Posted by: beckery | December 1, 2008

DBSKs HAHAHA Song! ALL 5 Members!!!


GO WATCH THIS CRACK RIGHT NOW!!! (Thanks to Lili for the link XD)

Remember those clips of 2U on crack? Well we now know what its for! According to mickytoho:

The HAHAHA Songs are part of Samsung’s campaign for spreading encouragement – to share laughs & smiles – during these hard times. So its not a commercial, but a public msg campaign.^^ Very unexpected hahaha! How interesting!^^ I think the message is “when going gets tough, tough gets going! so cheer up!”^^

And laugh and smile I did. ROFLMAO. Just when I thought they couldnt get any crazier after that OotChatSa clip, they turn into crackpots here XDD So the clip is pretty much about some SM trainees having a hard time practicing, so they’re all tired and stressed out. Being the wonderful sunbaes they are, the DBSK boys come in to cheer them up and give them encouragement. But then you kinda wonder, who are actually the sunbaes after watching this clip cuz THEY GO HARDOUT DORKY AND CRAZY!!! Hahaha lay down the crack boys, its bad for you XDD

I was seriously rofl-ing the whole time at everything they did:

  • Yunho’s “music cue” at 1.00
  • Changmin giving JaeJoong a moustache, which Junsu turns into a black snot blob. While Yunho’s in the background playing his mini guitar on his shoulders (IDEK HAHA) and looking all sentimental.
  • Yunho playing golf with his guitar
  • Mirotic’s shoulder dance
  • them running around in a circle hahahahaha
  • Yunho’s big red hat and whatever batshit crazy thing he’s doing at 1.28 and 1.45 (Oh I love dorky Yunho <3)
  • Of course I cant leave out their horizontal dance ♥
  • Junsu’s swimming on the ground

Aish, they’ll be the death of me!


  1. Hello :D

    Love reading your entries, they’re so fun to read! (Esp. the shinee ones) :D
    Although I don’t like DBSK, (no offence), just reading your entries make me wna listen to them hahah.

    And I check your wp for updates everyday!

    Thanks fr posting great stuff![:

  2. ^
    Hiiiii XDDD

    Awww thank you.♥ I’m glad you like our site and that you’re commenting. Its always fun to have someone to spaz to XD

    I’m sure Candychu will be very happy to hear that you liked her SHINee posts. The other authors and I hardly do SHINee posts haha, its mainly Candychu cuz she’s the biggest pedo out of all of us lol XD

    Come and comment regularly kk? <3

  3. I came here to say: Argh, I want to see this video so that I can have something to laugh about *is still feeling depressed and homesick* but then I see that you’ve been talking about me >:D

    Shin Ji-Young
    HIIIII :DDD Like beckery said, I am very happy to hear that you enjoy reading the SHINee posts :DD. But, one thing she got wrong is that I am not the biggest pedo out of us authors. You can’t really be a pedo when you drool over boys older than you, right? In the case of Key, Minho and Taemin…well that’s a different story altogether XDDD

  4. :(( Feeling depressed and homesick already? You’ve been gone for…errr…only one day? LOL WTH? Its felt like you’ve been gone for yonks, but its only been like 1.5 days =_= I wish you could see the clip, its sooo much crack, you’ll be laughing ur ass off!

    Anyways I have to talk to you about stuff such as I FINALLY FINISHED THE FOUR AND I STILL HATE KATE SO MUCH! Hahaha. And other stuff..but wooo I see you online now…

  5. thanks, beckery!
    it’s times like this that i appreciate staying up for english essays HAHAHAHA
    oh dbsk, you dorks. if you guys came out with videos like these everyday, i would be able to die happy.
    and yoochun, you are the cutest dork ever with your new hair…♥

  6. ^
    LOL I would actually never appreciate staying up studying. I’ve had my fair share of doing all nighters for my last exams and I seriously hope I wouldnt have to do that ever again :( But you know, knowing how lazy I am and all, I bet I’m going to have a repeat of that during my next exams lol.

    But yesh, this has totally made my day. DORKS FTW!!! lol. They’re so high and crazy lol.

  7. lmao weird thing is, after I watched this and at that same night…I had a dream. I had a dream about me, Changmin, and randomly Yoochun riding a car looking at the ocean and I was like “SO YEAH. I saw that ha ha ha video of you guys….and who are those kids?” and then changmin starts correcting how the translation was a little off for some reasonXD lol idk why.

    But later on, we went to some ship and this women was like, “they can’t come back with you due to Changmin being obsessed with the food and Yunho busy watching wonder girls” I was like…where the hell did Yunho come fromXD

    Anyway…I think its a nice campaign. Since so many people are depressed, its nice to see something enlightening and cheerful<3
    Sorry for my long useless postXD

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *clutches stomach* ROFLMAO

    YOU ARE SO CUTE!!! Omg your dream is pretty much as epic as Candychu’s and I swear she has the most random dreams ever lol. Thats so funny hahaha. Changmin correcting the translation ROFL….

    But yea, its a very sweet campaign. I bet its helped cheer up a lot of people <3

  9. Th guy at 0:26 so looks like Taemin there, I was thinking it was really him at first, but then after watching th video again and again, it wasn’t him. I really laughed while watching this MV plus th 2U. Dorky Yunho muahah!

  10. OMG SAMEE!!!! I thought it was Taemin too!!! Lol but then after watching it properly and reading around I found out they were trainees….More new boy bands to drool over soon, i assume? XD

  11. Yunho’s ukulele+jae’s moustache+junsu’s swimming= dork.heaven~ ahaha XDD

    um, i assume these trainees gonna debuted next? Idk, lol XP

  12. Ukulele OMG. THATS THE WORD!!! I seriously sat there for ages trying to remember what it was called haha. I couldnt in the end (as u can see) so called it the mini guitar XDDDD

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