Posted by: potensvita | December 6, 2008

A very cool interview of Zhang Li Yin (subbed)

OH. The first thing I noticed is… wow. The dashboard changed. 0_0

Anyway, at the 28 of November, she won the best newcomer artist in the female category…

After winning, she was interviewed. She has changed throughout the year, and it seemed like she has become more comfortable with the camera and her smile is so enchanting.

credit : choompichocolyn @ youtube

Ah, so pure.

Ah, so pure.


  1. I miss her, when is she coming out with another album? I love the pic you chose, her smile makes you want to smile too.

  2. She is now promoting Believe in love. There was no MV for this though. there were rumours of a repackage album but … still they are rumours.

    her picture is nice, ne?
    I love her smile.

  3. wahh she really got more matured throughout the year..
    eventhough she’s prolly the same age as me *cringe* but seeing the difference is just.. gahh! ^^”

  4. lol. I AM OLDER THAN HER and I am more immature. laughs.
    who is worst?

  5. Li Yin will always hold a special place in my heart. She captured me from the moment she sang Timeless with Junsu. They were the main reason that I got into K-pop in the first place. plus the song
    really is Timeless. their vocals blew me away.

    I’m just so glad that she got an award and that her presence and hard work is being acknowledged. it seems like LSM has just forgotten about her and left her for dead in China, but I will always support her. I just wish that he promoted her more. gave her a bit more time in Korea, you know boosted her popularity, pooled in fans to create a stronger fanbase for her before shipping her off to China.

    I love her personality. as shy as she was, i could tell it was genuine. ahhh its the Suyin shipper in me, but they really need to perform that song again, especially at SM Town.

    well thanks for sharing & I will be stalking your site for more things to spazz about Li Yin. news on her seems lacking lately, but it’s starting to pick up with all the activities she’s been attending lately ^^

    thanks again

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