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081128 SHINee on Shim Shim Tapa & Music Bank

Shim Shim Tapa


Rainism – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I laugh at them because as sexy as they are during their “Amigo” and “LLO” performances, it’s still funny seeing them sing a song like “Rainism”. Maybe it’s the sex faces that Minho makes XDDD. Jongkey can pull off the sexiness without cracking me up though. Onew and Taemin (singing about magic sticks at 15 LMAO) though…lol they’re still pure and innocent little babies; Onew, especially ^^ (even when he’s singing about making your body shake AHAHAHAHA).

Even in your absence (Onew Solo) – His smile at the start! And just all his facial expressions laskfalksflasd. Argh, *SQUISH*. I really want to stuff him in my pocket!! Onew always chooses such beautiful songs to sing. *must find HQ dl*. (I want him to record like an entire solo album because I love his voice that much <333)

Embrace one’s soul (Key solo) – FINALLY, Key gets a solo lajsflaksdjfs. This means there are many more to come, yes? :) I never listened to the Trax so I’m not very familiar with this song ^^”; but I like it, a lot. I don’t think Key sounded his best in this performance but it was still his first solo. Key hwaiting~!! (Also, Onew at 1.29-1.31…WHY IS HE SO CUTE!?!?!?!?!)

Music Bank

Amigo on Music Bank – New outfits again :D They’re wearing red & black & yellow. I want to be a boy so I can dress like them *______* As you can probably tell by now, I try to do a post each time they get a new outfit ^___^

This time the stage is spouting fire too, making the stage even hotter (sif underage boys aren’t hot enough already ;P). Also, there are purple flashing lights going on in the back; I love it :DD And I’m officially obsessed with Key’s fingers. I’m always fascinated every time he waggles them or waves or whatever. Is that weird?


  1. MINHO’S SEX FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jnldjqeofhelfhnl.gnl;sjflnlkgn!!!!

    First time I saw him “with feelings” and it had to be that. BAD MINHO, BAD! lololol


  2. The rainism thing is sooooo cute!
    One of them (not good with names yet) was doing the gotta be a bad boy dance thing… where you shake the top part of your body and you punch into your hands? makes sense? that made me ROFL!!!

  3. Is it just me or did MinHo get better looking or hotter or something? Because during that MB Amigo performance, I couldn’t stop staring at him and…..I didn’t really notice anything else and now I’m scared – my hope was that I wasn’t attracted to any of the younger ones. I don’t want to be a pedo noona! :'(

    I blame that Rainism performance – and Minho’s little dance to it (did you see that? It’s a different video.
    link: – it made me see him in a new light – a sexy one. *cries* Oh, but the stage WAS very nice – loved the flames and how well they matched their outfits.



    Someone must not like me. Since Shinee covers songs on this show… I remembered that as I was listening to Rainism and hoped so hard that they wouldn’t do a cover. The next day, that video came out and laksjdlkdssdf IDK, I don’t think I’m quite ready to see “Taemin” and “magic sticks” in the same sentence. D8 And Onew oppa…. why is he so unsexy? 8DD

    Minho is sexy. :|

    Hm… actually, I find Key to be the most inconsistent when singing in this show. But yeah, it’s only the first, and I’m waiting for more~~~ 8DDDDD

    I didn’t hear about Onew’s solo until now! D:!! I agree, he always picks such nice songs. I want the HQs as well. ;_____;

  6. moonynim
    But you like it when he plays bad

    That little step is hell addictive. I kept doing it at dinner today XD. And I think you mean Minho (the tallest one) but then later Key joins in too ^^.

    He’s probably becoming more confident and outgoing :). Ahaha I long gave up not being attracted to the younger ones. Stupid Key is too freakin’ sexy XDDD. And thanks for the clip! I’ll be sure to watch it ^^

    KEY ♥♥ period. :P

    Ooh someones excited to “see” me :PPP
    Ahaha magic sticks is such a nasty term (for people like us with dirty minds) XD. I know! Why is Onew so uncool and unsexy XDDD. Oh I love him so much <3333

    I usually dont watch cuts from this radio show cause the audio is usually crappy but these vids are good; plus, Key’s solo!!!! Course I’d have to watch~

  7. LOL YOU’RE OBSESSED WITH HIS FINGERS TOO? XDDDD I get all D: when I see him not using his fingers in Amigo performances ^^;;;;

    On Shim Shim Tapa… LOL @ THE NOONA THAT PICKED ONEW’S PICTURE BEHIND HIM. And I know what you mean about the clothes >< I absolutely ♥ Jonghyun’s hoodie, Minho’s jacket, Key’s beanie (♥♥♥), Taemin’s outfit like EVERYTHING ♥, and Onew’s PINK. DUH. It’s so funny they did Rainism, me and my friend were talking about it the other day and were saying that it was a good song, but sung by a person we didn’t like (: Now it’s people I ADORE ♥ Key and Onew are absolutely lovely in their solos ♥

  8. @Candychu

    Yes the tallest one…
    age? is he less than 18? if he is can you lie to me and tell me he isn’t?

  9. epicism
    Okay, what part of Key aren’t I obsessed with? XDD. Oh I didn’t watch the whole radio show hehe ^^”. I don’t really mind Rain as an artist (not that I listen to his songs that much lol) and the song “Rainism” is okay. But SHINee have the ability to make me listen to like everything and anything :P

    Ahhh…is he less than 18…*cough* why, of course not; in fact, he’s the oldest…*cough*

    (lol, why ask when you know the answer :P he’s second youngest in the group)

  10. HOLY. Onewwww! That body shake cracked me up, real hard XD I will never think body shake has any other implied meaning if it is sung this way ROFL.
    Onew’s smile is the sunshine ♥♥♥ It deserves a hearts-spam!
    And OMG Minho is just getting sexier by the split-second!
    Key is always SEXYYY~

  11. that picture behind Onew is Kim Shin Young isn’t it? not the noona that picked him?

    and anyway. these boys make me like Rainism. and make me stop cracking up at the “i gotta be a pat boy” line that i always keep hearing.

    ^SHINee singing Rainism with vocal only.
    the hey! ho! part is ten times more hilarious without the music, honestly.

    moving on…
    and i agree with anyone who says that if Onew were to sing Rainism, nobody would dare rate it as too sexual. bahdee shaake~

  12. J
    LOL I know eh XDD. Onew could be singing like the most filthiest song in the world, but as long as he’s smiling, it’ll be like a lullaby or something ROFL.

    Thanks for the link but I’ll have to wait before I can watch that because where I am now, the internet is really slow :'(
    Oh and I still don’t know what picture you guys are talking about *fail*.

    bahdee shaake LOLL XDD !!!

  13. havent watch the SSTP one, MuBank only.. T_T

    anyways, red outfit+fire effect+SHINee boys= HOTness ahaha XDD
    oh and Onew got more camera-time here.. great to see more of his adorable face ^_^

  14. ^You should watch the SSTP clips ^^ The audio is pretty good quality too :).

    okay stop, i’m getting onew biased these days, he’s slowly taking close to key’s place ;)

    anyways, onew’s solo is as great as usual, he really puts emotions into it. And Key! Finally getting solo! *throws confetti* :D
    them singing Rainism! Taemin sounded a bit off in some part, he was like hesitantly to sing the song 8DD

  16. ^Yay you watched it :D I know, why does he have to be so lovable ^^ Haha I think I’m a little biased towards Onew too … just cause he’s such a squishy ^______^

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