Posted by: pinkandsparkly | November 22, 2008

Top Combine Part 2

I’m baaaaaaack~~~~

So last week (or was it the week before?) I did part one of my Top Combine brainwashing post, but of course that was just the tip of the iceberg (yay for cliches!) and now I’m back to do more brainwashing >:D

Like Potensvita mentioned in her post, there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding this group. Their music video was directed by the same director as the one who directed DBSK’s Purple Line and “O”, so the Cassiopeians are saying that the Top Combine boys plagiarized/pirated DBSK’s mv/bla bla bla; of course it never occurred to some people that it might be the director’s problem :P

Just recently, the Top Combine boys attended an awards ceremony, and the ELFs gave them quite a hard time :( Which just means that I have to brainwash more people to see that the TC boys are talented/lovable/hot/nice/adorable/smart/insertmoreniceadjectiveshere :D

But of course, the best way to convince people is by showing them evidence, so here it is:

Video: TopCombineHit @ Youtube

^^^^^^^ I have no idea what song he’s playing on his violin, but it sounds nice and his chin looks really good ROFL XD Anyway, his name is Mars (sshhhh) and he’s currently studying music at a music university, majoring in string instruments. He plays a LOT of instruments, including violin, double bass, electric bass, piano, harp, drums, and guitar (ANOTHER LEEHOM, OMG) and he also write songs. Click here to listen to the song that he composed for Top Combine’s first album – “Cotton Candy”.

And apart from being incredibly talented, he’s also reeeeaaaallllyyy good looking XDD LOOK:

Still not convinced? Well then tune in for Part 3 tomorrow, I’ll be focusing on Top Combine’s resident pretty boy – Kenny


K, I’m gonna go reply to the comments to the last TC post I did. My early new years resolution is to reply to all my comments ^^ Aren’t I good :P


  1. OMG !!!! *is in love already*
    explosive by bond
    its really good ~~
    omg <333
    and helooks so handsome jst playing it @_@


    (why, yes, i have a weakness for violinists.)

  3. SarangLove:

    I have no idea what song it is; is it famous? What time period?? I’ve never heard it before in my LIFE XD



    (sorry for the caps. can’t help it T^T)


  6. I can’t find the MV but the making is here:

  7. Thanks~! I had no idea that group (quartet) existed :O

    And that was on Australian TV too XD I’m so ignorant…..

    Sigh…he is so attractive *_*

  8. I hope you’ll write more about him! …. Okay, THEM! *O*

  9. lol
    I didnt know you knew about them.
    what is wrong with ELF?
    none of them are suju. they aren’t going to be added into suju, anyway. what is wrong with ELF?
    I admit that they are talented but because I am a lesbian, I cant like guys and …….
    but it is just like wasting talent?
    gosh, sometimes, I really really hate fangirls.

  10. Sorry,

    I think I was in China when they were filming for the selection of the cast of “Top Combine”. Of course when they replayed the clips I was cracking up. Is it weird to crack up because they’re sad? Maybe I’m being sadistic.

    But yes, probably because they have trained in Korea, they are so similar to DBSK/SJ. The lead singer? Xuesomething… IDK, ONE of them, when they were performing all his hand motions made me think Jaejoong!??!? and then there was the yelling with the somewhat “Rising Sun” background, and I went Minnie?

    I think because they are TOO SIMILAR that there is a problem and they’re not developing themselves as personalities; rather they’re a shadow of what they’re mimicking. But from the variety show, they really are VERY talented (errrmmm minus the singing department) and they need to learn to break away from what they’re taught. (During one of the solo dances, all I thought about was HOT and Eunteuk doing the dance. >.<)

    Maybe it’s the Asian teaching way? Mimic and learn?

  11. I thought the MV was somewhat similar to Purple Line’s but I don’t really see a problem with that if the director is the same. Why should ELF care anyway?! Aren’t the Super Junior fans, not DBSK?… Anyway, I think they’re really talented, and I’m in love the the song Cotton Candy. I think they’re all really good looking too :D. And Kenny (Liu Zhoucheng) is gorgeous :). You should also check out this blog. The author has a lot of interesting news on the growing Chinese music industry.

  12. ooo he’s really talented … I didn’t know that he played the violin too. Lol starting to love him more and more. I have their album on repeat on my mp3, it’s just addicting.
    ^ I think ELF’s are giving them a hard time cause they’re being compared to SJM and well they (fans) don’t like that … well so I heard anyways.

  13. ohoho another musical hottie :D
    Never hurts to have a couple musically talented boys.

    Seriously even though they may be like sjm, is there a reason to bash these poor boys who has done anything wrong?
    Sometimes elfs or ANY boyband fanclubs is too much of a cult that it becomes narrow minded -_-;;

  14. Yey, you posted about Mars! I adore Mars, he’s my favorite guy in Top Combine~ :D I think he’s a music extraordinaire, and I agree with the post you made today.
    @Ir: I AGREE!

  15. I know why elf were gaving them hardtime. It is because they say they want to become Number One boyband in Asia. Elf got mad because they think suju is the number 1 boyband in Asia, you should see the comments. I got mad at the elf because it’s their dream and they will work harder because of that dream.

  16. Potensvita:
    Lol, no idea, but you should see some of the comments on youtube. Reeeeally vicious stuff XD

    Lol, why are you apologizing XD;;;

    I laughed SO hard the first time I saw their Candy floss dance, omg, it’s so gaaaaaaay XDDD I still think the choreography is really gay, but meh, they look cute XD

    I’m sure they’ll develop their own style soon (i hope) they’re just starting out now, and they trained in Korea, so they’re probably just doing what they’ve been taught/told to do, you know?

    Kenny is looooooove <33333 I’m about to do a picspam on him, be sure to steal some pictures :P

    I read Cfensi! I don’t follow it everyday, cos I’m lazy, but I have read quite a few of her posts! Btw, do you have the link for the other chinese boyband? You gave it to me last time, but that one didn’t work :(

    I like their album too :D Short and sweet~

    Yea, you’re bound to be compared to other people if you’re in the entertainment industry though, i guess it’s part of the job :S But i still think it was pretty unnecessary for ELFs to yell stuff like “plagiarism” when the TC boys were walking down the red carpet

    Definitely, I love my musical geniuses :P LIKE WANG LEEHOM OMG :DDDDDDD

    Hahahahahha, ALL FANCLUBS ARE CULTS IN DISGUISE. Lol, I knwo they’re really supportive, etc, but some of them are craaaaaaazy

    :DD! I think my favourite boy is Kenny, but I change my mind everyday XD

    Lol, every boyband say that they want to be the number one boyband in asia, that’s nothing new XD;;; I think ELF are mad because they feel threatened, because TC are in competition with SJ-M. But…..they’re two very different groups, and I like both :D

  17. omgsh i think i just fell in love with mars/xueyang even more
    the song he plays is james bond…i thinkss
    kenny is cute

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