Posted by: beckery | December 2, 2008

Preview DBSKs “Bolero” and Preorder links


Longer, 2 minute version (cheers to ImJustKeed’In for the link XD): Listen to Bolero

They performed a bit of “Bolero” (their 25th single) on Music Japan. From the name, I was actually expecting a dance song or at least something a bit more upbeat. Not that I’m disappointed cuz “Bolero” actually sounds really nice so far. Has a bit of LITI feel to it. Sorta like an OST track, very beautiful and dramatic ♥

Preorder their Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky / Wasurenaide (Japan Version) Single CD Or CD + DVD. Release date is the 21st January. No cover image yet.

And for those who still havent heard the full “Kiss The Baby Sky”. Song is written and composed by the talented Yoochun <3


  1. I was expecting some kind of cool dance song too..T_T
    I was so excited for that..but this sounds really pretty…
    So sad, and LITI is one of my favorite songs, i listen to it at least..a million times a day.
    I was really hoping KTBS was going to be included..I really like it!
    Yoochun’s songs are always..different, either very airy or sad..
    They’re really good, so i usually exclude the bad umm..what are they called adlibs? IDK

    The DVD comes with a video clip..and an off-shot movie!! One of the biggest reasons why i love Jsingles. ^^
    I keep thinking its going to be one of those MVs where they show them recording and playing together..or something like that, it just sounds that way..BUT if theres a off-shot, then maybe they come up with some really good some YunJae action.
    Just a thought. XD

    I’m such a loser..before i even knew anything..i preordered it..XD

  2. kyaaa~~ love how Yunho looks in these vids. ^^
    If I’m not mistaken, in the Philippines, Bolero means some kind of jacket or something… XD
    And I’m not at all surprised at how the song sounds because of the title. ^^ The beginning kinda sounds like “You’ll be in my heart” from Tarzan.. XD Yes, I know, I’m weird like that. :p

  3. In didn’t have it.
    2 Min+.

    The beginning..sounds..i can’t explain, different and kind a music box!
    Its pretty, i can’t wait for the single, its really growing on me!

  4. DBSK is going to be featured in Fuse TV tonight, a few hours from now where I am now. Sadly I won’t be able to watch it. x(

  5. haha yess, Bolero that I know is kind of outfit.. like cropped jacket(?)
    but to have it as song title, I kinda expected it to have Spanish feeling or something more upbeat,, but this one is pretty cool too.. they always great at doing ballads :)

  6. Awww I like kiss the baby sky. Yoochun is talented. I admire lol.

    Well I like how Japan allows them to explore and expand their genres than sticking to dance tunes and ballads solely.

  7. ImJustKeed’In
    Thanks for the link honey <3

    Yea, with the name, I was expecting some hardcore dance song or something like Amigo lol. But all good, the song sounds fantastical already!♥ And plus, I forever have this weakness for OST tracks and this one kinda sounds like one XD I love LITI hardcore too! Absolutely beautiful song <3

    OOooooo you preordered already??! Lol. What a great fan! I thought you would have at least waited for the cover picture =PP I’m hoping its something as nice as their Japanese Mirotic photos. The whole vampire/mysterious theme is so sexy *_*

    Oooo I didnt know that Bolero meant jacket. Lol I thought it sounded Spanish or something but then again, I’m an idiot XDDD HAHA. And LOL at your Tarzan part ROFL. You’re even more awesome than me <3

    I heard! But theres no way I can watch it so I’ll just hope it somehow gets on youtube :(

    ROFL. I had no idea Bolero mean clothes!! Thats so….unique for a song name haha. I wonder what the song is about *thinks*….YES! I was expecting something like Amigo or something haha

    I like KTBS too. But I still cant get part the chorus and the ULTRA high parts :/ Lol. But Yoochun is damn talented for sure <3

  8. If anyone wants it..>.>

    Much clearer version, they played it on BigEast Station.
    I like the live better..the harmony sounds better.
    Its good, very pretty..really does sound like a OST.

    Also..apparently..the song is 6 min. long???? O_O
    I’m not sure.

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