once again, declares that her favourite Shinhwa member is Eric (they make a HOT couple y/y?) lol. Solbi was also on the show, so of course, there were heaps of AnBi talk (I miss AnBi!). The game segment was hilarious. Everyone’s so crazy and active haha. And the ending how they all got chucked in the water hahaa. Poor Hyori.
  • Xman Dangyunhaji (Of Course Game) – Porn Incident. Part 1. Part 2. Omg I was totally freaking out cuz I thought it was taken off youtube when Coolsmurf’s account go suspended. Lucky someone reuploaded it. Probably one of my favourite Of Course Game in Xman’s history lol. DW and Shin Jung Hwan were hilarious here. Cant believe they were talking about trading Porn ROFLMAO. But then again, Dongwan is famous for being THE porn watcher from the group =P There’s about a million porn stories about Dongwan told by the other boys hahahaha, oh Wannie ♥
  • OMG DW and Stephanie (CSJH) Manwon Happiness episodes are taken off youtube :( Lucky I already downloaded it haha. It was soooooo FUNNY. Both of them were hilarious. Theres still clips of it. Dongwan’s mission with Minwoo. DW looks like a crazy maniac doing the dance. And its cute how he keeps telling Minwoo to follow him and M is being a loser hahaha. Gosh, I love my MinWan ♥ DW’s cooking mission I LOVE THIS WATCH WATCH WATCH!!! OMG This is like THE favourite DW clip EVER!! I’ve watched it a million times and still laugh like crazy every time. He’s such a DORK!! HAHAHA <3 DW with Sweet Potato (Goguma) Sweet Potato is his cute lil doggie haha. They’re so cute together *coos* 
  • DW on YSMM 7/2007. Part 1.  Part 2 The elevator story never gets old. Still makes me laugh so much everytime. LOL. How he was visiting Tony An and the kid in the elevator didnt recognise him and was going all “OMG you live next to a celebrity” (Tony) when DW himself was a celebrity. So before the kid leaves the elevator he puts his hands out in the “We are shinwha” style HAHAH. YOU DORK!
  • DW performing So Sick   X-Japan Tears  If I Aint got You Just some performances that stood out to me. X-Japan performance was great. He was a bit off during in a part, but seriously, that song is probably the hardest song to sing!! And he was sick too. So Sick is of course sung by practically every Kpop artist lol. If I Aint Got You was great. He’s pronounciation was only so so though lol.
  • DW on Come To Play ~ Old Idols Dongwan, Eugene, Son Ho Young, Moon Hee Jun etc etc. IT WAS GREAT! All their stories were hilarious. I loved the part where they talk about which groups being the most rebelliious and everyone stares at DW. Of course, its Shinhwa!! They’re a bunch of crazy dorks. I swear, I’ve never seen an interview where they’re all proper and serious. There always always has to be one member acting up and doing something random lol. Serious isnt in their vocubulary XDDD


Firstly, my favourite photo of all time:



Pictures and Gifs credits as tagged; soompi; shinhwabiz; shinhwachangjo


  1. Happy Birthday, Wannie!!! ^^
    gotta go back to check out all the links!! …after the finals DD8

    OMG!! I was in the same situation! Wannie wasn’t my favorite… well… not even now, but he’s my second favorite! I didn’t even notice him in the first place, but then I just started to fall in love with him… who knows when? :pp

    My favorite is always Junjin, and will always be Junjin! But I really love Wannie as well as the others :pp

    Again, Happy Birthday, Wannie!!!! ^^
    *saving the massive amounts of pictures* T___T

  2. miss him already TT^TT

    i love his smile hope he will always be happy

  3. omo, 21st, i totally forgot its Wannie’s birthday, like i missed Nagase’s ..i hate my job!!

    Anyway, nice post here.
    Saengil Chukhahamnida, Oppa!!

  4. Hello,
    *waves from Soompi*
    Came to read your pimp post :D
    It’s awesome. I also adore the cooking clip.
    Solo-wise, I am a M fan, but when it comes to Shinhwa, Wannie’s always ‘talking, talking, talking’ and being the bum that he is and the fact that he’s always so handsome, it was hard for me to miss him. Well, I ‘miss’ him right now T-T. Gosh, I love this dork. *glomps*
    And yeah, X-Japan’s Tears is no joke…back when I use to play the song in my car all the time and I sing a long, my throat is like hoarse for the next hour lol
    Also adore My Love, especially since a Ricminwan piece of masterpiece. Would really make my day, year, life if Dongwan sang it, Ricky rapped and Minwoo played it on the piano live.
    And love the teasing about ‘porn’ haha~ It’s probably cuz he’s always locked up in his room with the computer to write weird entries :D

    Anyways, gotta run.
    It’s still the 21st where I lives, so saengil chukhahamnida, Oppa!
    Sarang hae~ *makes heart* <3

    Thanks for spreading the love ^^

  5. min_is_mine
    Finals? Omg, good luck!! I just started my 3 months holiday hahaha =P

    Oooo a double J lover ey? Lol. My first shinhwa love was minwoo, then it was eric and now its dongwan. They keep changing I know haha, but pretty sure its going to be wannie for a long long time XDD

    And yes, do please save them. Thats why I uploaded them lol. <3

    Same here :( But at least we know he’s happy…And he has one of the most gorgeous smiles ever right? *_*

    Lol, why do u hate your job? And its alright, thats what I’m here for, to remind you =P Thank you, I hope you enjoyed it XD

    Omg *hugs you*. I didnt really think anyone would come and check my pimp post out, let alone comment. Aww thats so sweet of you <3

    Haha I know. I dont know why I didnt notice him at first. He talks sooo much and does the most random things. But then, I was completely besotted with Minwoo and Eric at that stage and you gotta agree that M does his fair share of talking and Eric is pretty much king of randomness hahaha XD

    I was hoping they would do a live performance of My Love at DW’s concert :( It would be so very awesome. I think I’m so attached to the song partly cuz its a half Shinhwa collaboration lol. I remember seeing a clip of M playing My Love on the piano and gosh that boy is amazing <3

    Noo, thank YOU for spreading the love at Soompi. You’re amazing! XDDD

  6. Awesome pimp post! Dongwan’s always fun too watch ‘cos he’s so witty ^^.

    I was planning to do one myself, but.. some stuff happened and the post was left in the draft and I didn’t do even a tiny birthday post for him *knocks head*.

    Happy 2-day-belated birthday, Wannie. ♥ And sorry for being a bad fan.

  7. ^ Lol I was actually checking on your site to see whether you did a bday post for him XDD. Cuz I remember you did a super duper awesome Minwoo one right?

    But its all cool cuz at least you did a post for all his “Promise” performances with Younha. I never got around to doing posts for them cuz it was during exams time :((((( And gahh I’m so horrible, I didnt comment on your posts either. I swear I read them and enjoyed them though <333

  8. Thanks for reading them xD. I’ll do one proper birthday post for Wannie next year :).

  9. Lol I”ll be looking forward to it XDD

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