Posted by: beckery | November 21, 2008

Siwon ver. Photo Story

Not sure what this is for, but I think each member are going to take photos and do a photo story as a sort off countdown thingy to their 3rd album? Its posted here at their official website. Well anyways, Siwon is first up and I’m impressed with his photography skills. That boy is too talented ♥ The black and white gives it a nice feel and it really suits with what he’s writing about. And omg LV bag *_* Hahahaha.

(Click to enlarge the photos). Credits to

Title : [SiWon]
2008-11-21 오전 12:12:00

◈ 지금도.. 그때 그자리에.. ( still at the same place.. )

◈ 하루 하루 (day by day)

◈ 새롭게 펼쳐질 새로운것들 ( new things ahead )


  1. What is this guy not good at, srsly? ;____;

  2. Ditto.

    He’s waaaaay too perfect. If he wasn’t such a dork I don’t think I’ll like him that much.

    And yes, OMG LV bag!!! XD!

  3. etherenia
    Lol, i agree. I’m so jealous!

    Hahahahaha…Yea he can be pretty dorky, but his always prince charming *_*

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