Posted by: lovediaries | November 27, 2008

Big Bang Baskin Robbins Ice cream Cake CF

{credit: bigbangxlove @ youtube}

(The 15 sec version is basically the same so watch the 20 sec one :D)

And this is why I love asian ads :D They’re always so cute and happy and cute :DD/ lol. TOP is still looking ridiculously handsome *_____* Loved that shot of him through the window. And awwwwwwww at Taeyang & GDragon putting on their little thingies. This CF makes me think Christmas is here already haha~


  1. OMG THAT IS SO FREAKING CUTE. And I love Baskin Robbins *O*♥ DORKS♥

  2. I saw the making and they seemed to have so much fun while filming this lol, running and roaming around the wood-housd with bunch of cuteness overloads haha..
    Last year’s was WG, now it’s BB, wonder will Shinee got a chance to do this cf too? Agh, I’m so looking forward for them to show more of their adorable.cute.ness acts! :)

  3. OMG JI YONG<33333 Hes terribly cute along with TaeYang.
    This is why I love big bang, they become so sexy but cute at the next moment<3

  4. OMG, I have been waiting for this thing since I saw the making of it and it did not disappoint. This ad is so adorable – I wish american tv had ads like that (and the cake too) – I might actually watch more tv if they did.
    I laughed so much at TOP checking himself out in the mirror and the snowman randomly hitting the glass. He looked so out of it throughout the whole thing but his expression at the end was priceless.
    Ah, the others all looked adorable too, especially Mr. G-Dragon – although I feel like I barely saw Daesung and SeungRi.
    OMG, now thanks to kandie’s comment, I’m imagining SHINee doing a Baskin Robbins CF – that would be the end of me surely. The cuteness would kill me. I still can’t get over Blueblueblue/pinkpinkpink!

  5. ^Haha.. yess, no one could ever resist our shinee boys with their endless cuteness overloads ;)

  6. paperteuk
    I was just at Baskin Robbins yesterday hehe :DDD

    Aww I can just see Onew with his smiley face, advertising for ice cream ^^ I heard they recently signed contracts to do a CF for make up too :)

    GD can be such a cutie when he wants to :3

    It’d be great to see SHINee do something like this. Their uniform CFs are cute but … its not like uniforms are cute XDDD. Agree! Western ads are pretty boring so I really hate ad breaks. But when I’m watching HK telly I love watching the commericals :DD

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