Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 4, 2008

DBSK Makes Takoyaki

Thank you, eternalmerkamoon4 @ Youtube for translating and subbing :D

Rofl, Junsu was soooooooooooooooo much fail in this XDDD Definitely worth a watch.

Each member had their own little Takoyaki maker and they got to choose the ingredients that they would put into it. I was so excited, cos Takoyaki is the only real food I can make XD (unless you want to count two minute noodles…?).

Being the good leader that he is, Yunho let all the other members choose first, and he just stood there watching ^^. They all chose…interesting ingredients XD. Junsu picked natto and seaweed, Micky chose sardines and curry (ewwwwww, lol), Jae picked wasabi and CHOCOLATE (YUCK YUCK YUCK), and Changmin and Yunho used normal ingredients (Changmin chose cheese and Yunho chose kimchi and tuna).

They then started making the Takoyaki, and omg, Junsu’s was just one big mess XDD Everyone else had nice round Takoyaki balls, while Junsu’s….looked like scrambled eggs ^^;;;;;; He’s so talented, rofl. The MC commented on how Yunho’s Takoyaki looked really good, and Yunho said that Micky was actually the most practical member and he liked things to look nice, and you hear Changmin going “mmmmhmmmmmmmm” which made me think that perhaps Changmin had a bad experience with Micky’s perfectionism? XD

As expected, everyone else’s Takoyaki turned out really good, while Junsu struggled to make his round XD He blamed it on the fire and his choice of ingredients, hahahah. And he cheated by using a spoon, rofl love that boy XDD I think Micky’s looked the best, with the sauce and the mayonnaise *_* It’s a pity that they didn’t show them actually eating their creations, though, I wanted to see their reactions after eating Jae’s wasabi + chocolate takoyakis XD


  1. Junsu my dear. You have such…lovely…Takoyaki there xDDDDDDD. He is just pure crack. I love how he cheats with a spoon, blames the fire, then realizes it would just be best if his failure was cut hahahaha.Then hearing him laugh…I love him too <333.

  2. And his “Ok ok ok’s” were so cute :). This reminds me of that other cooking thing they did, where everyone was working hard and Junsu said that his job was entertaining the members and he does like a little dance. It’s so amusing watching them cook xD.

  3. Lol, Junsu fails so hard it’s fun to watch XDD

    I think I remember that other cooking thing….they were making truffles, right? Or brownies? Idk, something brown XDDD

    I think his hair looked really good in this *_*

  4. new layout … our old one was prettier I reckon.
    And this one doesnt tell you who the author of the post is :/

    I like our new logo though :)

  5. LOL.
    I saw this the other was the best!!

    I love how you can hear the people in the back laughing.
    They looked like they had fun. ^^
    LOL Junsu’s face..when..XD
    I’m just going to leave it at that.
    It reminded me so much of the Choosey Lover DVD.

    This one is the talk+making+eating..
    BUT the uploader you linked too also has the eating part up too..^^

    [quick story]
    I woke up like..half an hour ago..and i got to the computer and i just clicked the link to your blog..LOL I freaked out..i was like..’WHAT IS THIS??” took a bit for it to occur to me, that y’all might of changed the layout..Really should warn would save me from the heart attack i had.. ^^

    ANYWAY. Its different, but i like it..the only bad ^ That i can’t see the authors..i don’t know which post to avoid. Hehehe. XD

  6. Haha. The eating part. I ended up dling the entire show. Junsu’s was so much fail. Their faces when they ate his was PRICELESS. Everyone was in like pain/shock. And at first Junsu was like “It’s delicious!” but he had trouble finishing it off. LOL.

    And then Jae’s was so much success (I think…. my Japanese is not that great, but I’m guessing with the big smiles and gesticulating it was good). And I loved how Jae got back at Junsu by serving him last.

  7. ahaha..pity+funny junsu
    he always makes people laugh
    his takoyaki looks really funnyhmm..what do
    you mean cgangmin had a bad experiance with
    micky’s perfectionist?

  8. LMAO junsu, so much fail. But he seems to be having fun so thats good.

    I like Changmin’s choice. Cheese I think works the well other than octopus (I don’t like octopuses so I never tried takoyaki beforeXD).

    I think Jae’s would turn out the best due to the members praising how hes the best cook out of all of them. But I was like WTH chocolate and wasabi lmaoXDD I cry eating even a little bit of wasabi so i wonder how that goes lol.

  9. I think i saw part 2 of this on the side panel of the video, she provides it.. But i havent watch it either, i just realized it when i went through my history ^^”

  10. LOL junsu’s takoyaki sure looks like scrambled eggs!
    he must’ve been so embarassed, right? ROFL
    i rant to taste all of those takoyakis!!
    they look so fine………
    n yummy~~
    but it think it’s because of these HOT takoyaki makers..

  11. Candychu:
    Why is your avatar funny :S

    They did look like they had fun ^^ Unlike when I cook…it always ends up with me yelling at whoever’s working with me XDDD

    Thanks for the link ^^

    Lol, our one year anniversary is coming up soon (YAY) so we thought we’d change things up. And also, I wanted a header, so we decided to change the theme :D But do you know how few themes there are on WordPress DDDD: But thanks for pointing out the author problem; I agree with you, people need to know who posted what ^___^v

    I heard that Jae only had one wasabi one and the rest just had chocolate in them? So no wonder they were successful :P Anything with chocolate is <333333

    Lol, I just thought that the way he kept going “mmmmm….uh huh” meant that he was used to Micky’s perfectionism ^^

    You’ve never tried takoyaki before?!?!?!?!?!?! YOU POOR DEPRIVED CHILD DDDD: You need to try some. Just ignore the octopuse, put lots of mayo and sauce on yours :D

    I fail so hard at eating wasabi D: tears literally stream down my face cos I’m such a wuss XD

    Lol, I didn’t see part 2…will go watch now :D

    Nice username; Changmin fan? ;)

    Lol, they should’ve auctioned their takoyakis off at the end of the show XD Except the Takoyaki would’ve gone off when the buyer received them…..XD;;;

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