Posted by: beckery | November 29, 2008

DBSK on OotChatSa

Credits to mickytoho @ youtube

Remember to turn on “cc” to view subs!

Aww such a shame JaeJoong wasnt there, but the whole thing was still very ROFLMAO!!! I found it so awkwardly cute hahaha. Changmin at 1.36 and 2.48 and 3.05 and 4.15 and 4.38 and ok, ALL his expressions and actions throughout the thing nearly killed me!♥ WHY ARE U SO CUTE!?!?! I bet Candychu was having a spazz attack when she saw them XDD

Yoochun’s “the bullet is, the bullet is…pow” was hilarious! Especially with his EXTRA HIGH voice. Junsu pawns those cute faces, as always. And HAHA at Yunho standing there looking all “Omg, wth are they on? I seriously dont want to be here!” when the other three are talking about the tanks shooting them :D But what he did afterwards was SO FREAKIN FUNNY!!!! How totally cute and embarrassing hahahahaha. The ending was so awkward though lol!


  1. OMG that was so freaking HILARIOUS.
    Yoochun… Sergeant Kim!! The bullet is… POW!
    KAWAII~~ <3
    Yunho… It’s so hard doing this all by myself! lol.

  2. ahhh where’s jaejoong?! lol
    this was soo cute! :)

  3. the HIUNG HIUNG part was too funny!!

    and yunho’s high pitched voice got me in stitches!!
    jaejoong should be there as well~~~was he still filming?

    i want to see them do more random stuff =)

  4. Silent laughter HURTS. X.X

    I haven’t seen Minnie be THIS cute since…his milk and kitty days. Oh geez, that was just…interesting. And I’m surprised Junsu’s voice didn’t go as high as Micky’s or Minnie’s. XDDD I swear I heard it crack though.

    Yunho, on the other hand…Well…After watching that CF with him and Micky, I’m pretty convinced that both of them are permanently high.

    Dear god, if Jae was on this…his face would be made of epic win.

  5. ^^ i so agree with Ayu. Changmin’s baby cry is too cute! he can get me to buy him anything with that, well i’d buy him anything for just being Changmin, but with the ‘hiung hiung’ i’d but him the entire universe and not mind that i’m in serious debt.

  6. Kara
    XDDDDDD I KNOW! Everything was sooooo funny. What dorkfaces <3

    JaeJoong was probably filming. It would have been awesome if he was here aswell XD

    Lol I think they were all sooo adorable. And all their high voices were freakin hilarious!!! Yunho is the biggest dork standing there looking all ashamed and then goes and does it himself XD Yea, I think JJ was filming.

    Why are u laughing silently??! LOL I was bursting out laughing at the top of my lungs even though my whole family was asleep it haha. Couldnt help it XD

    ROFL. I agree, Yunho and Yoochun are definitely on some hardcore crack. They probably started sharing it with Changmin and Junsu, thus, they were all so high during the thing hahahahha. Its so freakin cute and crazy.

    ROFL. You are such a big fangirl!!!! But I gotta agree, changmin was infinitely adorable here. He’s like a big, absolutely adorable baby *squishes him* <3

  7. Thanks beckery for sharing the clip
    Firstly I want to let you know, me and my friend are not so much into the fandom of DBSK.But….When my friend found this clip she played it and asked me to watch..Ok I just watched without anticipating anything….La La I think u can imagine what was happened : P when changmin started HIUNG HIUNG the two statues came to alive suddenly and screamed like fan girls….

  8. littledarth
    Aww its ok XD I’m glad you liked it!!!

    HAHAHA you and your friend are really really cute!!! But yes, u cant resist the temptation of these deliciously adorable, dorky, cute and crazy boys can you.

    So does that mean you’ll follow DBSK now?!?! XDDD

  9. Omg i knew this would happen! The day changmin shows his aegyo-ness in front of us! *___*
    instead being cool as usual, he is now get together w/ other members spreading cracks lmao XDD

  10. ROFL. “get together w/ other members spreading cracks” HAHAHAH I love your description.

    Changmin i soooo adorable here, I want to squish him and hide him in my pockets <333

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