Posted by: potensvita | November 23, 2008

Youtube Live Tokyo – Just BoA’s part

Maybe because I had really been lazy nowadays that I didn’t report the news about her performing in Tokyo in the 23 of November (YES, WHICH IS TODAY!). She had performed live across the globe (via youtube, I really think it is smart) in Japan.

So ………..

credit : livetokyo @ youtube.

It is like powerhouse and well, I love the three performance here, which is of course Eat You Up, Lose Your Mind and then, a short talk (in Japanese) and then …. Listen to My heart. I havent heard that from her for AGES. lol. I love the band here. She talked a bit more in japanese and sung MeriKuri, <3.

ahh… i am mad. insane with love. MeriKuri songs so nice with just a piano background. the camera angle from beneath was fantastic. Her singing had improved so much. And her stage performance was so good to the point that I was thinking that the stage was build for her. ^^ However, I might sound bias. ^^

oh yeah. you guys must watch her until the end. she is so cute. I wont tell you what is it but watch yeah?


  1. hmmm i was kinda disappointed with the eat you up … its like u realized how synthized the song is? and she doesn’t sing that much (i think she could have sung a bit more parts but then again, muss be hard to sing and dance at the same time without the singing going out of tune =p)~~~~~, but i definately say she does she well at the parts she does sing at!English has improve definately!! ^^ like her clothing hahaha , she’s so pretty/cool. her back up dancers and band member remain the same as her concerts =D *thats good* hahahaha~ manz listen to my heart is really good \>..<“”

  2. yeah. after second watching, (that means biasness all gone), i realised that it was not reallly that good but she really redeemed herself in meri kuri. sigh. but her dress is cool. ^^

  3. I liked listen to my heart the most on this.
    Her Japanese and vocals did improve (her vocals aren’t that strained as before).

    Eat you up…lol I just never liked that song so I don’t have a good impression of that song still.

  4. I watched this actually “Live” or so they said it was live but it didn’t really look like it when I tuned in. Her vocals are amazing and her English has improved. I like Listen to My Heart out of all the songs. Lol you can totally tell which song the audience got into the most. I haven’t heard since like forever MeriKuri I’m glad she sang it :)

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