Posted by: lovediaries | November 23, 2008

081123 SHINee Amigo @ Inkigayo

{credit: misterkrabspatties @ youtube}

I feel as if I haven’t been getting my daily dosage of SHINee. I’ve had this feeling ever since shineesubs‘ account got suspended on YT. And possibly also because it’s been a while since I watched an ep of YunHaNam :(

Anyway, new outfits! And guess what colour they’re wearing *happy dances*. Awesome performance as always! (Key has his jacket off his shoulder a lot throughout – such a tease – and pedo thoughts immediately come to mind)

Oh and I have an issue which I thought I’d take this opportunity to raise to see if there are any readers that can help me! Recently my hjsplit has been failing to work. Well it’s failed to work multiple times but then sometimes it’ll work again.

Basically, I’ll go to join my files but the resulting file is equivalent to the first file i.e avi.001 or whatever. I always have all my files in the same folder/directory and they’re always the full file and not broken (I’ve also never renamed them and leave them as they are since others have downloaded, joined and files have worked. Though I did try renaming files according to some forum and even then, it didn’t work).

So why is it that when I go to join, it doesn’t work properly? I’ve even re-downloaded hjsplit and it still doesn’t work? I haven’t tried again because I’m sick of downloading large files and having them become no use to me. If anyone has any advice, I’d appreciate it!


  1. OMFG I hate the text behind them! It looks like something a preschooler would draw for the school play and then the tech savy teacher would make it a background. :O < puke.

    I have heard Amigo so much now! Someone was mentioning the other day how artists like Super Junior grab attention more in performances because they switch it up more. Like in Marry U the line at the end changed, and even normally they have some joke like Teuk going early. But sometimes performances just repeat the same thing. And it is perfect and good, the dance can be amazing and they are all hot e.t.c, but fails to grasp attention all the time. I duno, I just thought that was really smart. LOL I am such a nerd, I had so much fun considering this for like hours.

    About HJSplit, it is hard to see without knowing your computer and the files e.t.c. What is the file size of the joined one? Does the size seem like they joined?

  2. ^So then…you’re saying that Amigo is still exciting to watch, yeah? ^___^

    Um well my latest download is supposed to be 605 mb but after joining the files (100mb x6 & 5mb) the joined file was only 100mb :(

  3. ^ lmao It is still hanging strong.

    Hm and I guess then all the files have the .001, or .002 extension and so on? Then the output is .avi?

  4. ^Yeah I didn’t touch the file names because everyone else had downloaded it, joined it, watched it fine so I didn’t think that was a problem. But I did go look around on forums and I added a .001 to the first file (because they suggested that) and it still didn’t work :/ But yep the output is .avi …

  5. Did you just add .001 to the first name and nothing to just other ones?

  6. I added .001 to the first and .002 to the second and all the other ones already had their numbers on the end :((

  7. lmao I duno. I don’t want to ask you like 100 more questions!! I cannot really tell what it is. If you want you can give me the file and I can see if I get it open and how?

    Either way you can always ask me to download the file and reup it for you to. <33

  8. ^Aw really?? But its 605 mb O.o Sorta big, isn’t it? Well I got the files off LJ … do you have an LJ account? If you don’t then don’t worry about it :/ I think the uploader might reup the full file when her net isn’t screwing up. But thanks for helping !!!!! I hope this isn’t a permanent problem or I’ll never be able to dl split files ;______;

  9. That would suck! I hope it isn’t to. & sorry no LJ for me! =((( I thought I still had my old account but it has been “deleted and purged.” LMAO SO harsh.

  10. ^That’s okay then! <3333 LOL “deleted and purged” XD Harsh indeed.

  11. Hey hey! Ah, I agree with you – I’ve been feeling SHINee-deprived myself these days and I was wondering if I was the only one who felt that way…I think it’s got a lot to do with SHINeesubs no longer being on YT as well as Yunhanam ending. I really miss my weekly half hour with the boys – just watching interviews isn’t the same.

    That said, I really liked this performance! I was afraid it wouldn’t be so good since the boys had just come back from Thailand and they must be exhausted but it was really good! They didn’t look tired at all, the dancing was great, the singing was great and I think this is the first time I’ve ever loved all of their Amigo outfits. (Did I mention purple’s my favourite colour too?) So, two thumbs up! I always say that their Inkigayo performances are some of the best and this just adds to my argument.

    Oh, I’m not techie so I’m not sure what to say about the HJSplit thing except that I sometimes have that problem as well. It tells me the file’s been joined but when I try to play it, it doesn’t work. You said you put your files in a folder? I always dl mine to my desktop and join them from there and then when it’s joined and working, I move them to a folder. So maybe you could try that?

  12. Anyway, new outfits! And guess what colour they’re wearing *happy dances*. Awesome performance as always! (Key has his jacket off his shoulder a lot throughout – such a tease – and pedo thoughts immediately come to mind)

    Sigh I wish I didn’t have to agree =(

  13. yumimaki
    Yeah and they’re no longer doing MCountdown!?!?!?! Idk, no ones uploaded any (raw or subbed) :((( It makes me sad .___.

    Ah, yes I remember you telling me that before :)) You really wouldn’t have known they just came back from Thailand, they’re so awesome!!

    Hmm, I’ve already tried that and it still doesn’t work :( Thanks for your help anyway!

    Hahaha *hi5*

  14. hah.. Now that it’s gone, I realized Shineesubs has always been part of my daily Youtube-ing life.. :/

    and also, my post in shineeforum is not enough to do streaming yet.. :(

  15. lol I guess everyone here is deprived of Shinee now that Shineesubs is gone .. anyways nice performance. Yay it’s color coordinated, yellow & purple :) I like the outfits. haha Key’s trying to steal Minho’s sexy spot :P

  16. kandie
    ME TOO ;______; Aw really? Well dw, not that many vids have been subbed since shineesubs was suspended. You’re not missing out on that much yet!!

    Haha yes .____. We’re all sad little muppets.

    Purple & Yellow look great together :) Just like purple & silver/grey *thinks Purple Line CD*.

    Lol Key doesn’t have to try very hard though :PP

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