Posted by: lovediaries | November 25, 2008

DBSK 2009 Calendar Scans

Please DO NOT HOTLINK images !!!

{credits: Milk.X.YoonHo @ TVXQINDO}

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A lot brighter than their Japanese one :DDD. And they’re all smiley and looking very lovely ^^. I think Yunho’s picture might be my favourite because while there’s a bit of chest, he still leaves a lot to the imagination LOLLL (and what a coincidence! He’s the face for June!). His face is also the same colour as his chest unlike *cough*Changmin*cough* and he isn’t looking as orange as Jae XD.

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It’s rather plain though, eh? I mean compared to the Paris one from last year, this one mustn’t have cost a lot to produce hahaha (they don’t even have 12 pictures ;_____;). At least the scans are good enough so that if you’re cheap, you can just print them out and use them as a calendar LOLLL.

Nah nah, support DBSK! Buy their merchandise!! :PP


  1. HAHAHA. “At least the scans are good enough so that if you’re cheap, you can just print them out and use them as a calendar LOLLl.”
    You are hilarious :D. I didn’t even know they had a calendar coming out lol.

  2. ^LOL That was really the first thing that came to mind when I saw the scans. I am such a cheap asian XDDD. But dw, I haven’t printed them out…


  3. To be honest, I saw the very first picture, started laughing hysterically, and couldn’t comprehend the rest of your post. My brain no longer works.=( I know I’m mad immature, but Jae’s chest looks sooo much like cleavage there! He’s already such a “khot mi nam” I found that hilarious. XD I’ll only stop staring at it for Micky cause he’s oodles of cuteness this time.^^

  4. ^Woah okay I know I should’ve noticed it first, but I only stared at Jae’s chest after reading “cleavage” XDDD. They all look really grumpy on the cover too, eh? Except for Yoochun ^___^

  5. Some of those tans are so fake. -.-

    If you’re gonna do a photoshoot with fake tans, at least make all the skin being shown the SAME COLOR. Aigoo…Jaejoongie, yours is so obvious. Oh well, they’re all still hot. <3 I won’t make a comment on Jae’s so-called cleavage. Or make a reference to how they’re probably bigger than Yunho’s old moobs. XP

    …And I never noticed this, but Yunho’s as tan as me now..damn boy. Dark for an Asian, haha. Like me. :D

  6. ^ yeaaah ayu: totally wish they would lay off the spray tan….. bleech

    otherwise they look totally hot! ^^

  7. Ayu
    Yeah the fake tan is a bit too much :// They’re so dark they don’t look Korean anymore XD But that’s okay because Yunho and Changmin look better dark :)))

    They go to tanning salons too don’t they? XDD

  8. HAHAHAHA Jae’s cleavage!!!

  9. ^LOL :DD

  10. Please watch this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yoochun and Yunho for a new Haptic commercial?

  11. ^ROFL! Thanks for the link!!

  12. haha so much for tan.effect XP
    oh and I realized that youtube screen got wider,, great for us fangirls to drool over more ;)

  13. ^Lol yeah, not very good at all. Yeah cool new feature eh? ^^

  14. its really confusing, because i looked at it from and they said theirs 14 pages?? unless this is a different calendar, and not the one im tslking bout.

    it would be at the “Yesasia’s editorial description” that it says theres 14 pages.

  15. ^Yep, the link you gave is for another calendar! See, we did a post on it here ^^

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