Posted by: beckery | November 24, 2008

SS501 ~ Ur Man MV

Credits to hyunyblue @ youtube

I was wondering when this would be released! Was starting to think the MV teaser was part of my imagination lol. Seriously though, they should have released the MV first before the album release and comeback stage, cuz its not as interesting after you’ve heard the song a million times now XDDD

A typical MV aka cute boys standing around singing and dancing lol. Well to accurately describe it. It would be Hyung Joon sitting in a car and hovering around it. Kyu Jong standing in a hallway and Young Saeng in a red elevator LOL XD Watch out for YS’s actions at 1.54. That action totally pawns! I can imagine him thinking “you fangirls are crazyyyyyyyyy” HAHAHA…And I’ve been trying to figure out what the words are on HJ’s chest :S Does anyone have a clue what it is?


  1. Ya I think MVs should be released first because it kind of sets imagery for the song. I mean I liked Wrong Number at first, because of the beat, but after the MV I loved it so much more.

    Anywho does this song somehow remind you of SS501 – “Song For You”?!?! LMAO I just found that song so I have been listening to it on repeat but I swear it kind of does!! I duno. Did you see the MV for that BTW?! It is soooo crack, I nearly banged my head on the wall of laughter.

    I like the choreography. Brushing dirt off the shoulder is just about the coolest thing. =)) LOL No I just think it is kind of cute.

    Oh I think Hyung Joon’s says “Carpe Diem” which means “Seize the Day.” He had the same thing on the teaser pictures, just like more on the shoulder.

  2. ^ LOL personally, I think all SS501 songs sound somewhat simliar. It all has that insanely catchy beat and chorus thing going for it. So yea, I wouldnt find it suprising if it reminded you of “Song For You” or “De Ja Vu” or some of their other songs hahaha.

    And yes, I’ve seen the MV for “Song For You”. It was pure crack and insanely cute at the same time hahaha.

    Ooooh so thats what it says. I saw the teaser pics but I didnt really take notice of the words haha.

  3. I agree the MV’s should come first but then again it’s their company who decides when to release it. Lol I’m like ringy … I liked Wrong Number for the beat but then I seen the MV and I started loving the song, so this is basically gonna be the same thing.

    It does sound like “Song For You” but I’ve noticed with SS501 they tend to stick with catchy upbeat songs, I’m pretty sure you can find one or 2 that’s somewhat similar to this in their other albums.

    is it me or did they not as much close up of Young Saeng as they did the other two? maybe I’m imagining it. I still have the urge to go up to baby and button up his shirt, though YS is that low too but you can’t really tell.

  4. oooohhh so that’s his name….the one in the car lmao oh gosh i never got to learning their names but yea hyung joon draws me in lol when i watched their kokoro mv (that’s the 1st mv i watched of them) my eyes went to him first lmao but this song makes me wiggle (giggle) lmao it’s so wicked :D

  5. lol yeah i was like they had a comeback but their mv isnt out yet?? But whatever, they’re still hot and the beat’s catchy lol. Ahh can’t Kyu Jong be my man T_T lol.

    I somehow like magnae’s rapping part…sounds so catchy and sexy :D

  6. I agree with babiegel, it seemed like Saeng wasn’t there much, or maybe not enough body shots. Lol The MV is pretty slick, though I kept waiting for Jung Min and HJ to pop up. It felt a little empty without them.

    Baby sure loves those fake tatoos. I remember the really huge BAPTIST he used to have on his back. Methinks a real one is in the works… Hyung Joon is all grown and stuff…-.-……..\^u^/

  7. babiegel
    Yeap, thats what I said too! Lol, most of their songs are quite catchy, so they’re very similar. Which is why their mini album is very SS501 style, since the songs are all somewhat catchy!

    No, I think they didnt have as much close up of YS too :(( But hahahahha I know what you mean. Baby should cover up more. Let the others do more flashing *coughKJcough* XDDD

    LOL. Yeap the one in the car is Hyung Joon. The youngest member. Isnt he sooooo flippin adorable?! I’m hopeless with names and faces, so it took me quite a while to distinguish between them. FAIL lol.

    No, I’m sorry. KJ is already taken by the one and only ME XDDD Muahahahahaha. You can have the others. Actually Leadershii is taken by ME too! On second thought, I’ll have all of them hahahaha.

    Haha I actually thought about you when I was doing these ss501 posts. I was thinking “I wonder if laflor501 liked the mini album” XD Gosh dont you feel special? =P

    It does feel empty without them :( Their stage performances felt really empty too! Lol Baby probably already has a real one hidden somewhere, if he likes tatts so much..We should kidnap him and try to find it muahaha. ROFL I’m a bit weird today XD

  8. ^Aw really? I always feel “special” of course. ^^ I actually haven’t heard all the solos yet, but Baby’s solo is my fav. song so far and the perf. was h.o.t! And coincidentally I was already plotting his kidnapping so you’re welcome to come along. I’ll bring the binoculars, you bring the soda. ;P

  9. LMAO you took all my boiz. How am I supposed to have one of them xDDDD

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