Posted by: potensvita | November 22, 2008

TOP Combine … A mere review and most probably some thoughts

I am listening to them right now, TOP combine consists of 5 members and which four of them are the top ten of the Super Boys 2007 and one Korean member. Well, they had released their first EP (what does EP stands for?) and well, mainstream music seemed to be very electronic nowadays. They seemed to have the voice, the dancing skill and the KAWAII factor but why is it that they are regarded with so much prejudice right at the beginning of their carreer?

Because their MV…


credit : TopCombine @ youtube

One look at the MV and everyone could relate to the Purple Line MV. However, they had always forgotten that the director for both DBSK – Purple Line MV/ PV and this TopCombine – Arrival MV is the same person. Sigh.

These boys are talented. They have a songwriter in them and then, a violinist and dancers.

So, why is it that they seemed to be called copy cats?

Watch their variety show

Oh, well. Since mainstream boybands aren’t my cup of tea, I will shut up now. I just hope that this band is given some attention. lol.


  1. Ah, it does look like Purple Line but I’m not a big DBSK fan and knowing that the directors are the same, I don’t think they’re wannabes or anything. AND THEY’VE GOT A VIOLINIST, YOU SAY? I LIKE. INSTANTLY.

  2. Oh, come on, “Purple Line” was not original itself, let’s say that BSB,5ive, etc. have already been there, done that. Watching all this boys and their MV’s is like watching “Miss Universe” competition: all girls are extremly beautiful but somehow similar. This guys are nice, handsome, I like the sound of their voices and their dancing, too. I will watch anything with them because I’m a girl that likes handsome boys, in life or on TV screen. Ah~, all that fandom drama… Oh, I know! We need a group of 5 ugly guys that can’t sing or dance to save their lifes and with video in which they would be standing pitifully somewhere in wide field (because I don’t remember DBSK in wide open field, only on rooftops, in churches, clubs, streets, boats, abstract decorations and so on) and everybody will instantly like that guys because it will be nothing like DBSK!

  3. they do have the same producer, but is it impossible to reject the same mv background from him? they can and are able to reject the idea of using dbsk’s background on purple line. but the fact that they dont is what ticks me.

  4. Miumiu099:
    Hmmmmm, I don’t think the boys themselves have been given that much power?

    I don’t understand why the similarity between Arrive and Purple Line is such a big issue; directors normally have their own artistic “stamp” on their work, so what’s the big deal if the same director wants to keep using his own style? It isn’t plagiarism if you’re simply using bits from your own work, is it? And from what I’ve read, this director is apparently really big in Korea, so it would’ve been hard to reject any of his ideas, don’t you think? ^^

  5. EP stands for “extended play”.. like a single but fewer songs?
    Indie bands usually release EPs in my country..-_-

  6. Oh my god, I’ve really had enough of people saying Top Combine copied DBSK. Thanks so much for saying they’re not rip-offs of DBSK, especially when HONESTLY, the only reason why they’re called copycats is because of a mere, stupid MV that the director for DBSK directed.

  7. I think some of the ppl thinks like that because Top Combine’s song is like SMP (SM Music Performances).
    It is usually a fast-beat song with heavy dancing.
    eg-rising sun, OJBH,

    May I ask where do you read that ppl saying that TC copy DBSK???

  8. someone
    I was watching the Hunan (?) variety show …. on crunchyroll.
    then, i went on youtube to watch their MV. well, i learnt it all from there. ^^

  9. top combine jia you
    hit-5 five jia you
    seventeen jia you
    feng yun bang jia you
    a-one jia you

    woah thats a lot of boybands…

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