Posted by: beckery | December 1, 2008

081130 DBSK on Inki and Music Japan

Wrong Number on Inkigayo Probably one of the best “Wrong Number” performances yet. They all look and sound absolutely fly. Still wearing the same suits but its ok cuz the suit looks great on all of them. Very spiffy and gorgeous ♥ Their dance was great, they hit their notes, they sounded amazing, all those crazy adlibs made me swoon, Changmin’s smirks and smiles killed me and JaeJoong’s rap was very smooth. Even the camera man (no back shots =_=) and fans (love their ending chant) did a good job haha. XDDDD

Music Japan – Mirotic and Love in the Ice I’m still not use to Mirotic in Japanese. Its…just not the same! My favourite Mirotic part would definitely be the 2U rap but even that doesnt sound as great to me lol. Or maybe I’m just a picky loser XD Their “Love in the Ice” performances never fail to amaze me and this one is no different. Great performance, great harmonization, what more can I say?


  1. I really enjoyed the Wrong number performance. Smooth, very smooth. I also noticed that the camera man did a good job this time around, lol

    By the way have you seen this yet?
    I hope Samsung keeps making these; they’re amazing. <3

  2. Kyaa~~ Love the Wrong Number performance!! I’m so in love with DBSK now even if I wasn’t really a fan before. XD CM, JS, and JJ’s voices together are <3 srsly. :))
    And Mirotic does sound weird in Japanese… But I guess the Japanese like it?
    And they should REALLY get some girl back up dancers… Yunho sitting on those two dudes was like… O.o
    And towards the end you can hear the beginning of Red Sunset by Big Bang. :p

  3. Lili
    Yea, I think it was one of their best performances as of yet. Everything was great. I had no complaints whatsoever and trust me, thats really rare lol.

    And thanks for the linkage XD Its quite funny when you watch them looking all suave and spiffy in their suits then you watch their crack clip and its like a 180 change hahaha. Gosh they’re awesome <3

    Oooooooooh we converted a fan? Thats great! Well its not really us converting you, its more of the boys’ magnetism haha. They’re amazing y/y?

    Lol I also found the part where Yunho sits on the two guys a tad weird. But his expression are always oh so sexy there that I ignore the two guys XDD

  4. *thinks about all the performances I can’t watch because of the slow internet*

  5. *laughing at candychu cuz she cant watch these awesome yt stuff whilst i’m having the time of my life XD*

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