Posted by: lovediaries | November 27, 2008

Tickets on Sale for SJM Show in HK

::EDIT:: I HAVE TICKETS!! MY FRIEND BOUGHT THEM JUST THEN!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!! has finally updated their information aslfksadkfjasdlkfjasldkjfs. Click on the SJM logo because I can’t link directly to that page.

Tickets will be on sale from 10am tomorrow (27th of November) IN ABOUT TWO AND A HALF HOURS OMG I LOST TRACK OF THE TIME/DATE. The seating plan is a little different to the one I linked before, but it does say the map is just a reference. And as before, the standing zone (marked as Free Standing rofl) are $800 and $480 while seats are $400 and $280.

I love how it says “No Age Limit” rofl. Guess it means there won’t be any stripping, eh? :/ The concert will last for 120-150 minutes which isn’t that long when it comes to concerts lol but if I can get tickets then I will still be very excited for it :DDD


  1. I BOUGHT TICKETS TOO! thanks for updating about the ticket sales!

  2. do you know where i pick up the tickets? also do you know if i can pick it up on the day of hte concert? the Star Hall is rather far from where i’m staying.

  3. ^Haha actually I just spoke to my friend and I realised then that she doesn’t actually have the tickets. So does that mean you just paid for them? I’m not sure where you go to pick them up … is there info from when you bought the tickets? When my friend does manage to pick them up, I’ll let you know the procedures and stuff!

  4. Candice, I am incredibly jealous of you right now. You don’t know how much I want to see them T_T. You will definitely take lots and lots of pictures and have a wonderfully long spazz post right? :D Have fun there ^_^

  5. ^For you, I will bring a notepad & pen and write down everything that happens alskdfjlkfkasfjsdf. I hope they won’t make it full strict and not allow cameras because I would really really like to take lots of photos ;______;
    I hope from now til then, everything goes smoothly :).

  6. Congratulations! That’s great! I’m not a big Suju fan so I’m not jealous but I’m sure that this will be really great for you and everyone who gets to go. Lucky, lucky~

  7. ^Haha yeah I can’t wait to watch them perform. I’ve only ever been to HK singers’ concerts so this will be interesting. I’m just really excited to see them in person and I think I will die when I hear Kyuhyun sing. I love his voice so hard *____*

  8. NOO *cries buckets* lol I disappeared for a while because wordpress signed me out and I was too lazy to sign back in ^^

    But anyways…. life story/tale of woe: Originally I was going to get tickets to see JJ Lin in Vegas at Caesar’s Palace, but then I decided we probably shouldn’t because we’re getting tickets to the Hollywood Bowl anyway, and then we found out about THIS, so I’m doing NOTHING special over break ): *cries some more*

    *jealousy* But have fun and take PICTURES and/or FAN ACCOUNT (:

  9. ^D’awwww you are so cute :3

    Oh I’m sure something else will happen/you’ll find something interesting to do :)

  10. ^lol YEAH, I’ll do homework and have a family Christmas party and party with my friends until I DROP (: and/or seriously thinking about a huge shopping spree in (insertmallnamehere)

  11. ^Yes! See, sounds like a plan :D

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