Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 3, 2008

2PM & F.T Island Idol World Recap

Part Two || Part Three || Part Four

I’m not sure what happened to Part 1….maybe Candychu ate it cos she still hasn’t gone out to buy food :P

::Edit:: Part one has been uploaded

Anyway, I’m not really a 2PM fangirl (YET) so please excuse me if I get their names mixed up ^^.

Because there’s no Part 1, it starts off in the middle of a dance battle (I think) and you get to see the 2PM boys come out one at a time and show off their moves. They’re really good dancers, and sooooo coordinated! Unfortunately I don’t know all of their names, so you’ll just have to watch it XD I think my favourite so far is Nichkhun, cos um, he’s adorable XD And he’s one of the only ones I can recognise (along with Jay Park and Junho) so yea ^^;;;;;

After the 2PM boys finished dancing, the camera panned to the F.T Island boys and Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack started playing, and I got all excited cos I thought they F.T.I boys were gonna come out and dance to it with their hot guyliner (in a really healthy way, I’m not a pedo noona ;___;) but then all the F.T.I boys ran over to 2PM’s side and poor Minhwan was left to fend for himself XD

When no one else wanted to perform, they moved on to the next round which I think was a sing-off? Anyway, a 2PM boy went first, and he sang a song in English. Good voice, but omg I can’t take him seriously; IT’S THE HAIR, I TELL YOU, THE HAIIIRRRRR xDD And then Hongki and Wonbin sang “Love Is” with Jonghun (♥) on piano. It was so sweet and nice and cute~ (see, I’m not a pedo noona xP) Btw, Jaejin looks so hot in this. The MCs then got talking about how their voices sound really mature for their age (I agree) and somehow, the conversation moved to how the most often received present FTI have received from fans were boxers (LOOK, THERE ARE CREEPIER PEOPLE OUT THERE XDD).

They then moved on to a game where one person had to complete everything in one shot, and the first person to complete it, wins. Basically, each team had to select two people to compete at a time, and the four boys (two from each team) had to spin around ten times, then run towards a hula hoop covered in glad wrap and shove their head through it XD I won’t tell you the results, cos you have to watch all the hilarious spinning (the last group, OMG, LOSERS XD) And you also get to see some cute FTI/2PM camwhoring love ♥

And that’s all for this episode….I think there’s going to be a Part Two (previews) but yea, go watch, it’s a really short episode but it’s so cute and funny XD


  1. Honey, you’re a Closet Pedo Noona so everything you say about not being a Pedo is pretty much LIES. All big fat LIES!!

    Speaking of which though, totally random but OMG I GOT MY BLUE CARD TODAY MUAHAHAHAHA. A blue card “indicates that a person is eligible to work with children and young people in Queensland”. I think my friends and I just made up a million inappropriate jokes about it, which I shall spare you’re oh so innocent mind from knowing XDDD

    Oh and “the most often received present FTI have received from fans were boxers”

    *stares at Candies* Gosh honey, you should really find better presents to buy them next time ROFL

  2. Becco:

    Omg, who gave you a blue card?!?!?!?!?! ARE THEY INSANE?! YOU LIKE SIXTEEN YEAR OLDS. IN ALL THE WRONG WAYS. OMG, LOOK OUT, QUEENSLAND XDDD.Why did you need a blue card anyway??

    Hahahahah, I know right, when I heard that I was like “omg when did Changdice send them over :O ” :PP

  3. Sparkles in the sun
    I’m not going to do anything except say join the clubI KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!! ALL THAT INNOCENT ACTING CANT FOOL ME!! Bangdice, are you reading THIS!?!?!? Must printscreen this for future blackmail XDD

    Yes, they gave me a blue card cuz I’m too cool haha. What 16 yo? In what wrong way? I have no idea what you’re talking about…and I got it cuz I have to. Compulsory stuff since I’ll be in contact with children alot in the pharmacy.

    I have no idea why I’m writing here, but I feel like you owe me all these replies hahahhaha. Bec’s grudges last forever XD

  4. Hahahaha, like YOU’RE so innocent, miss “i collect pictures of Minho in leopard print pants” :P

    Omg, you’re going to be working with children. Prescribing kids medicine. Omg. YOU’RE A DRUG DEALER TO KIDS O___________________________________________________________O

    Loser xP

    First part was uploaded ^^

  6. ^^^ Thank you :D

    I guess Candychu didn’t eat it then XD

  7. don’t really want to interrupt but i had reedited the CSJH preview. they had two more songs’ preview out today. now, the question is how to push the post to be the first one?

  8. I can’t wait to see this. I’ve recently become a 2PM fangirl. Another group to add to my list hahaha.

  9. potensvita
    All done XD. To move the post forward, edit the publish date to the current date. On the side theres that “Published on….” part with an edit button.

  10. LMAOO. Uh oh, keyboard screwed.
    But you are a pedo noona.
    See Bec, this is why I didn’t need to tempt her with sex-faced Minho because I knew pas would come out of the closet herself ;)

    p.s don’t try to push the blame on me you evil pedo noona >:(

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