Posted by: lovediaries | November 26, 2008

SHINee Booluh & Peenkuh Line Photos

Pictures from SMART Uniform – Blue Line & Pink Line :D

I LOL hard at:

  • the pic of Minho, Key and Onew because MinKey look so cool while Onew is just looking … well, adorable ^^
  • how Jonghyun is almost shorter than the two female models (though I think he really is shorter than Victoria Song XDD)
  • those white plates (!?!?!) they’re holding
  • blue line & pink line actually makes me think of like sanitary items or something XDDD
  • Onew

Pics behind the cut :)


  1. awww they’re all soo…cute.
    Onew is lovely…ahh his hair is growing to meXDD

  2. just a heads-up on shineesubs starting to upload on youtube again using! their streaming site will also still be in use however. :)

    i love these school uniform CFs. <33333
    i LOLed at you saying you LOL at Onew and that Jonghyun might be shorter than Victoria Song.

  3. Sanitary items! LOL!

    I must say Taemin’s really working the charismatic look for these shots – I’m kind of taken aback actually – but pleasantly so. It’s just a little disconcerting is all. I do think Key looks the best in these ads though – I love his and Onew’s couple shots. I think the white circles are normal actually – I’ve seen them in other uniform CFs – I don’t know what they’re there for though.


  5. lr
    I don’t rly like Onew’s hair but since it makes him all the more adorable, I’m okay with it :))

    Ah, yes I subscribed to them as soon as I found out about them :D. But Onew is so funny! And Jonghyun really is kinda short hahaa XDD

    Really? I…don’t really remember seeing them…but my memory has been failing incredibly lately haha so I’ll take your word for it!

    LOL I just happen to laugh whenever I see Onew. It’s okay, it only means he makes me happy :DDD

  6. LMAOOO List at what you LOLed at!!! I would so do that. :PPPP And I love that Onew is a pure bullet within himself.

    I really like Taemin’s uniform and Jonghyun’s plaid jacket.

    I never liked uniform shots though, they are young enough already! This renforces the pedo image. Cannot even save without quivering.

  7. ^Because Onew is so cute and squishy and LOL-worthy XDDD. Ahahahaha I didn’t really pay much attention to what they were wearing … I just stared at their faces XDDD.

    LMAO @ you actually saving them while quivering ahahahha.

  8. i Luv10000x jong hyun 4ever
    he is so cuteeee

    and taemin so lovely

  9. nyahaha.. Onew is like “oh, is this the right pose? I have to be like this?” XDD
    I love Key’s couple shoot, he’s so sweet.. <333

  10. dark
    Hahaha they’re all such lovable boys ^^

    Ah I love Onew. He’s just so … CUTE :3

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