Posted by: lovediaries | December 7, 2008

Buy a CD for a free handshake with SHINee

Okay that title is slightly misleading because it really isn’t as simple as that XD. I felt obliged to post this article as a way of explaining some of my ‘odd’ comments to Ringy.

{credit:; sarsee @ sm_shinee}

A Handshake Event with SHINee will be happening later this month (December 15th).

In order to be eligible in the draw (of 1000 people) for participation in the Handshake event, fans have to purchase Vol. 1 (ver. A or B) or the Repackage album between December 6th and December 10th.

Thanks to marketing and the fans, SHINee’s sales of Vol. 1 and AMIGO repackage have gone up, AMIGO especially.

And the result of SM’s new marketing ploy…

Image Hosted by

Anyway, so this article got us authors talking about what a handshake really can do. And we figured to make it meaningful, you’d have to hit a sensitive spot i.e the vein running along the wrist.

So now here’s a question for our readers, just for a bit of fun ;)
Q: If you could touch any part of a celebrity (but one part only), where would it be? And why?

Oh but please keep this PG-13 ^^

As for my answer, I think it’s pretty clear by now – behind the knee LOL. Though Adam’s apple wouldn’t be too bad either. Mmm, Onew’s Adam’s apple *_____*


  1. SO WEIRD! That did not help! Why the knee?!?!

    Adam’s apple I can get, that is pretty hot. :x I think I would be ear. Like stroke the ear. Then you have to lean in the face and all. As opposed to the knee with you on the ground!! I wouldn’t want to seem too creepy and touch face. Maye I could pretend I was fixing their hair? Excuse! Nice. I would like to ruffle hair to! Cute! OMG or neckline~~~All three in on motion counts right? I should not be penalized just because I have fast hands. LMAOOOO

    This is not that uncommon though. Remember all those hug events that used to happen. Or like the high touch event DBSK had in Japan. LOL Seems like they went down now.

  2. ^OK fine fine the article still wasn’t enough to justify my new found kink. Well we were naming all these sensitive spots and behind the knee is one, right? And I just found that one to be the most amusing which is why I would like to try. There’s also down the back but that would seem a bit perverse.

    Basically, behind the knee is a special spot not many would get to touch.

    (lmao well I have fast hands too. So behind the ear, adam’s apple, collarbone and then down to behind the knee :D)

  3. I’d want a hug, definitely, but if I’m allowed to touch only one part, I’d say the cheek. I wanna pinch it, kk? D:

    Guh. Even if I bought a CD and won in the draw thing, I still won’t be able to fly to Korea anyway. :\ UNFAIR.

  4. I dont really really… like the fan service offered.
    I really have this love hate relationship with SM.

  5. paperteuk
    Aw, a hug ^___^ But then you’d be touching like the whole of their bodies >:D

    Lol don’t we all have a love hate r/ship with SM? XD

  6. Is it always obvious that I’m thinking of Henry? DDDD:

    I feel rather bad for the boys, though. They’re being marketed as objects of fantasies. Of course, it’s part of the package and they’re already aware of that before they agreed to enter the industry but I feel it’s… awkward. Even if I do get the chance to be one of the draw winners, I would still feel bad. I’d rather they shake my hand because they want to, not because I paid them to. ):

  7. Aww, yea i feel bad for them now.. :/ it would be fair if they do that not bcause they obliged to do so..
    For me to see the boys in person is enough to make me happy for the rest of my life :D
    but if i could dream about, it’d be to be shoulders, so i could feel the whole body figure ahaha XDD it’s less than a hug and more than a handshake, so i think that’s the best way.. :)

  8. … will they even be able to shake that many hands? but I think that means more pocket money for guys so they must be pretty glad because of sales (that is, if they have % from mentioned sales, not the fixed payment)

  9. hmm i would have to say the shoulders. Might as well give them a massage while i’m at it.

  10. I hope Shinee doesn’t catch something from all those hands. 0.o Cold, flu, STD…………ew.

    I must admit that I’m a fan of cheek pinching too. (On the face Lol) I can find the aegyo in just about anybody, most recently Se7en. XD

  11. Collarbone just for pleasure (: But if I’m thinking insanely, how about stomach? Just in case they’re ticklish and then I can strategetically get them on the ground with me using my awesome skills to land myself on top of them. And since you’re saying PG-13 which I am not, I’ll let your imagination go rom there ♥

  12. Wow, I read that article but I totally missed the handshake part – I mean, I saw that it’s a ‘handshake event’ but I didn’t think they’d actually have been able to shake all those hands. No wonder they’re limiting the numbers for it…SM and their amazing marketing skills – I’m really tempted to dislike them but I can’t completely because I like so many of their groups. Altho from what I heard, they’ve done this before…

    Oh, but they (SHINee) have another ‘handshake event’ scheduled for earlier next week – I saw it on their schedule. So maybe they won’t be shaking hands…I dunno.

    Eh? Why behind the knee? That…seems kind of odd.

    Oh, it depends on how I see the person – if I think of them as ‘cute’, then I’d like to pinch their cheeks or ruffle their hair – if I’m attracted to them, I’d want to either caress their hair (lol, poor celebrity!) or caress their face, especially if they have pretty features like Jonghyun or Key or TOP.

  13. I read the question and then read the PG-13 part.
    Well the PG-13 version of my answer is:

    OMG especially if it’s a DBSK member *drool*
    Face if it is a SHINee member

    hand otherwise =)

  14. weird how sales go up just because of a handshake. I mean…yeah I’ll like a handshake but I won’t buy another one just for that. Its ridiculous lol. And I think the boys are sick just seeing so many girls hovering them and now they have to touch those girls haha.

    Anyway my choice would be the head. I prefer to pat the head of my favorite idol to show that they’re doing a good job and I’m proud of being their fan=] lol maybe I’m just weird.

  15. paperteuk
    Sort of, though maybe because I know more about you than you show in these comments :PPP

    LOL NOOOOO you’ve made me feel bad now too. Except I do know where you’re coming from. It’s sort of like apart from selling their soul, they also have to sell their body. *shudder* tis really quite a creepy thought. And yeah, I rather they shake out of thanks and not cause of money :/ Sort of degrades them as singers :(

    Yeah and what would the boys think. To increase album sales, they have to sell a part of their body :( Fans are kinda greedy. Though unless they’re buying like multiple copies to help out. That actually just shows their desperation :/

    Aha you’re one of two who wanted shoulders :PP Lol good reasoning too XD

    I think the handshake will be brief. Though it’ll be hard getting some grabby fans off them. I can see all the commotion if one fan is unwilling to let go, the other 4 holding onto the other members will suddenly grab on tight. Then all the fans behind them will run forward and…CHAOS OCCURS DDD:

    Aww, a massage ^^ Nice :P

    Omg, that’s really scary. What if a fan had warts and … EWWWWW.

    LOL of course on the face. Where else did you have in mind :PPP

    LITTLE GIRL! What does your sister teach you!?!?!?!?!? Though she probably doesn’t know what you have in mind. It’s those Gossip Girl eps you watched, isn’t it???

    Lol you’re like bec too (if you read my other reply first XD). I showed her the article and she missed the 1000 fans part XDDD. Actually I don’t think she even read the article…just looked at the picture :/

    Anyway, behind the knee is a new thing I have. Just like Adam’s apple and collarbones LOL. It’s unexplainable and I’d just like to try it one day :))) Odd indeed! :D

    LOLLL “caress” the hair. Another reader (who replied through LJ) suggested running her hands through Junsu’s hair. But caress XDDD And you said my suggestion was odd!!!

    Omg imagine touching Key’s (or Ryeowook’s) cheekbones *____*

    It’s sort of crappy for SHINee. How might they feel knowing that sales went up so much because of a simple deal :/ Though I assume these fans aren’t buying their first copy since sales were pretty good (for a new group) before. Oh and don’t see the graph and think they only sold like 200 copies or so a week. It actually doesn’t show the correct numbers :/

    Lol aw no actually a pat on the head is really decent :)

  16. NOO, OF COURSE NOT! Well maybe a little bit, but aside from the point actually so XP And it’s probably just your mind going farther than what was meant, so let’s backtrack a little bit shall we?

  17. ^You’re the one who’s gone a bit too far for your age little missy. You need a spanking. Who would you like to do it for you? KEY? LOLLLL. Pft, you wish.

  18. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL (: I wouldn’t imagine that YOU’D like to so KEY IT IS! And you really must stop typing so fast, I can’t keep up with commenting on both blogs @_@

  19. ^LMAO You wouldn’t >:(

    And LOL I was going to complain about YOU typing so fast. Every time I finished typing a reply, I’d get a new email xDDD

  20. LOL HAH I BEAT YOU TO COMPLAINING. And you have a long time to reply to this one (: I’m going to eat dinner really fast.

  21. ^That’s like when I went to breakfast. Then I came back and it was 4 new emails XDD. You’re not the only one hopping from blog to blog!!!

    (I’ll have a new post for you to comment on again LOLOL)

  22. LOL (: I’M BACK. Fast, no? And I was wondering why I didn’t have anything new to comment on. And about Key… OH YES I WOULD >:)

  23. ^OMG you are. I haven’t finished my post DDD:

  24. Oh WELL! I’ll just busy myself replying to all of your other ones (: KEEP ON TYPING FASTER!!! But part of that is because I just eat my dinner and run back upstairs while my mom and dad keep on eating and end up falling asleep on the couch.

  25. ^I did it! omg my neck hurts from jumping from blog to blog XD.


  26. LOL how does your neck hurt from jumping blog to blog? That doesn’t make sense!

    And now I’m READING as fast as I can! XD

  27. wooooaaaa~what a brilliant marketing strategy…
    all the best to the boys n keep up the damn great work!!noona will always cheers u guys…

    which part eh~just a handshake would be okay… hahaha…

  28. “Lol you’re like bec too (if you read my other reply first XD). I showed her the article and she missed the 1000 fans part XDDD. Actually I don’t think she even read the article…just looked at the picture :/”

    FYI, I DID read the article, I just happen to skip that part. Actually pretty sure I read that part, but it didnt process itself through my brain cuz we were talking about other vitally important stuff….

    PS. I still think the back *coughtaviacough* or the wrist pawns. Behind the knee is probably easier to get access too though…..HAHA

  29. Abdul
    Sorry! The same thing has happened! I really didn’t mean to ignore your comment but it was getting filtered ^^”

    Ah, the chest XD Tis quite a big area too :PPP

    It hurts because I have like basically a stool. So I can’t lean back on anything. And since I’m on the computer (jumping from blog to blog) my back and neck starts to hurt. Make sense?

    It is a brilliant one but it sounds horrible too ://

    Haha well aren’t you an easily satisfied fan ^^

    LMAO you should see what I’ve been saying to epicism over at my blog. I think it’s my post on Day 4 AHAHAHAHAHA. You’ll have to work hard to fix up your image :PP

    Lol do you really want to get back to the tavia talk? That is, afterall, the reason we got to all THIS XDD.

  30. No, it DOESN’T make sense actually @_@ And get a rolly chair with the back. Or I’m sure there’s SOME sort of backed chair in the house. And =O is the computer ABOVE you? I’m trying to envision it and I’m not really getting anything…

  31. ^It’s because the table the laptop is on is really really low so I can’ thave a high chair. And I can’t move the laptop anywhere because it has to sit near the powerpoint since it doesnt have its own battery T______T.

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