Posted by: beckery | December 1, 2008

081130 Mnet M Super Concert

SS501 – The One and Ur Man I’m glad they performed the full “The One” haha. The song has grown so much on me ♥ I have this thing for the part where they go “baby (YS’s arm wave thing)…so lovely (Baby’s heart sign)…surely (KJ’s touch lips *_*)”. Its cute! Awww KJ is so flippin’ cute at 2.39!!! Another good live of “Ur Man” and yes, “Ur Man” has also grown on me heaps haha..WOW what they did at 5.08 is soooo cool! The whole reversing thing and the boys popping out of the “MAN” block words. HAHA omg that’s like the worst description ever, you’ll understand when you watch it XDDDDDDD

IU – Mia Where in the world did this awesome girl come from!?!??!!? I dont think I’ve ever heard of her :/ Such a pity, cuz she’s great! Better late than nothing, I guess. Will go and search for her songs later XD She’s so cute and pretty too! The song is really nice, it has an OST feel to it and I’m a major OST freak haha :D The performance is so good! Go watch it! Theres even a whole string orchestra behind her *_*

2PM – Only You and 10 out of 10 I havent watched a 2PM performance in ages and wow they sound pretty darn good. They look pretty good too *_* “Only You” sounds nice~ But either the music and the fans are WAY too loud or their mic is screwed, cuz it sounds kinda off lol. I’ve always liked their “10jeom manjeome 10jeom” part in 10 out of 10 haha. Its catchy….Nickkhun *_* I’m biased sue me =P HAHA

Wheesung – Fading Star Its the first time I’m watching his live performance of this. I did watch the MV though. I mean who didnt, Hyori was in it lol. I like the song, especially the chorus, but it just hasnt grown on me that much. I dont know. I like Wheesung and all, but yea the song just hasnt grown on me. Its still a good song though! And he should have a special stage with Hyori haha XD

Solbi – Always Together Aish I miss my AnBi/AnSol :((( Anyways, Solbi looks gorgeous these days! Very cute and feminine ♥ Its the first time I’ve heard of the song actually and i think its really cute XD The costume the dancers wear are really funny though hahhaahha

Wonder Girls – Nobody

Brown Eyed Girls – My Style

FT Island – Loving You


  1. IU is wonderful. Voice, looks, everything. Can’t find any info on her, but just downloaded her album, and like it to death.

    BTW, never, NEVER watch WG after her %). It was not even their bad perfomance, but the difference in voice abilities is killing XD

  2. ^
    She definitely is talented. I went to her soompi thread and OMG She’s only FIFTEEN 15!!!! O_O She doesnt look it and she definitely doesnt sound it. Absolutely amazing! I havent had time to listen to her album yet but after what you said, I definitely will XDDD

    ROFL. Well I skipped WG’s performance this time. I’ve listened to “Nobody” too many times that its starting to have the “Tell Me” effect. In other words, I’m starting to get annoyed with it *gets bricked by WG fans* LOL.

  3. TOOK ME FOREVER TO GET ONTO HERE. Omg my net is so slow you have no idea. Need to email you two soon cause MSN is like the oldest version here and it’s too slow to sign on anyway.

    But I just wanted to say that yes IU is awesome! Mia’s my favourite song off her mini-album and the instrumental would be my second favourite LOLLLL. Her other songs are good too but there isn’t one that stands out as much as Mia.

    Shall comment on your other posts if the internet allows me too :( (I have to work extra slowly – only one window with one tab because otherwise the comp will just freeze up on me T____T Hate to think what would happen if I went on soompi O.o)

  4. ^ HELLOOOOOO THERE STRANGER!!! *hugs you to death*

    I was wondering when I would be hearing from you and yes, send me that damn email now!! LOL you suck and your net sucks! =P

    Thats wonderful to know that you like IU =_= Great friend you are. Discover some talented singer and didnt even tell me. Gosh, I’m always sharing with you! Kinda…hahaha XD

    Lol. I’m special. I get a comment from you on every posts weeeeeee *pokes tongue at PAS* Lol I’d love to see you try and get into soompi. Especially during Golden Disc awards or something muahahaha.

  5. Hey hey. Another IU lover to join the fray – I’m so glad there are other people who know about her and that she’s getting more exposure. That girl is beyond talented and she’s obviously going to go far. I just wanted you to know that if you want any more stuff on her, there’s already a YT channel for her, IUWorld: and jaeurazn1live has uploaded her entire mini-album. The songs are all really different and candychu’s right in saying that none of them stand out as much as Mia, still they’re really nice easy listening. I feel so bad – I’m supposed to be pimping her out, I already wrote a post about her and everything but I haven’t followed up on her much since…will do that soon, gonna check out her performance first. Thanks for posting about her!

  6. ^
    Oh wow another IU lover…She is definitely talented and only FIFTEEN too! I still cant get over that lol. Its so amazing. Such a great voice for someone so young. She’ll definitely go far with the right promotions. She needs more exposure :/

    And thanks for the link, will check out her other live performances. I’m listening to her mini album atm. Well not really lol. I keep listening to “Mia”, but overall it sounds pretty good. Yes, very easy on the ears XDDD

    Ohh I want to read your pimp post, do give me the link k? :D

  7. I know – and her voice is so mature, you’d never believe how old she was just from hearing her. Well, she doesn’t do too many stints on music shows or radio stations – while I do hope she gets more vigorous promotion soon, I think that they’re trying to show that she’s not your typical idol singer or something to that effect…

    You’re welcome. I see jaeurazn1live is the one who uploaded that performance then. I’m thinking about buying her mini-album actually but I’m wondering whether or not I should wait for her full length one.

    Okay, sure – it’s not particularly detailed at the moment. I’ll have to designate some time for her to watch her perfs. and everything so I can write another, better one later. LINK:

  8. HA. We’ll see who’s laughing now that I can go on Youtube :DDD. *hopes I did not jinx myself*. BUT OMG GOLDEN DISC D: Damn you lol. Well you and PAS (though probably only you XD) had better do some epic post on it for me … and don’t skip anything :PPP (not that I’d be able to tell if you did or not lol)

  9. yumimaki
    I havent got time atm but I will go and read your pimp post when I do. I’m sure its great!! And I’ve finally listened to the whole mini album a few times and I actually really like it. Mia is definitely my favourite, but some of the others are quite catchy too <3

    LOL You’re so proud that you managed to get on youtube =P Is that why your computer froze last night muahahaha…and umm about Golden Disc…hmm I was hoping you would XDDD ROFL. And I bet you PAS felt offended with what you wrote =P Though she deserved it HAHAHA. Can you feel the loooovveeee?

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