Posted by: lovediaries | November 27, 2008

2U on Crack

Thank you Devi for the link <333

Part 1, Part 2

WHAT IS THIS CRACK!?!!??!?!! I read in the comments that they just made this video for their fans? Another Haptic CF, eh? Ooh maybe this is like Yunho doing a Siwon for 12+ he does a CF with each of his members? Cause before it was Junsu now Yoochun and then it’ll be Jae & Changmin next? But idk, I don’t remember the last time they were this high and dorky. I think DBSK are best when they’re just around their own members :)))).

I loved how Yoochun stacks it in both the videos and his ad-libs ROFL (be sure to check out his facial expressions). And Yunho’s “Ha Ha Ha” with his board LMAOOO. That cracked me up so bad. Yunho’s costume was really sexy too. A pair of devil horns and a bow tie ;). And a wifebeater and pants of course XD.

This can really cheer up anyone on a bad day XDDD.

Can’t wait for JaeMinSu’s!! Or maybe JaeSu’s and Changmin’s LOL. I’d really love to see Changmin just get high by himself.


  1. ROFL this made me laugh so much, especially when Yoochun fell off the chair in the first clip. xDD
    Mm, Yunho in a wifebeater<33
    Lol @ him though, in the second clip at the end. So sexy~ What a player. xD

  2. lmao dude yoochun falling/ tripping made my day lmao it was classic. yoochun’s dorkiness is pure crack and crack is pure love because this type of crack keeps me happy and it’s so healthy to be happy so in short: dbsk keeps me alive lmao hahaha okay once again a comment that makes no sense but that video (1 and 2) went on my favs list lmao haha and yunho the lalala and hahaha and blah blah blah and all in between lmao o gosh i love it!! so wicked hilarious lmao if changmin get’s high by himself. it’ll be heaven. i get high by myself all the time. it’s really easy so i don’t think changmin would have any problem doing so lmao haha now i look forward to it!! :D hmmz…devil horns….maybe dbsk doesn’t want to keep me alive…maybe it’s yunho’s intention to kill me with his pounds of crack and cuteness!! now that i think about it..lmao crack is also bad…but dbsk isn’t bad…but then again dbsk is my crack…get high on dbsk!! lmao omg!!

    DBSK are doing this for my birthday..AHAHAHAHA.
    It explains it. *Nods*
    I mean technically it is my birthday in Korea right now. XD

    They are so cute!
    I love this, its so natural for them to act like that.

    LMAO^ I KNOW! When Yoochun fell off the chair i replayed it so many times, i swear he didn’t do it on purpose! It looks to real!

    Changmin..I can’t imagine him alone, i mean i can’t imagine him doing anything..T_T

    Ah my comments never make much sense, probably because..i never make much sense. Aw well. ^^

  4. I heard from MickyToho that this was like new haptic commercials

  5. lmao they’re so cute. Uusally I don’t find Yoochun hilarious but for this one, hes so dorky and funnyxD

    I agree, they’re the best when they are with their members.

  6. Alex Ryom
    LOL I KNOW XDD. LOSER LOL. And then in the second clip when the sofa moved and he fell again XDD

    ROFL You’re so high XD.
    Basically DBSK keep you alive but would also be the reason for your death (*touchwood*). You’re so cute lol ♥

    p.s your comments aren’t getting cut anymore, right?

    :OOO I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! LJ notified me of it. It was the 26th, right? HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY BB <333333 I do think it’s a sign lol…though I wonder why Changmin hasn’t done one yet :PP Wonder if that’s a sign too hahahah. Hope you had a good bday! (you’re another yr older than Taemin XDDD).

    Ah thanks for letting me know! Lol how many haptic commercials do they want to do a year XDD

    Yeah sometimes I find that when they’re being dorky, it can be sort of fake. But definitely not this time !!

  7. Man, how can yunho be sexy and cute at the same time? <333
    and yucheon, he and jaejung are experts in lol XP, jonghyun must have learned lots from them.. XDD

  8. ^I know! His arms my gosh *______*
    Lol Yoochun’s face always cracks me up XDD

  9. I knew you would love it ;D I can’t wait for the others either ^-^

  10. ^I wonder if (like I said above) Yunho is doing one with each member so that we’d probably have to wait a while for the others to come out :/

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