Posted by: lovediaries | November 24, 2008

More Info on Super Junior M Show in HK

Here’s some information that an LJ friend has provided me!

Their fan signing event on the 26th of December will take place at 上水廣場 (Landmark North). I’ve dug up an MTR map so that those who will be holiday-ing in HK this Christmas and would like to attend the concert know exactly how far away Sheng Shui is O.o (the Concert will be held in Star Hall at Kowloon Bay so you can have a look at that too).

According to Chinese forums there is a total of 6000 tickets for both concerts (which should be on sale from Nov 27) and you can view the seating plan HERE.

I went on SJHK forum to look for more news about tickets and they say that they’re unsure as to why isn’t showing info for SJM Show; but that should be fixed up soon :/


  1. do you know if the fan signing event is free to attend? i so want to go…T__T

  2. ^I’m not sure if you’ll need a ticket or not :/ Someone told me you did but I haven’t read about it anyway. I want to go too ;_____; Are you living in HK?

  3. Oh my….. that is SO far away TT-TT I’m not sure exactly where I “live” when I go to HK, but I believe it’s somewhere near Causeway Bay? Or I’m just being stupid, I just think it is because I hear it a lot and I remember seeing it unlike some other places ^^

    GAAAH I want to go so badddd WHY ISN’T IT IN THE SUMMER WHEN I DON’T HAVE SCHOOL >< *cries sadly in corner*

  4. no…=[ i live in cali, but i have family living in HK. i feel bad making them go and it is the day after xmas ><;;

  5. epicism
    YEAH WHY CUDNT U BE IN HK !?!?!?!?!??! LOL Causeway Bay is good for shopping :DDD Hehe

    Oh icic. It’d be great if they could go for you!

  6. do you know how long the concert is going to be? also doesn’t have the show and i don’t know where to buy tickets.

  7. ^Ah, I’m sorry, I really don’t know :( I’ve been looking on HK forums and going on soompi and stuff but there isn’t much info. And yeah, hkticketing still haven’t updated their site. I’ll be sure to tell you more when I find more info!

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