Posted by: lovediaries | December 2, 2008

Preorder 2009 SHINee Calendar

Preorder the Table Calendar on DVDHeaven HERE. And Yesasia HERE. (I’d upload the pic but if you’ve read my other blog, you’d know that I’m actually not capable of doing so atm ^^”).

They’ve changed standing positions and LOOK it’s KiKi <333. Jonghyun looks on jealous while Minho stares lovingly at Taemin who is all smiley :DD. Can’t wait to see scans. If this is the table calendar, it means there will be a wall one, eh?


  1. I WANT. <3
    But it’s so freaking expensiiiiveeee~~~ If you guys get one then tell me, cause I might. XD Since the shipping is similar.. I think… ? XD
    Ondubu <3

  2. I want this!! Along with the two DBSK ones. Oh my…

  3. And they cost so much at Yesasia >:(

  4. Saw this on LJ. Methinks the pricing is not so bad – at least it’s cheaper than Big Bang’s…

    I really came by to give you the link to Key’s monologue but I’m not sure if you could watch it with your questionable internet connection. It’s on YT tho if you want to see it – randy19972.


    but I don’t have money T____________________T

  6. Kara
    I wouldn’t order off DVDHeaven lol ^^” But yeah, their calendars are always so expensive :( I’ve only ever bought DBSK’s Paris Wall one :/

    Rofl, what don’ t we want XD (Oh, are they up on YA too?)

    alfjaslfjsklfjklsd thanks for letting me know!! I’ll try go on Youtube again ;____; Omg, this is so depressing XDD.

    LOLL I knew you’d love it :P (It’s okay, wait for scans lmao I’m such a cheapass)

  7. I WANT THIS!! ♥ Christmas present here I come (:

    At DVDHeaven it’s so much cheaper O_O Yesasia is soooo extremely overpriced. Actually both of them are overpriced… oh well TT-TT Overseas fangirls can’t be choosers. I only bought DBSK’s Paris one last year for the desk, and I honestly forgot to keep on changing the month, so I might try wall this year. You know, spice up that.. plain white wall ^^

  8. ^But don’t forget you have to pay for shipping from DVDHeaven :/
    Haha oooh you got the Table one Lol spice up that plain wall XD Rofl you’re so cute. But yeah they’re a pretty good size, those wall calendars :D

  9. I never buy anything online before,, not for this either.. *yes, student always lacks of money* lol XP
    will wait for scans though so I could put it as my wally ^^

  10. Very true… or I could just ask Alison to buy it for me as a Christmas present. It’s easier for her to buy/get shipped things from boarding (:

    lol if it doesn’t fit on my wall I’ll find a way. I’ll move stuff around and MAKE it fit ^^ But I have some plain walls…. they’re white and blank, so I used Mirotic posters and printed out pictures and stuff lol ♥

  11. kandie
    I’ve bought stuff from online quite a few times but I haven’t ever since the AUD started depreciating like crazy :( So I haven’t actually spent money on fandom stuff for quite a while :D

    Oh why is that she gets stuff easier from boarding? :/ Ahaha I hardly have plain walls … unless the ceiling counts XD

  12. lol THAT and it would be so much easier for me to know that I won’t be getting it until Christmas if Alison has it. What I hate about buying things online is buying it, and then waiting for it to ship (and I don’t know when it will get here) -__- See, if ALISON has it then I can rest and know she won’t give it to me until Christmas XD

    Oh really? Put some stuff on your ceiling then XD Wouldn’t it be nice staring at a picture of __________ before you go to sleep?

  13. ^Hahaha lol icic.

    Idk, I find that kinda creepy. Like if you open your eyes in the middle of the night, someone will be staring down at you :/

  14. Oh really? What if it was a picture ooooof….. say….. KEY? Or even better, CHANGMIN? OOOOOR……. a photoshopped picture of CHANGDICE XD

  15. ^LOL Changdice XDDD. I wonder what that would look like XDD


    Scans here! Found it somewhere but I forgot where, hahaha

  17. ^Ah, lol yep, I’ve already posted yumimaki’s album up!

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