Posted by: potensvita | December 4, 2008

UPDATED : An early Christmas present?

::EDIT:: Two more song previews

Haha. Christmas is around the corner and CSJH the Grace is bringing you guys their second Japanese album, DEAR.

CD version

CD version. lovin the black and white ^^

CD version. lovin the black and white ^^

CD +DVD version Sign..... melts in love

CD + DVD version : Sign..... melts in love

Why …

I love the harmony in them and Lina and Stephanie’s voice is so good. I really think that all their voice had improved so much but it was mostly obvious with Stephanie. lol. Oh, the tune of the song is so heavily melanchony. I LOVE. <3

A Bit of Good

STEPHANIE with Sunday at the back putting everything in it. The repeating Baby, I love you …. reminded me so much of 5 cm. 5 cm is more heart wrenching but the A Bit Of Good is more of optimistic I think. Sigh. sigh. I am so in love with them. ^^

Heavenly Melody

i think the only redemption to this preview is that … their voices saved it. It didn’t make a big impression and I will be waiting for the full version first to be impressed. lol.


It sounded a bit jazy with the piano at the beginning but I am not going to comment… because it seemed a bit cut off. lol.

All music sampling here are curtesied from eternalshapley at youtube. ^^

LOL. I had forgotten to mention the most important bit. this album is coming out at the seventh of January so, support them or else!

edit :the last two songs’ preview came out. I am not sure whether the Epilogue is a song or just an instrumental piece but nevertheless, IT IS GOOD.

I Don’t Want To Know preview

I have no idea but it is sure is a bit out of the blue for me. the retro bit seemed a bit ohh… but it sounded good.

Epilogue preview

i love it. dont ask me why. i just love it.

Both these previews are shared by getsuyouu @ youtube


  1. The album covers look really pretty =P

  2. agh i can’t tell who’s posting because of the new layout, but i assume it’s potensvita.. go watch the new PV now!!! :D

  3. the PV is out???? wow. dash. thanks.

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