Posted by: lovediaries | December 5, 2008

Super Junior Shanghai Supershow Sohu Interview

(the title is such a tongue twister – try saying it 5 times really quickly LOL)

Thanks to AMShakeIt for the heads up ^^!

{credit: melon7 @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. LOL Okay the boys are standing next to a mirror, right? Well I was looking and thinking “Which of them are pretending to be funny and not paying attention!?!?!” lmao but it’s actually a reflection so that it looks like they’re turning another way XDDDD *FAIL*.

Anyway, as I do have questionable internet connection, it probably isn’t a good idea for me to watch & post. Having too many windows open is a threat to the life of this laptop *pats it softly*.

But it’s subbed, and it’s all 13 members so even without my exciting recap *cough*, I’m sure you guys would watch!!!

::Edit:: LOLLL I laughed sooo much throughout this interview – it was definitely a good one and worth watching! The questions they asked each member were interesting too. They asked about recent activities e.g Kangin’s movie “Simple Manhwa” and questions were specific for each member, like they asked Yesung to sing his song “Love Hurts a Lot”.

Kibum was very quiet as usual and for his question he was totally out of it XD. And it was funny how just before Yesung’s question, Siwon had the mic and had to look around to find Yesung. That’s what happens when you’re in a 13 member group. Donghae’s hair is really nice (OMG HE SPOKE SO MUCH CHINESE) and I saw Kyuhyun smile a lot throughout ^___^. He’s so incredibly handsome here (his hair is like back to the U days)… I want to see this face in person asdfkjaslfkklafjklasdf and he’s still a smart ass like before XD. Siwon answered his question in Korean which disappointed the other members but 10 thumbs up for mentioning Henry and Zhou Mi :DDD

p.s I’m disappointed there was no EunHae. Wth!?!? Hyuk should’ve swapped seats with Heechul, agree?

At least there was KyuMin ^^. Though they’re not my OTP, they’re probably close to being second (out of SJ, anyway) and since there’s always just QMi as of lately, it’s nice to see this pairing still exists :). I squealed like a fangirl when Kyuhyun whispered in Sungmin’s ear.


  1. wow,heechul hair so shiny lol

  2. ^Lol it is nice and glossy, eh? ^^

  3. hehe….they look nice no matter what…(except in don’ don)…
    anyway thaere are the best…

  4. ^:O You didn’t like their look in Don’t Don? XDD.

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