Posted by: lovediaries | November 22, 2008

Triple S “I’m your Man” Teaser

{credit: iloveteuk @ youtube}

So the mini album is called “UR Man” or is it “U R Man” ?? ROFL. That makes a huge difference…

And thanks to beckery, I keep hearing “I’m young man” XDDD AHAHAHAHA. Lol I know this wasn’t meant to be funny, but I was laughing throughout the teaser.


  1. LMAO omg now I hear I’m young man xDDD
    Kyu Jong’s so cute and HOT<3
    lol ugh I need to still love my horse home boy jungmin though.

  2. ^LOL you can thank bec for that XDD.

  3. Yes yes lets all blame it on MEHZ!!! LOL

  4. ^This isn’t the first time everything’s been your fault :P

  5. “i’m young man” this song has grabbed my ears :D. lol yea it sort of does sound like that lmao but when i think of that phrase i think of “hey young man” you know from that song called ‘ymca’….(cough) (silence)…uh…lol don’t mind that lmao i’m so lazy cause instead of opening a new tab, i just searched my youtube video in the little search box embedded in the post (after the teaser finished) to see if it’ll come up XD. i think i should eat some fish now…i need brain power….lmao

  6. ^It is a really catchy song, eh? ^^ Lol you’re so cute ^^ But I do think of YMCA too hahaha~

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