Posted by: lovediaries | November 29, 2008

Preorder 2009 DBSK Calendars

Er…how many calendars are they releasing? O.o

Wall Calendar

Table Calendar

I prefer these to the last calendar scans I posted :). The pictures are really light and refreshing! Also, no orange faces & chests. That’s always a plus!


  1. I want the table one but my mom would be like o.O
    lol anyone go lok at the price?

    Sales Price : USD14.115
    Mileage : USD0.144

    does anyone have 1/2 a cent?

  2. ^ROFL that’s why I don’t like ordering off DVDHeaven :/

  3. yes this is definitely better than the last time.. XD
    and,, what jae and YC doing in the 2nd pic?? I cant see it clearly, but it seems they are doing some weird pose haha XDD

  4. ^omg LMAO I didn’t even notice Chun’s pose XDD He looks hilarious. Can’t wait for better pics!!

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