Posted by: beckery | November 22, 2008

Intimate Note ~ HyukSu cut [eng]


(Some Hyuksu pic spam under the cut aswell XD)

There’s going to be heaps of caplocks in this post CUZ I LOVE HYUKSU SO DARN MUCH ♥ Probably my top DongBangJunior couple ever XDDD hahaha. Their friendship is made of LEGENDARY STUFF ok!! I bet everyone wishes they had a best friend like these two. GAHHHH <3333

Anyways, Junsu was on the show and I think his mission was to have someone admit that they’re his “closest best friend”. And of course, he calls Eunhyuk. (Nah duh! I would be disappointed if he didnt lol). I love how Junsu calls him “hyukjae-ah”, not “Eunhyuk” (haha I know its little things but its still cute! Shhhh XD).

So Junsu then asks Hyuk “what is the relationship between us” and HAHAHA the dorkface goes “hyung-dongsaeng ship” which makes Junsu burst out laughing. His laugh is so contagious (though I was already cracking up when Hyuk answered the question) LOOOL. Junsu kinda whinges and nags and tells him to stop joking around. But Hyuk keeps playing hard to get and answers “friends” and “co-worker friends” XDDDDD ARGHHH WHY SO CUTE!?!!?! ♥

Junsu then goes “hurry hurry” (which sounds totally cute *_*) and gives Hyuk hints and leads him on. So finally Hyuk says “best friend” and “a closest best friend”! ISNT THAT SO SWEET? SAY NO AND YOU WILL FEEL MY WRATH hahahahah XD They’re soooooo funny and sweet and cute and omg I think my heart is bursting *dies* ^__^

I’ve been dying to post these HyukSu pictures but never found the occasion. So here it is, part of my proud HyukSu collection <3 (My picture folder is a total mess atm so I cant find all of them, these will have to do for now)

Credits as tagged; soompi; AF etc.


  1. ay dios mio, i love these two together so much, and yes i’m jealous of their friendship.

  2. LOL!! I love HyukSu <33

  3. TOO CUTE!! I love the gifs <3

  4. HyukSu makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside *O*

  5. Nataly
    “ay dios mio”? XD Yes, we all love these two dorks lol <3

    I DO TOOO!!

    XDDDD Yea, the gifs and pics are awesome <3

    Same here. They’re sooo sweet gahh. XD

  6. aww,, they’re really the bestest besties! Lol at eunhyuk’s “what are more than that?” he’s such a dork haha XDD

  7. Those boys…. they’re such an example for all besties ♥ And YOU KEEP ON MAKING THEM SOUND LIKE A COUPLE IN THIS LOL XD I know, they’re DongBangJunior, but they’re besties, not lovers XP

    I don’t think it’s that sweet LOL NO NO JUST KIDDING *hides* I honestly loved that so much ♥ It’s these little things that HyukSu does every so often that make me happy.

  8. kandie
    Lol. Eunhyuk is allllwayysss~ a big fat dork XDDD

    THEY ARE A COUPLE OK SHHHHHHHHHHH. *blocks ears* I dont want to hear anything from you *pokes tongue out* hahahahaha.

    I would seriously think your weird if u didnt find that sweet! So glad to know your normal like the rest of us lol. They’re just so adorable together *ties them up and hides them under my bed* MUAHAHA

  9. aah im so late but. OMG IM SUCH A HYUKSU STAN I CANT EVEN BEGIN TO SAY HOW MUCH OF A STAN I AM. hahaha. i wish i wasnt so lazy, or else i’d create a longass post with all the latest hyuksu clues and random related info!

    like how hyuk mouthed “i love you junsu” on radio while miduhyo was playing! O__O

    anyway that gif there with hyuk leaning on teuk’s shoulder and junsu standing at the back.. that whole making (of snow dream) video was so.. strange. junsu was completely spacing out and looking sad the whole time and i think something must’ve happened between them because hyuk wasn’t looking at junsu as much as he normally does. /sad

    but yes this intimate note episode is really EPIC. love it. i play it at least a few times every single week to keep me happy.

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