Posted by: pinkandsparkly | December 5, 2008

081205 Music Bank

::EDIT:: Added SHINee’s Amigo!

DBSK – Don’t Say Goodbye

Really, really good live! I was reeeaaaaally impressed *_* Quite a short performance, but very enjoyable. Beckery pointed out to me that Jae stole GD’s “furry friend” XDDD (look at his shoulder). It’s actually my first time hearing this song (I’m gonna listen to their new songs when I get my repackaged :P) but I thought it sounded really nice~ Everyone had nice HAIR too (minus Changmin); thank goodness their hairstylist didn’t have a happy time with the crimper again. Orange hair + excessive crimping = >:(

DBSK Backstage

Adorkable as always <3 Rofl at their dance XD

Kara Comeback Stage

Can someone please explain to me what “every wanna pretty” means?! I was very confused. I’m not very familiar with Kara, so I really can’t compare this song to their other stuff; but compared to the other kpop girl group songs that I’ve heard recently…..I found this song to be a bit less catchy? Idk, it’s a cute song, but I just wasn’t feeling it…maybe they should hire JYP to write some songs for them =DD

SS501 – Your Man

It’s my frist time watching a performance of this (I FAIL SO HARD) cos Beckery and Candychu normally writes these posts up, but Candychu‘s in HongKong and Beckery’s finding me the Koizora movie download link (we’re so illegal XD) so I finally got to watch it :D I was very, very impressed. They were in tune for the whole song!!! Even with  that choreography! Speaking of the choreography, I really like the move where they sorta took their jackets off; it’s really random and cute XD I thought that the performance wasn’t as powerful as the recording (for obvious reasons) but props to them for doing this song so well in a live performance :D!!

SHINee – Amigo

candychu: *GASP* can’t believe PAS didn’t include this performance XD. They’re in yellow and grey this time. After watching DBSK’s performance, I don’t think ‘Amigo’ really suits this ‘winter’ theme XD. Hopefully they’ll be performing a ballad off their album soon ^^. Anyway, I thought this was worth posting not only because of the outfit change but also because of Jonghyun. Omg he made the funniest sex face when he was singing ‘sexy’. For once in my life I actually laughed at Jonghyun and rewatched his bit multiple times. Except, I shouldn’t really be laughing because they all sound really tired T_____T. (Oh and I think Taemin got a little trim.)


Just a bit of housekeeping:

  • We’ve changed our theme!!!! Lol, it was briefly changed to a more colourful one, but then ImJustKeed’In pointed out that the theme didn’t show which author did which post, so we decided to change it again to the current one ^^
  • Potensvita, our resident CSJH author, got nominated for a fanfic award on Soompi!!! Go here to read her fanfic. Congratulations and GOOD LUCK <333!!!!!!
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  1. Why do i feel like i’ve messed something up..T_T

    Ahhh! I like whatever theme you guys pick. ^^

    Everyones been saying how much they love DSG.
    …i feel bad because i’ve only listened to the song like twice..including the perf.
    Its really sweet..i just can’t get that into it.
    They did a really good job though, Esp. Junsu.

    Kara has the whole cute thing down..but yeah its not that catchy. IDK, it just seems all the same.

    SS501 (I haven’t..listened to it..T_T)
    XD I usually stick to what i know..maybe i should do some searching around.

  2. aww dbsk’s perf is great. Don’t say goodbye is one nice song.

    But yeah KARA’s song lol. The lyric is just…bad. Its a pity because the melody’s pretty catchy and they’re all really cute and pretty. I think ‘every wanna pretty’ is really, everyone WANTS to be pretty. They probably thought it flows better as every wanna pretty?

    U R man’s perfs are really good actually. All of them are live and they always sound top notch =] I love ss501 lol.

  3. I didn’t know we were in the year 09 already, *cough*PAS*cough*.

    And ImJustKeed’In, dw, you didn’t mess up!! We prefer having the authors shown too cause like you said, the readers will know which posts to avoid LOLL.

  4. aww, the Dont Say Goodbye perf got me all teary *wipes tears* their singing were really full of emotions *__*

    KARA, um i think this song kinda suit their current image, the cutesy one.. The perf was okay, i watched the mv and it was very colorful! The bg and their outfits XDD But i think high-heels wont do any good w mini skirt, i prefer boots tho ;___;

    and shinee! Yellow and grey outfit nao! Taemin looked too fierce here, he was like making the ” i want to bite you” face ahaha XP and i looove key’s rap! His style is just.. so rapper-ish XP gah <333 and his stare at 01:20 *melts*

  5. *tackles and glomps you*
    ;____; I MISS YOU GUYS. omg one more week till finals are out of the way and then I can write you that longass email that’s still sitting in my draft box, partially written lol.


  6. Hmm, I don’t think SHINee sounded so tired – towards the end it was more obvious but it wasn’t so bad really. Ah, I re-watched the performance to see the expression you were talking about and I was surprised because I’ve seen Jonghyun make that face several times before at that exact same point in the song too. I laughed the first time I saw it too tho.

    And to make this not just about SHINee, DBSK’s performance was really good as well – they all sounded amazing (as usual). And Junsu had me flailing about – his voice is really one of a kind.

    Oh, your new layout’s really organized, btw, and a lot easier to navigate than WP’s new dashboard. *is also confused*

  7. DBSK FTW~ ^^ Well, I’m glad it’s off GD.. but now it’s on JJ?! lol *the furry thing*

    Argh. It bothers me sometimes that I have the same name as a band. >.> Their perf was ok, but Hara made a mistake and messed it up a bit… And the grammar… oh it BURNS. “If you wanna pretty” huh?

    And SHINee~~~ Yellow suits~ ^^ Taemin’s face in perfs is always so unTaeMin like. XD ONDUBU. ^^

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