Posted by: lovediaries | November 25, 2008

SNSD’s Sunny – Finally Now MV

{credit: jaeurazn1 @ youtube}

What is this? Sunny getting a solo before Jessica?? lol I could never pick out Sunny’s voice while listening to their songs so I’m surprised she now gets a whole song to herself!!! I gave it a listen because I love OST tracks (this is from “Story of Wine”).

Thoughts from first time listening: the song is a very pretty ballad; love the strings at the start but halfway through I sort of lost interest and just watched what was happening instead of listening. Sunny’s voice and her singing is okay (I’ve heard better), guess we’ll have to wait for a LIVE performance but I wonder why she was never given too many lines. (I got goosebumps during the intro of the song but not while Sunny was singing and not even when she hit that high note :/)

AND OMG IS THAT MARCO FROM WGM???? He looks really good here lol and he kissed the girl *giggles*. Now that ought to make you all watch LOLLL.


  1. The boys are cute ^^

    Her voice sounds better than I expected XD She was either whispering or screaming for 80% of the song, but hay, she’s improved, yes? :P

    I’m glad they gave Sunny a solo before Jessica; I can’t staaand Jessica’s voice *shudders*

  2. ^She was either whispering or screaming for 80% of the song
    LOLL well said and exactly what I thought XDD.

    But yeah, I’m glad the “underrated” members are getting a bit of spotlight :).

  3. Lol, yupp. When uu said Marco was in, I immediately wanted to watch. Hahas.

  4. ^hahaha woot~ I knew it’d get to someone :PP

  5. Well, isn’t Sunny the niece of Lee Soo Man (the chairman of SM Entertainment)?

  6. LOL tbh I thought that Tiffany might even get a solo before Jessica because even though Jessica is stronger live, her voice tends to be chipmunky and… not that pleasing sometimes. But Tiffany’s is… huskier? And easier to listen to?

    Sunny’s voice never really stood out to me, but idk, maybe a live performance will change my mind? It’s really a pretty song, and she’s improved tons since debut (: And I was actually worried about all of the established “good” singers getting all the OST solos, but that issue is no more!

  7. interesting how sunny gets a solo before the others…other than Tae Yeon.

    hmm is that long haired dude Kim Jae Wook?
    I was just watching him in Coffee Prince…if thats him.

  8. ay
    Yeah but they had this whole issue with how Sunny works very hard and was originally under another co. so LSM isn’t biased; so I don’t think her getting this has anything to do with it ^^”


    I think Tiffany’s voice is better sounding than Jessica. Idk, the latter just strains so much and looks like she’s in pain half the time. She also closes her eyes too much LOL. Def. not a fan of Jessica’s voice XD.

    Yeah that’s what I thought too. Um yeah I think that’s him. Isn’t he also in “Antique Bakery” too? I thought he looked familiar :S

  9. OMG!! i thought the person looked like marco from WGM too tyhe first time i saw the mv!
    i like sunny singing ost tracks!
    she usually doesnt sing a whole lot in SNSD songs so this is great for her!
    LOVE sunny’s voice! always been a fan of here.
    time for her to shine even brighter!
    sunny jjang! ^^

  10. ^Lol that person looks like Marco because it is Marco ^^.
    I’m not really a SNSD fan but it’s nice seeing different members having solo acts :)

  11. wow…sunny is awesome!
    i love her voice,wherever she sang..^^
    hwaiting SUNNY unnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ^Mmm~ ^^

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