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081122 YooMinSu on Star King

Woot~ It’s been subbed, thanks to ginaya!!

Part 1 – “Kang Reung Girl” (Kim Karang) performs first (“The Winner takes it All”) and boy is her voice beautiful. I was covered in goosebumps while watching (except bec did say I get goosebumps too easily – apparently something is wrong with my “erector something pilli” or whatever ROFL)! And check out Kang Hodong’s face at 1.43 while watching her sing :). At the end, everyone asks her how she practices conveying emotion and Solbi asks “Do you have a boyfriend?” ROFL. Shes so cute ^___^. Then Junsu gets up to perform “Goose Dream” with her :). Even Solbi clutches her chest when Junsu sings lol so need I say more? (Though I don’t know if she was doing it because of his voice or the lyrics XD.) KHD’s reactions are so cute~

Part 2 – ROFL I love how everyone is all “Junsu is so cool” “Junsu I love you”, completely ignoring Karang XD. She finishes off with some very inspiring words *is touched*.

Next are two “Jjang” Japanese boys girls. They were winners of a dance contest and dance while blowing their whistles. LMAO @ Junsu’s reaction when they were going down onto their backs (Henry style ;P). But wow, they’re both really really good dancers (and still look like little boys to me LOL). Then idk what KHD wanted but he starts pushing them around and getting them to redo that step where they bended down. The 10 year old shows off how she first started dancing up til now (so cute!!) and then the 12 year old shows off the different genres of dance she can do (SO COOL!!!!!!). Then YooMinSu get up to perform “Mirotic” with the two little girls. Junsu stands in Yunho’s spot heehee. Then there’s a little dance off between them all. The two girls can’t ever keep still – you can tell they really love to dance :). Yoochun goes first after the two girls and LOL WHAT IS HE DOING!?!?!?!? Junsu actually dances lol and gets really into it (as Hye Ryun put it “he was dancing like his life was on the line, trying to win against a 10 yr old”) ROFLL but Changmin didn’t get his own solo dancing time 7.7 In fact, he didn’t dance at all T_T.  XDD.

Part 3 – Then “Baby Wondergirls” with an average age of 5 … LITTLE KIDDIES ALKSASLKFKLASFJKAS !!!!! One of them’s a boy too? LOl they perform “Nobody” and basically scream out the lyrics. THEYRE SO CUTE *________* I need to train my little sister to be like that too XDDD. Best to start off at an early age, right? LOL but omg FUNNIEST THING EVER. And the rap was the best part. Had NOOO idea what that little girl was mumbling XDD. KHD plays with them for a bit after and there is a bit of romance brewing between the boy and one of the 4 yr olds ^^. The 6 yr old has a really husky voice so she sings a bit more of “Nobody” then the 5 yr old one starts singing Son Dambi’s “Crazy” with the head spinning and all ROFLLLLL. Then they all dance together again and the boy comes out and dances to Rain omg what a cute little kid.

Part 4 – Then the part I’ve been waiting for (cause I saw the cut lol). Kim Jihyun is the little girl and her act is to sing like she’s in front of a fan LOLLL. When she finally sings in her unique style everyone starts cracking up and KHD even runs out of breath AHAHAHA. But I still think she sounds more like a lamb than anything else; and really, she’s just shimmy-ing non stop XDD. (I love how Junsu watches the screen in front rather than the actual stage right before him XD). And KHD just picks up Jihyun whenever he laughs. He’s so friendly :). They get Solbi to perform “Do It Do It” in the same way but it doesn’t turn out quite the same so Solbi apologises ROFL. Changmin is up next (WOOHOOO). The girl shimmies “Oppa, I wanted to meet you” and she got a hug for it :OOO !!!! Changmin sings “Mirotic” and “Hug” and LOLLLLLL @ HIM XDDD. KHD does a little role playing with Jihyun and Kangin comes out :DDD. Like for two seconds :(

Twins (Lee Yerang and Lee Sarang) come out to play a gayageum (twelve stringed Korean harp). It’s a really pretty instrument – makes me want to learn how to play too :/ Check out the speed of their fingers and hands O.o Woahhh. Apparently, just by the way someone presses down on their strings, you can judge their personality, disposition and temperament. So Junsu has a go and makes a “pooping sound” ROFL which shows he has strong will. Yerang comment that Junsu “poops” very well and Yoochun says “That’s true. He really does” LOL WTH!?!?! When Yoochun goes to take a turn, the other twin, Sarang, pushes her sister away and says she wants a turn and grabs his hand LOLLL. Yoochun makes a very feminine sound LOL so Junsu pushes him out of the way and tries make a feminine sound too but he just “poops” again AHAHAHAHHA. YooSu <333 Yerang complains they didn’t teach Yoochun enough so he gets to have another go. KHD tells them to give Junsu another go but hten Yerang criticises his position LOL we all know who’s her favourite, don’t we? ;)

No Changmin kissing freaky robot thingy :/



  1. YEAY WE ARE. HAHA :D The baby wonder girls+1boy were so cuteeeeeeee :D! I think the girl that was shaking was scary o_O I can make my voice like that too… When my dad drives on a bumpy road x)


  3. Why yunjae not present too? I bet jaejung will amuse KHD most w his randomness haha X)

    yes I’ve always wandering why CM’s part keep getting cut :S
    I dont see anything wrong w him though ;___;

  4. omg that girl can sing!!! (is envious) my voice is nowhere as powerful as hers (sigh) i want to take singing lessons to improve now ugh…and those two girls that looked like cute lil boys…omg they CAN dance!!! i’m even more jealous now. ugh what CAN I do?? (thinks) hahahaha they are so talented!! and i saw the robot part. i was scared endlessly of it. it’s so creepy and changmin kissed her/it lmao (dies) and the way it makes that surprised expressions or when it winked!! (goosebumps) it was funny!! but i’m really scared of those type of things. it’s bad enough that i’m scared of mannequins (uh correct spelling much??) or dolls or wax figures but this is a robot that looks realistic (well not so much) and it talks!! now i would have an accident in my pants if i was there lmao but imagine if this robot danced like those two japanese girls and sung like kang reung!! now if that happened, that would be the end of the world for me lmao

  5. I love that boy in the baby wonder girls performance! He’s so cute o^__^o
    I feel sorry for Kangin though, we only get to see him for like a second :((
    But then again… I gotta see Xiah’s beautiful voice at the beginning ^^

  6. kandie
    Ah, I don’t mind when it’s not all 5 of them on a show because there’s more screentime for each member ^^. Jae is busy filming his drama and Yunho’s been on quite a lot of variety shows lately too so it’s okay :).

    No, dw, that robot/android/cyborg/WHATEVER totally freaked me out too. I’m…okay with mannequins as long as they’re normal looking XD. And yeah that girl has a really good voice. I hope she’ll go far with her singing! Those two girls were amazing *______* They were so bendy and LOL just laklajsflksf *jealous jealous*.

    I know! Lmao and when he just came out and started dancing to Rain XD Didn’t know he had it in him. I know :( Maybe Kangin had more to do in the full show :/

  7. hopefully, ginaya will sub the full show :)

    or GOESS! PLEASE!!!! :)

  8. ^Hmm not sure if ginaya will sub the other parts but I hope GOESS do ^^

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