Posted by: beckery | November 22, 2008

081122 Music Core

Be back later to edit. I’m actually really looking forward to Triple S’s (or the SS501 subunit or whatever you call the trio haha XD ) comeback stage!!

SS501~ The One and Ur Man Will add in their “UR Man” performance later. Yes, Candychu its “Ur Man” not “U R Man” and definitely not “Young Man” =P HAHA. Awww the boys look so cute for the “The One” performance. They actually remind me of jocks XDDD Young Saeng is infinitely cute here with all his smiles *_* The dance is leaning more towards the relaxed, cutesy side, which is all fine with me cuz they look really cute lol. I actually like “The One”, but it reminds me of some other song. I just cant put my finger on it…Never-the-less, still a great song from their mini album.

I kinda ruined “Ur Man” for myself cuz I keep hearing “young man” haha. Seriously, I actually sing “I’m young man” whenever the boys sing “I’m your man” XDDD Hahaha. However, I still love the song. ♥ The beat is very, very infectious. Kinda like how catchy “De Ja Vu” was and dont kid yourself, that was one addictive song! Baby is flashing alot of chest in this performance and I feel the urge to cover him up ROFL. I really like his rap/talk parts in the song though. It gives it a nice feel. The dancing is pretty sexy. Heaps of jacket flicking, shirt pulling, self rubbing (lmao that sounds so wrong 8D) and “in your face” expressions and pointing haha. ITS HOT OK! They all look good, but I think I’m quite biased cuz my eyes keep wandering off to KyuJong ♥ Of course they sound awesome. The fans were really great too!!!

DBSK ~ Wrong Number OOOOOoooooOOOO WHITE SUITS!!!! White suites with black tie, black collar and black cuffs. Nice. Except, why do they have to wear identical suits?! LOL I was having a talk to Candychu about their identical black suits in yesterday’s performance. And we were joking about having all 13 Suju member wear identical suits. How freaky yet hilarioius would that be?! XDDD ROFL. K, back on topic lol. Great performance. Was looking forward to Changmin’s little smirk. Its soo yummy *_* Oh I meant sexyy~~ LOL. =_= Why didnt they show Jae’s FACE when he was doing the rap. I dont want to see his back or his arms *headsdesk*

Big Bang ~ Sunset Glow I’ve enjoyed every single performance of this song so far. Its always so happy chappy and funnnnnn!!! Ooo the theme this time is yellow. Its quite cool how they always wear the same style clothes, just a bit different in the details and in different colours. For example, Taeyang is always wearing a leather jacket, GD always has those high socks of his with different pants and SeungRi is always wearing a suit type of jacket XDD The “ah ah ah” part ALWAYS gets me, its probably my favourite part haha. Both when they do it standing straight in a line and at the end when they’re all huddling together. The hand and tilt face part is just sooo cute <333 Awesome performance!!!

Rain ~ Only You I’m so out of the loop but when did Rain start promoting ‘Only You’ instead of ‘Rainism’? I was hoping he would promote ‘Love Story’ or ‘My Girl’ or ‘More Attraction’ LOOOL. I’m so picky XD The performance is good, like always. Rain’s an amazing stage performer, no doubt. But I cant say much, cuz I still dont really like the song =_= HAHA.


  1. O_o when did Rain change songs? I wish he promotes Love Story instead. I mean he made the MV for it why not promote it too. The performance was good, but I’m not really into the songs so ^-^

    Sunset Glow is such a happy song .. lol what they’re wearing makes me smile even more. I have this on repeat & have probably heard it like a million times but I’m still not sick of it :)

    The boys are all wearing the same thing @_@ They still look Good, but I prefer them wearing the darker suits for this song, they look HOT in those. ROFL the camera man hit one of the dancers .. guess that’s what he gets for not showing Jae’s face.

    I like their outfits for “The One”. Me & my lil sis was like wonder if their dancers are wearing the same sweater underneath their jackets like the boys. YS’s just to cute in this. I want to button up both YS and HJ’s shirt, well more HJ’s than YS. I think it’s cause I can’t really see YS chest as much as I see HJ’s and as much as he’s grown up it’s still baby!

  2. LOL Awww you commented! Hahah I thought this post wouldnt get a single comment, which is quite sad, the poor thing XDDDD

    And I have no idea when Rain changed songs either, but I’m not too happy about it. I dont like “Only You”, as you can obviously tell lol. Sunset Glow is one of those rare songs that are REALLY HAPPY yet arent TOO happy to the point of annoying me *coughSujuHcough* ROFL..

    Yea! I saw the part where the dancer went smack into the camera hahahahaha. It twas funny XD Kyu Jong WAS HOT, WAS HE NOT?!?! Haha I’m so obviously biased, its not funny. But of course the others are awesome sauce too <333

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