Posted by: lovediaries | November 22, 2008

081121 DBSK Wrong Number on Music Bank

Backstage – they’re such dorks XDD

{credit: mickytoho @ youtube}

Wrong Number in suits again *mmmmm*. They’re in identical suits but they look nice so that’s no problem :). I still find the music really eerie and stalkerish which is the point, I presume XD. And they did the tie thing again!! Too bad they only showed Yoochun and Junsu cause I like seeing Changmin do it hehe ^^”. Changmin’s voice did a little weird thing during his part and I always thought the lyrics was “I said” but it’s actually “I set”. I guess that makes sense for him to later sing “Reset” XDD (he was so hot when he reached out for the Camera :Q____)? But then again, the lyrics wrote “so don’t tell me no more” different to what DBSK sing and actually sing in this performance XD.

Jaejoong’s part remains my favourite in this. And for pinkandsparkly who can’t hear Jae’s “bumhair”, he sings it at 1.40 :).

What I like about “Mirotic” and “Wrong Number” is that the choreography doesn’t have to be crazy intense to be hot; and it also allows them to sing great as well!

p.s JaeMinSu note at the end *________________* *dies from amazement*



  1. The lyrics at the bottom was horrible =P
    LAWL at the bum hair comment
    It’s bbun hae… which IS very close to bum hair XD
    Sexy. Again.

  2. ^Lol haha I never read the lyrics so I really didn’t know what Jae was singing XD Thanks for letting me know! ^^

  3. I swear he says ‘I said.’ The lyrics at the bottom do make mistakes sometimes [from the English that I can read. xD]
    Jaejoong says fish in his rap? O__o;
    Yunho looks smexy with the sunglasses in the backstage♥

  4. ^I loved the backstage clips lol. The boys are always so adorkable ^____^~ LOL RLY? Did it say fish in the lyrics? XD

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