Posted by: lovediaries | December 7, 2008

More SHINee Smart Uniform pics

Taemin wants YOU to click for more pictures XDD Hahaha. How corny ROFL.

Its Beckery here, just uploading the photos cuz Candychu has bad internet atm lol. The boys look good in school uniform *_* but it really isnt healthy for noonas like me. I’m going to refrain from saying anything else because I’m having this VERY DISTURBING chat with Candychu and PAS on umm…stuff such as pedo noonas and the art of seduction and yea R rated stuff ROFL.

{credit: as tagged; baidu}

Candychu will take it from here :D~

Though there isn’t anything exciting about uniforms, I still find the pictures nice :). Maybe cause there’s good stuff to look at? ;)

Onew is seriously SUCH a squishy. I can’t stand him being so cute cause I want to like stroke him behind his knee bite his head off. I wish he did a pose like Taemin’s 3rd pic because he has such a nice butt.

Anyway, just to clear some things up, I don’t know what Beckery was talking about. As if I would ever engage myself in some conversation about R rated things. I mean, hello, this is me we’re talking about ;)



    And hello, Keybum and Taemin bias.

    *frantically saves pictures* x_x

  2. ^I have a uniform kink. But not when they’re wearing them like uptight students LOL. Unbutton a button here and there undo a zipper too (I would double strike if I could)

    Omg talking to beckery has seriously tainted my innocent mind O___________O

  3. LMAO Ew you guys. <333

    Taemin knows how to pose man but Minho 3 takes the cake… which I will fully eat. OHH

    lol I’m tired.

  4. ^Ahahahaha I hope when you say “Ew you guys” you’re talking about beckery and etherenia (:o

    And yes, Taemin is getting better at posing :D

  5. ^ I think it was meanly you.

    Here is what I don’t get “I can’t stand him being so cute cause I want to like [s]stroke him behind his knee[/s] bite his head off.”

    How is the second one even better!??! It is like Pedo versus killer. LMAO

  6. ^AAHAHAHHAHAHA Pedo vs. Killer. That’s a good one XDDD.

    Well it’s sort of like when you want to punch a baby – it’s not really cause you want to hurt it…just, you want to punch it. Get it?

    And lmao I’m not a pedo for stroking Onew behind the knee. He’s older than me :D. But stroking him behind the knee and watching him squirm would be more amusing than doing it to Jonghyun. Do you know what I mean???

  7. ^ LMAO Seems like your justifying.

    I don’t usually want to punch babies but I get you. :P Ew I forgot he is older for you! I hate being so oldd. Um no I really don’t get it. I can really just see you in like a scary ski mask bent down and stroking his knee as he tries to run! And comparing it to another stroke does not help. It reaffirms the scariness.

    “Madam why were you harassing this man?”

    “Stroking him behind the knee and watching him squirm would be more amusing than doing it to Jonghyun.” LOLLLLL

  8. ^LOLOLOL. Fine! I will stop with the behind the knee stroking. But I think it would be really fun :).

    Actually there’s a reason we were talking about getting physical with SHINee. I’ll go find the article and do a post on it :D BRB.

  9. Why would watching Onew squirm at being tickled behind the knee be more amusing than watching Jonghyun? Do you think he’d like it or something? *sigh* I feel like I’ve entered a whole other world – I’m so confused…

    Taemin’s final shot is really nice – I was like “whoa Taemin, nice pose!” and no, not cause you can see his very flat butt. I don’t like this batch of pictures that much, tbh, there’s only like one good picture of each of them in the batch. ;_;

  10. XDD Again with the squishy and knee-stroking I see…… But Onew CANNOT be the leader as stated many times -__- He’s too much fail to be a leader (:

    Taemin has a pancake butt TT-TT Don’t turn around if there’s nothing to see, but that is a beautiful pose. Only if there was some more in the back…..

    “As if I would ever engage myself in some conversation about R rated things. I mean, hello, this is me we’re talking about ;)”
    LOL! I can totally imagine a hair toss on “me” XD And I beg to differ, my dear. Don’t deny the truth about yourself ;)

  11. 50% more shinee makes you 37% more likely to touch younger boys XD

    Ahhh why are they sooo cute?

  12. And I forgot to mention…
    Jonghyun looks really happy…
    Come to your hyung XD

  13. yumimaki
    Wow, you’re like as innocent as PAS.
    Actually no it’s not because I think Onew would like it; it’s more, because Onew would be less comfortable with it than Jonghyun. LOL IDK. I can’t explain it. I’m weird…let’s leave it at that :D.

    And when I said I liked the pictures, I meant the quality is really good. Like the plain background doesn’t distract you from anything, lighting is good etc etc. But I do find their poses to be a tad awkward. Maybe cause it’s hard to move in those uniforms and well they’re posing alone with no props :/

    Taemin definitely needs some ass. Which is why Onew should’ve done that pose !!!!

    LMAO you are correct! There was a hair toss involved as well as an eye roll ;) And no I am not denying the truth. You’re probably thinking about yourself in the process…(I’ve already read your comment on the other post. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!)

  14. ^ LOL you can blame Alison (: And my friends. But Alison started teaching me curse words while I was still in primary (4th grade) so she’s a bad sister (: But you must be mistaking me, I left it to your imagination, so it’s your own imagination that’s making it what you think it is.

  15. ^Yes, hurry along and read my other reply LOL. I did blame her XD. :OOOO We’re not allowed to curse LOL. Well I don’ treally swear anyway but I know my sister does. She just wouldn’t do it in front of me cause we like to dob on each other LOLOLOL. See, we’re such losers T_____T.

    And HEY don’t push the blame on me! My imagination didn’t go anywhere because you are a cute, sweet, innocent little girl. It’s just the implication behind your message lead to nothing good >:(

  16. LOL I didn’t actually curse that much until Alison came back from school for Thanksgiving break. Then she started cursing in front of me so much it caught on XD

    OKAY. Now *shhh* let’s just….. it’s all Alison’s fault *pushes huge pile of blame* And hope she never reads our comments.

  17. ^LMAO. Yes yes everything is Alison’s fault :DDD

  18. Abdul
    Sorry! It looks like I’ve been ignoring you but I only approved your comment!

    p.s you changed your username! You confused me there for a bit XDDD.

  19. @candychu sorry about that…
    I didn’t mean to change my username o.O it’s just that I used Abdul for a different blog~

  20. ^Oh no you don’t have to apologise ^^ I should’ve recognised your avatar anyway. It’s okay :)

  21. ahhh.. I love all the third pics of them all!!
    kinda weird huh? idk, but it seems that all of the third pics really catch my eyes lol better than the rests.. XD

  22. ^Lol I think it’s just a coincidence that the nicer of the pics are always the 3rd ones :P

  23. Omo~~ Onew so cute ^^

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