Posted by: potensvita | December 6, 2008

A bit of Good PV

It is out. A bit of good by CSJH the Grace is out. The PV is out. I am not making sense.

Will edit with pictures and whatsoever.

credit : estelgrace @ youtube

EDIT : A Bit of Good sampling.

EDIT : I was waiting for a HD Pv to come out but so far, I think only the 24 Mb one is out. sigh sigh sigh.

It was such a good concept. I really don’t have any complain about the PV. I love the idea of a roadtrip between the girls. Somehow, since Lina (in the car) was fiddling with the phone, I will assume that Lina is the one troubled. lol. laughs.

愛なんて消えた (Love disappeared)

"愛なんて消えた" (Love disappeared)Credit : getsuyou @ soompi

Haha. This is the phone right in the end, then, there was a confirmation whether it is to delete the message. I think that someone recieved this message. In the end, the message was deleted.

This PV is fantastic in the sense that there was a message carried out so easily and …. the girls had an adequate airtime. Everyone was so pretty. I love the fairy concept on everyone except perhaps Lina. Laughs.

Dana ... So pretty

Dana ... So pretty

Lina reading the message from the phone TT

Lina reading the message from the phone TT

Stephanie looked at Lina painfully.

Stephanie looked at Lina painfully.

Sunday, a bit down. TT

Sunday, a bit down. TT

Now, the fairy picture. I am really sorry. I can’t take Lina’s …. laughs.


  1. I like this song :) it’s good to hear from these girls again. A) because their voices are probably the best ones out there (girl group wise anyways) & B) they’ve been on hiatus for awhile now :(

    O_o what they do to Lina’s hair in the second solo pics of the girls?

  2. exactly, i really dont like Lina’s angel hair. a bit weird if you ask me.
    oh, they werent in a hiatus at all.
    before A bit of Good, they had the Here single out. ^^

  3. Yeah her hair was just off some how, not like the other girls. Anyways, well yes they did do the Here single but before that I didn’t really hear anything from them :(

    SM needs to learn how to market his artists that have serious talent *ZLY, CSJH & TRAX* are all being put on the back burner sort to speak (don’t get me wrong I love DBSK & BOA. I also like SJ + their sub groups & Shinee) I guess I’m just missing the those 3 the most.

  4. EXACTLY, that is why I am a lesbian.
    i refused to like DBSK or SUJU or SNSD or SHINee that much
    because they were promoted so much more than my girls.

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