Posted by: beckery | November 23, 2008

SS501 ~ Ur Man Special Mini Album


Since I was talking about the songs in their Music Core comeback, thought I should do a review for it. The album was on repeat for the whole day yesterday haha. I was actually expecting something different from them this time. And well….nothings much different lol. I cant say I’m disappointed, cuz I’m really not. I just wanted something different from them this time. The songs are catchy, I can give you that. But the beats are all really similar to their regular SS501 songs. Very typical SS501 style…

Want It Nice start to the album. Catchy beat, a lot of “double S 501” throughout the song, which is a good introduction kinda thing haha XDD But its really nothing unique, so its just so-so for me.

Ur Man As I’ve said before, I keep hearing “Im young man” XDDD ROFL. BUT, I also said that this is no doubt a very catchy song. I listened to the song about 5 times and I had the chorus stuck in my head the whole day. Yes, its a very typical SS501 styled song. But then I guess that just means like all their other hits, its very infectious. <33

The One I really like this song!!! But it sounds so familiar, it drives me crazy trying to figure out what it reminds me off. Its kind off a mix of a Minwoo/Rain/Se7en/Big Bang song. Hahaha IDEK. But I think we all know by now, nothing is original these days. Overall, I still think the track is one of my favourite from the album.

사랑인거죠 (Its Not Love) I didnt know that each boy had a solo song, so imagine my surprise when I kept hearing one voice throughout this song LOL. Thought I was going crazy! But yeap its Young Saeng’s solo track. Its also the only ballad on the album and of course it went to YS. This boy’s voice is amazing y/y?!?! ♥ Great ballad! But then again I’ve always had a weakness for good ballads lol. The song isnt too emotional, but still very soft and soothing for the ear.

Never Let You Go Kyu Jong’s solo with Hyung Joon rapping. I’m a tad biased towards KJ hahaha XD But in all honesty, its a nice song. Not exactly anything exceptionally great but its got a pretty good beat. Some of the effects annoys me though lol.

I Am I like this song. Its quite happy, and pleasant for the ears. Um I dont know what else to say haha XDD Oh of course, try it out!!! <333


  1. During mass (which I just got home from) Ur Man kept on playing in my head and I was sort of like dancinf around to it and my sister says “stop… just stop” and I never realised I was bopping around.

    Keke, I love this mini-album!

  2. lol yes all are so like any other ss501 song…idk, its not bad but seeing that its a few tracks and not all the members, im not motivated to buy this.

  3. mooray
    ROFL. Your so cute…Yes its really addictive isnt it. Even if I keep singing “young man” XDDDDDDDDD

    I understand. Its all good XDD Its a pretty good mini album though haha.

  4. ea. boy had a solo? Wheres Hyung Joon’s solo? hahaha…I like him the most among all 5 of them..

    U R Man is totally addictive!

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