Posted by: lovediaries | November 28, 2008

Changmin in MISS Magazine

{credit: as tagged; DNBN}

Only 3 pics ?
I like how Changmin is so loved when it comes to modelling in Japanese magazines *squishes*. This is the model which is 30 yrs old; hard to believe, eh?

I don’t particularly like this shoot. Changmin looks lovely but … it’s kinda awkward? Lol what do you guys think? ^^


  1. It’s the hair! The hair doesn’t fit him I think lol. Very colorful though.

  2. yep i think it’s the hair
    and there’s no interaction between the models
    it looks like they’re doing separate shoots!

  3. The hair is amazing =P
    I don’t know what you guys are saying =P
    The second picture looks so awkward… like they don’t know what they are doing o.O

  4. I guess Abby and I are just wierd b/c I like the hair too. 0.o Seeing Changmin model makes me wish I were tall…and sexy…but not a dude. ^^ Pic 3 is my favorite.

  5. Joining the weird crew – I the hair’s a hit with me too. And I don’t think there’s no interaction between them – in fact, the female model looks ecstatic in the third picture but more like if she was a fan and she just happened to run into him. I really like her blue jacket though and Changmin’s pose in the last shot – VERY COOL. I was wondering about there only being three pictures too…

  6. abc123zyx
    Hmm, you know I didn’t rly think much about the hair til everyone started saying they hated it XD

    Def. no chemistry. Changmin probably doesn’t like noonas XDD

    Lol like I said to abc123zyx, I have nothing to comment on about the hair :P

    Hahaha well for me, I just wish he was mine to keep. Forever. :D

    Yeah the lack of interaction makes the shoot awkward cause they’re sort of unnecessary to each other XD.

  7. lololol at Changmin’s pants in the second photo. And interesting how there’s a purse over his luggage. Pretty much everything in the 3rd photo’s the best. His outfit. The red heart-shaped balloon. =P And Changmin looking like a total BAMF. =X

  8. ^Hmm the purse over luggage….wibder what that’s supposed to suggest? XD

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