Posted by: beckery | November 24, 2008

DBSK Lotte Scans from Special Photo & Album

Credits:Mr.TVXQ+ 2uAngels

Doesnt Changmin and Yunho look really cute in the top photo? They’re all leaning over eachother XDD And Yunho’s smile is really sweet ^^ Actually, they look pretty cute in the second photo too haha. JaeJoong is all very model like and my eyes keep wandering to his hands on the second photo which is totally hot. Not really digging Jusnu and Yoochun’s clothes, but they’re still looking great <3.

More Solo shots under the cut!

Doesnt JJ look soooo darn hot in the second photo? Its probably that slight pucker of those gorgeous lips or the way he stares. It could even be the pose. I dunno why, but I cant stop staring at it ♥_♥

*oogles at the way Changmin is touching himself in the first photo* ROFL It just looks really sexy!! And he looks so darn spiffy in the second photo.

I cant say I really like Yoochun’s clothing in here, but his all smileys XDDDD Which totally makes up for it. Especially that second photo. The smile is gorgeoussssss!!1

NIPPLE ALERT XDDDDDDDDDDD ROFL This is so embarrassing but the first thing I noticed in the first photo was *coughhalfnipplecough* Its not my fault ok. Its just so obvious with the pose and all lol.

Dont really dig the first photo. I dont like the messenger hat :S But the second photo makes up for it. Why, hello there sexy, charismatic stare <33


  1. Ahhh…
    They are so hot/cute/adorable…
    I just want to take them home… is that so wrong?

  2. lkjaslkdjflkjasdf Changmin ♥____♥

    I’m so glad I’m marrying him :)

  3. Oh, these are so cuuute! Changmin looks so young in the first shot and you’re right – Yunho’s smile is adorable. I love Yoochun and Junsu’s solo shots – okay, well not Junsu’s first one (the messenger hat is so random) but the second one’s nice. Both of Chunnie’s are lovely though – even though I’m not exactly digging the style either (so not feeling the hobo chic), I love how normal he looks in them, like a college student. *sigh* I wish I could go to his school….Thank you for sharing.

  4. CCs being delusional again..T_T

    I♥Min’s hair in the first group pic..It is the perfect cut. ^^

    They all look good..but i can’t decide whether i like Yunho’s or Yoochun’s pictures the most. Again..they all look good, but Yunho has a perfect face..
    Its cheekbones&Jaw are killer…BUT Yoochun’s smile..>..>

  5. ^Lol everyone always gets a bit moody when I bring that up, eh? ;)♥

  6. No i just get a bit sad..i mean..can no one can help you??!!..T_T

  7. Yunho’s smile in the first picture is so AWWWWW ♥.

    I like Jaejoong’s solo pictures the best; he’s very model-like ^^.

  8. Abby
    LOL No its not wrong, cuz I DO TOO *hi5* XDDD

    I think not only is something wrong with your erector pilli and sensory nerves, but also your brain. Go and get your brain checked woman! Reality shouldnt be mixed with fantasy…LOL =P

    I couldnt stop swooning at Yunho’s smile. It was too cute ♥ Yea, Yoochun’s clothes weren’t my style. But then we’ve figured out by now that the stylists noona dont really like our Chunnie, do they? :(( Its ok, his infinitely bright smiles make up for everything XDDDDDD

    Dont you worry, I’m trying my best to cure Candychu of her weirdness haha.

    LOL. Personally, I like Jae’s solo shots the most XDD Very model like and just too darn sexy to resist. The others are very very very close behind though *__*

    *nods head* The smile was gorrgeeousssss <33 And I agree with what you said about JJ. XDD

  9. ooo I love the solo shots. Of course Jae’s is the best *ok my opinion don’t shoot, I know your fiancee’s is probably the best in your opinion =P* all their styles are nice (well except for Yoochun’s sweater on the 2nd pic & Junsu’s hat in the 1st but take those away & they’re pretty good). I can stare at Yoochun’s smile all day, he looks like an everyday college kid running late for class :D

  10. I love that first picture too <3 I love Yunho, but he’s like 1000000000000x more handsome to me when he’s smiling and goofing off like that vs. when he’s trying to look sexy hahahah.

    They all look really good though :) I like Changmin’s solo shots a lot!

  11. babiegel
    LOL, I happen to agree with you this time so I guess we’re getting shot together =PPP I dont mind Yoochun’s clothes too much. I just dont really dig all the layers and the beanies. But his first solo shot does make him look ultra normal. Very casual and student like. XD

    How’s your exams going? I’m sure you’re doing fine and kicking some asses arent you? XDD Lol.

    I totally agree. Sexy, serious, model-like poses are hot and all, but great big smiles XDDDDD are even better!! <3

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