Posted by: beckery | November 29, 2008

Oh Hyesung! ROFL

Aish, I feel so guilty. I’ve been so busy with work and getting exam marks back etc that I totally forgot Hyesung’s bday on the 27th. It seriously slipped my mind and I didnt remember till today. :S But, dont worry, I’ll make it up for him next year with a HUGE bday post XDDDD

However, whats even more horrible of me is that instead of doing some sweet little post for him right now. Instead, I’m going to post up this hilariously embarrassing moment of his. I seriously ROFL-ED SO DARN HARD!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Oh Sungie, you are just too cute and dorky ♥♥

Its kinda freaky how fans actually picked up on it. I’ve watched their concert dvd like a billion times already and never saw that part. I just thought Dongwan was giving Hyesung a big, fat, heart melting hug lol…. I think given other circumstances, it wouldnt be as funny. But with all the boys looking so solemn and serious and Andy crying so hard in the background, it just made the moment really funny! I also wonder what would have have happened if it was Eric there instead of Dongwan….*giggles*

All credits (captions and pictures) to baidu and hahaheehee at Soompi

At the 10th anniversary concert… while the rest were all serious and solemn…

Hyesung looks down… discovers something… Ooops!!

He tries to discreetly pull down his sweater…

Tries to hide it with his sweater…

Glances down again… hmmm, still doesn’t feel secure about it…

Dongwannie, quick, block me!

Quickly~ zipping up~ LOL ^^

LOL look at Dongwannie suppressing a grin LOL ^^
And the rest of the guys are still so solemn

Embarrassed Hyesungie gives Dongwan a hug! And Andy’s looking emotional over there… not knowing what just transpired hahaha


  1. hahah!!! omg XD~ this is just too awesome *lol*
    omo hyesung XDDDD~

  2. I didn’t know it was his birthday. D:

    but omg LOL♥

  3. happy birthday to hyesung! thanks for reminding me too!
    i just listened to purple rain and woah~~ i feel sorry for forgetting his bday!

    OMG! that was soooo cute! hugging dongwan afterwards.

  4. youjuchan
    LOL Hyesung is such a dork haha XD

    Lol I totally forgot his bday! I’m such a bad fan :(

    I love Purple Rain. One of my favourite Hyesung song of all time ♥. Yea, I feel guilty for forgetting his bday too!

    Hahaha thats Hyesung our dorkface <3

  5. omg! LOL!!!!!!!

    i didnt notice that either and like you i watched the concert dvd on repeat after i first got it! haha poor sungie… even funnier since everyone else was all sad and didn’t notice!

    i wish it was eric instead of wannie too! just imagine how funny that’s be… ^^

  6. ROFL.. I read this before but it still cracks me up.. In Destiny of Love MV U can even hear Wannie LOL.. around the part where MW was talking, towards the end

  7. LOL!!! that’s my hyesung.. he’s so funny..
    Dongwan and him is love!!!
    shinhwa fighting!!!!

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